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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Charles H. Hall ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Charles H. Hall
BORN: 5 Apr 1833 DIED: 13 Sep 1902 BURIED: 15 Sep 1902
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Physician; Surveyor; Teacher;
BIRTH PLACE:  Lexington, Fayette Co., Kentucky
DEATH PLACE: Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon

Dr. Charles H. Hall (1833-1902) who practiced at Salem from 1868 to 1902 came to the Pacific Coast with Captain William Craig's engineer corps, and assisted in a preliminary survey for a railroad to the Pacific Coast in 1854.53 After two years in California he came to Lebanon, Oregon, where he taught in Wilbur Academy. He then went to Salem, serving as professor of natural science in Willamette University for three years. Hall was born in Lexington, Kentucky. 
In 1854 he received the master of arts degree from Asbury University, Indiana, and then began study of medicine at Louisville, Kentucky. The following year, however, his medical education was interrupted when he joined the surveying party above noted and was pot resumed until some years after he reached Oregon. He received his medical degree with the second class to graduate from the Willamette Medical Department, in 1868. 
In 1871 Hall was made professor of pathology and general practice in the Salem medical school. He also became editor-in-chief of the Oregon Medical Journal, launched in 1876. When the Willamette Medical Department was moved to Portland in 1878, Hall remained at Salem, but in 1887 he again was made professor of theory and practice of medicine and general pathology, and for a number of years devoted two days a week to instruction in Portland and the remainder of the time to his practice in Salem where he was associated with Dr. John Reynolds. For a time he also had charge of the Portland Seminary. At his death the Medical Sentinel wrote: "In the passing of Dr. C. H. Hall of Salem, the medical profession of the State loses one of its oldest and most striking figures. In addition to the achievments of a long career, dating from pioneer times, he possessed the unique distinction of having been twice elected President of the State Medical Society."




PIONEER CITIZEN and PHYSICIAN of SALEM -- Salem, Sept. 15 -- (Special)
Dr. C. H. Hall, who died in this city Saturday, was born in Lexington, Kentucky in 1833, and was educated, at Ashbury University, Indiana, where he received the A. M. Degree in 1854. He went to Louisville, Kentucky, and began the study of medicine, but in the following year his plans were changed and he joined Captain William Craig's engineer corps and assisted in a preliminary survey for a railroad to the Pacific Coast. 
He came to Oregon in 1856 and occupied the professorship of natual science in Willamette University, of this city. He retained the chair for three years and afterwards taught in the Lebanon and Portland academies. After graduating from the medical department of Willamette University in 1868, he immediately began the practice of medicine and continued in active practice of medicine until a few months ago, when ill health obliged him to retire. 
In 1871 he accepted a professorship in the medical department of Willamette University on pathology and general practice, and also became editor-in-chief of the Oregon Medical and Surgical Journal, with which he was connected until 1877, when the medical department in Portland, as professor of theory and practice of medicine and general pathology, devoting two days of each week to college work, the remainder of the time to his practice at Salem. 
Dr. Hall was married at Salem in 1856 to Miss Mary Waller, daughter of Rev. Alvin Waller, who came to this state as a missionary in 1840. Besides his wife, he is survived by a daughter, Mrs. John H. McNary, of this city, and two grandchildren -- Gertrude and Margaret, children of his daughter, Mrs. George B. Gray, now deceased. 
Oregonian, The (Portland, Oregon) 16 Sep 1902, 5:3-4.


Charles H. Hall 
April 5, 1833
Sept. 13, 1902.


DAR pg 69 
Saucy/Norman Survey & Photographs
Larsell, pp 154, 197, 198, 263, 403, 404, 424 & 425
Oreg 16 Sep 1902, 5:3-4


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