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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Josephine Pauline Boyle ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Josephine Pauline Boyle
MAIDEN NAME: Ford AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 5 Dec 1830 DIED: 21 Jun 1916 BURIED: Jun 1916
BIRTH PLACE:  Howard Co., Missouri
DEATH PLACE: Dalllas, Polk Co., Oregon
Josephine Ford Boyle. "Josephine Boyle, wife of Dr. Boyle, was born in Howard County, Missouri, December 5, 1830. She came to Oregon with her parents, Col. Nathanial Ford and wife, Lucinda Duncan Ford, in 1844. Surviving her husband 52 years, she passed away June 21, 1916 in the 86th year of her age. Wh who know her the best of all know that she was a kind and indulgent mother, ministering with loving kindess to the happiness and well-being of her children in every way possible. Bravely, silently, she bore her part, faithful still as a bridge of stars. She rests by the side of her husband in the Oddfellows cemetery at Salem. Well may we, the descendants of those old pathfinders and homebuilders of the early forties, recite their many inconveniences, extol their virtues, proclaim their lives strenuous, and, while their annals bells are yet ringing, tune with filial veneration for their memories and gaze upon 'the westward sun, a suset sun, the sun of their hopes fulfilled'".
From: Polk County Pioneer Sketches, Volumes 1 and 2, 1927 - 1929, Dallas, Oregon, The Polk Co. Observer, pp 39-41.

BIOGRAPHICAL (Source - Historically Speaking,  Burch, Caroline, "Ford Family of Rickreall", Polk County Historical Society (1990) pg 59:
"Josephine Pauline Ford was born in Howard Co., Missouri Dec. 5, 1830.  With her sister, Mry Ann, she attended "The Female Seminary" at Columbia, Mo.
They, with the other girls of the school, marched at the laying of the cornerstone of the Columbia University, July 4, 1840.  Their names were placed on the stone.
That evening Grandfather took them to the ball.  They were dressed in white dresses, with long tight waists, very short sleeves, long white silk gloves, and blure ribbon shashes (the skirts were gathered very full onto the waists), white hose, black slippers with long ribbons that wrapped around their ankles and tied in a bow.
Part of the time they boarded, while at school, with a widow lady, Mrs. Hardin and her son, Charles.  Charles E. Hardin later became the governor of Missouri, elected in 1874.
Mary Ann and Josephine knew Mary Todd, afterward the wife of Abraham Lincoln.  She was one time a guest of the elder daughter of Judge Rand, Aunt Mary Ann and Aunt Josephine were guests of the younger daughter.
She came to Oregon with her parents in 1844.  She was married to Dr. James Boyle, May 2, 1846, by Rev. John Boone, at Rickreall.  They took a donation land claim on what is now known as the Whiteaker place.  They later filed on a place about a mile from Rickreall.  They moved to Salem and lived there until Dr. Boyle's death.
She then moved back to her home near Rickreall.  She moved to another nome nearer Dallas, and died there, June 1, 1916 and was buried in the I.O.O.F. cemetery, Salem.
Children are: Nathanile, Mary Boyle Jeffreys, Hannah Boyle Tatom, REna Boyle Childers, James William, and Charles.  Now living are Hannah, Rena, and William."
OSBH DC (Polk County 1916) #64 - Josephine Boyle, female, widowed, housewife, b. 5 Dec 1830 in Missouri, d. 1 Jun 1916 in Dallas, Oregon at the age of 85 yrs 5 mos 26 dys, name of father Nathaniel Ford (b. Virginia), maiden name of mother Lucinda E. Embree (b. Kentucky), interment 3 Jun, undertaker R.L. Chapman, informant Charles Boyes of Rickreall.
Mrs. Josephine P. Boyle Dies at Her Home Near Dallas, Aged 85.
DALLAS, Or. - June 3 (Special) - Mrs. Josephine Boyle die at her home, three miles east of Dallas, on June 1.  She was 85 years old.
Mrs. Boyle was born in Howard County, Mo., on December 5, 1830. In 1844 she emigrated to ORegon with her parents, Nathaniel and Lucina A. Ford, her parents locating on a Donation Land Claim on the Rickreall River, in Polk County. She was married to the late Dr. James W. Boylel, a pioneer physician, on May 12, 1846. Her husban died at Salem on July 6, 1864. Seven children were born to this union. The living are: Mrs. Hannah E. Tatom, James. M., William I., and Charles W. Boyle and Mrs. REna I. Childres.
Mrs. Boyle lived the greater part of her life on the old home farm east of Dallas, on the Dallas-SAlem County road.
The remains were interred beside those of her husand in the Oddfellow's Cemetery near Salem. A short funeral service was conducted at the grave by Reb. Howard McConnell, pastor of the Christian Church of Dallas.
Oregonian, The (Portland, Oregon) 4 Jun 1916, pg 8

Mrs. Josephine Pauline Boyle, aged 85 1/2 years, died at her home in Rickreall, Polk County, June 1, on the land to which she went on her honeymoon in 1846. She was buried from the Christian Church, of whihc she had been a member for 69 years. Mrs. Boyle was born in Howard County, Mo., in 1830, and came to Oregon with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Ford, in 1844. She was married to Dr. J. W. Boyle, a pioneer physician, May 12, 1846, and they took up a dontion land claim near Rickreall. ON this their seven children were born. Dr. Boyle died in 1864.
The funeral was held from the Christian Church, with a sermon by Reb. Mr McConnell, of Salem. Interment wa in the Oddfellows' Cemetery. She leaves six children, Miss Mary Boyle, Hahha Boyle, Nathaniel Boyle, Rena L. Boyle, William I. Boyle and Charles Boyle.
Oregonian, The (Portland, Oregon) 18 Jun 1916, pg 16
Josephine P. Boyle 
1830 - 1916
OSBH DC (Polk County 1916) #64
S&H pg 15
Polk Co. Pioneer Sketches, pp 39-41
Oreg. 4 Jun 1916, pg 8
Oreg. 18 Jun 1916, pg 16

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