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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Squire Farrar ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Squire Farrar
BORN: 8 Sep 1849 DIED: 9 Feb 1917 BURIED:  12 Feb 1917
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Weaver, Merchant, Postmaster, State Senator
BIRTH PLACE:  Lawrence, Massachusetts
DEATH PLACE: Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
OHSB DC (Multnomah County 1917) #288 - Squire Farrar, male, married, b. 8 Sep 1849 in England, d. 9 Feb 1917 in Portland, Oregon (119 Hazelfern) at the age of 76 years, 5 months, 1 day, name of father John Farrar (b. England), maiden name of mother Emma Field (b. England), undertaker J. P. Finley & Son, informant Mrs. S. Farrar, 119 Hazelfern.
DISCREPANCY - DC gives birthplace as England, other sources as Massachusetts.
MARRIAGE - "Squire Farrar & Martha J. Watt, m 07 Mar 1871 at house of Werner Breyman; P. S. Knight, M. G. Wit: Aurora Watt & Gertrude Moore #1321 pg 529".
MARRIAGE - "Squire Farrar, over 21, & Isabelle P. Atkinson, over 18, m 28 Jan 1878 at the Congregational Church; P. S. Knight, M. G. Wit: A. H. Forstner & John Farrar. Aff. John F. Farrar. #2131 pg 413." 

Salem postmaster, 1906; volunteer fireman; Oregon Senator, Kay Woolen Mill vice-pres, and was postmaster of Salem until July 1913; Dean Byrd notes that he lost that job when Woodrow Wilson and the Democrats took over (Mar. 1913). He was Salem postmaster 1906-1913 during Republican administrations of Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft. It was standard practice for generations to put party loyalists as postmasters in the US as long as the party held power. 

MORE FRUIT -- A car of apples and pears will be shipped to Baker City to-day by Squire Farrar.  This is the thirteenth car load he has shipped east of the Cascades this year.  So far his shipments have been successful, and have fully demonstrated the fact that fruit raised here can be sent to eastern markets and be disposed of at a profit to both raiser and shipper.  
Weekly Oregon Statesman Oct 24, 1885, 3:2.

IN HOP FIELDS. Squire Farrar, the hop dealer, was in Aurora and Butteville yesterday looking after the condition of the yards. He reports that many of the yards are uneven and some few are showing a little mould. The yards in that district are not as good as those in the immediate neightborhood of Salem. Many of the hops in that neighborhood will not be picked, as growers are in some cases unable to secure picking money, or to make contracts. Pickers are plenty, althought only 25 cents per box are offered them for the work. About 800 people - men, women, and children - arrived in the Butteville district from Portland yesterday to pick, and there will be more help offered than the growers will be able to employ. Many people will be satisfied to make expenses while in the hop yards, as they fo out more for and outing than for profit. 
Oregon Statesman 8 Sep 1896 5:4 

THE POLICE - Of this city are very watchful of drunks but they can't touch the people who get tight (around the waist) from Squirer Farrar's fine fresh groceries.
Evening Capital Journal 30 Dec 1892 3:2
FARRAR An Old Reliable Firm Squire Farrar & Co. have been here since the Willamette began to flow down hill. Everybody knows them and has confidence in them. They are at the corner of Court and Commercial streets, where they deal out carloads of groceries of all kinds to the hungry thousands. Besides this they keep a full stock of lime, bair (?), and cement to keep the building boom from lagging. They also purchase and ship everything brought to them in the line of fruit, potatoes, oats, wool, mohair and other farm products, for which they pay the highest price in cash or its equivalent. There is no retail house in the state enjoying a better or more steady patronage than this, and a customer who once commences trading there is very loath to leave it. Proprietors and clerks are agreeable and accommodating, and prompt in serving their customers. 
Oregon Statesman 1 January 1891 11:4
Former State Senator and Salem Postmaster Passes Away in Portland. 
Squire Farrar, a former state senator from Marion county and postmaster in Salem until four years ago, died yesterday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock in Portland where he had been living for the last two years. Mr. Farrar, who was 76 years old, came to Salem in 1865 from Lawrence, Mass. The funeral will be held Monday. 
The body was brought to Salem last night on the 11 o'clock train and is at the parlors of Webb & Clough. Burial will probably be in the family lot in the Odd Fellows cemetery. 
Followed Occupation of Weaver. 
Upon settling in Salem in the early days, Mr. Farrar was a weaver and when he was joined by his relatives, a year after his arrival in Salem, became interested in woolen mills. Later he became a merchant grocer, which business he continued for many years. Mr. Farrar served as postmaster in Salem for seven years. Four years ago next July he was succeeded by August Huckestein, the present postmaster. Mr. Farrar was active for the city's welfare and has also served as a councilman. He was a member of the Salem Masonic lodge and the local chapter of the B.P.O. Elks. Two years ago Mr. Farrar moved to Portland where the family has lived in Laurelhurst addition. His health has been failing since June. 
Besides the widow, Mrs. Isabel Farrar, he leaves three children: Joseph W. Farrar of near Los Angeles, Cal.; Mrs. Robert Kellogg (Gladys Farrar), of Marshfield, Or., and Russell Farrar who lives in Mullin, Idaho. He is also survived by a sister, Miss Elizabeth Farrar, who has been with him for some time in Portland, and a nephew, John H. Farrar, assistant Salem postmaster. 
Oregon Statesman 10 Feb 1917 1:6, 3:2-3.
Squire Farrar 
1849 - 1917
OSBH DC (Multnomah Co., 1917) #288 
Marion Co. Oregon Marriage Records 1949-1871 Vol 1, pg 88 
Marion Co. Oregon Marriage Records 1874-1879, Vol II, pg 35 
WOS Oct 24, 1885, 3:2
30 Dec 1892 3:2 
OS 10 Feb 1917 1:6 3:2-3

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LOT: 412 SPACE: 3 NE LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.184' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.829'

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