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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ George Edward Brey ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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George Edward Brey
BORN: Oct 1857 DIED: 11 May 1926 BURIED: May 1926
BIRTH PLACE:  Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
DEATH PLACE: Marion Co., Oregon
1880 OR CENSUS - Geo. E. Brey, age 22, b. Oregon, occupation bookkeeper, is enumerated with M. Brey, age 65, b. Hesse Cassel, occupation cabinet maker, and Sophia Brey, age 56, b. Bavaria, along with siblings Ernestina, age 25, b. Oregon, and Clara, age 17, b. Oregon.
1900 OR CENSUS - George Edward Brey, age 42, b. Oct. 1857 in Oregon, single, parents born in Germany, manager of an oat warehouse.
DEATH CLAIMS GEORGE E. BREY -- Engaged in Business Here for Nearly Half a Century -- George E. Brey, who has been actively identified with Independence business affairs for more than 40 years, died in a Salem hospital May 10.  He was ill for some little time, but continued to look after his business until a few days before his demise.  Mr. Brey was born in Salem in 1857, making his age 69 years.  He had been in Independence for about 40 years.  In the early days here he was in the employ of the old First National bank, which was established by the late J. S. Cooper, later serving as cashier.  After the bank surrendered its charter, Mr Brey opened a warehouse, which he was operating at the time of his death. Mr. Brey was an exemplification of the older methods of doing business, where a man’s word was considered as good as his bond, and in a very large measure this procedure was continued through life.  He established a reputation for integrity and when a farmer warehoused his grain with him accepted Mr. Brey’s handling of the account without a warehouse receipt.  Mr. Brey was a single man, making his home at the Beaver hotel for the past 15 years. He was a man of few words, attending strictly to his own affairs and lived the simple life.  Mr. Brey is survived by a sister, Mrs William Yaw of Los Angeles; four nieces, Mrs James Roberts, Mrs Baltis Allen, Portland; Mrs F.G. Keyes, Pasadena; Miss S.E. Chance, Pennsylvania; two nephews, Dr Arthur W. Chance and Walter Waren of Portland. Funeral services were held at the Keeney chapel May 13 at 1 o’clock. Dr H. Charles Dunsmore officiated. Mrs C.W. Irvine gave solos. Interment was in the Brey family plot in the I.O.O.F. cemetery, Salem. Pall bearers were: Verd Hill, M.W. Walker, O.A. Kreamer, C.W. Irvine, Carl De Armond, W.H. Craven. 
Independence Enterprise, Friday, May 14, 1926, 1:1

GEORGE E. BREY, GRAIN BUYER and BANKER -- George E. Brey, who for 43 years was a citizen of Independence, died in the Salem hospital Tuesday, May 11, following a brief illness. He was born in Salem in 1857 and went to Independence first as an employee of the Cooper bank. He was a skilled accountant but later developed a business for himself in the buying of grain and he maintained a warehouse near the Independence depot. He was a bachelor and since the hotel was built was a regular habitant of the Beaver. In his day his business covered a wide territory and his acquaintanceship extended over the major portion of Polk county, especially in the southern part thereof. His nearest kin is a sister, Mrs. William Yaw of Los Angeles, California.  He is also survived by four nieces and two nephews. They are: Mrs James Roberts and Mrs. Baltis Allen of Portland, Mrs. F.G. Keyes of Pasadena, Mrs. S. E. Chance of Pennsylvania, Dr. Arthur W. Chance of Portland and Walter Warner of the same city. Funeral services were held in the Keeney chapel yesterday afternoon with Dr. Dunsmore officiating. Burial was in the Odd Fellows cemetery of Salem.
Monmouth Herald, Friday, May 14, 1926, 1:1
OSBH DC (Marion County 1926) #338
1870 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., East Salem Pct., FA #355) 
1880 OR CENSUS  (Marion Co., East Salem Pct., FA #90)
1900 OR CENSUS  (Hotel, Independence, Polk Co., ED #175, #64)
Independence Enterprise, Friday, May 14, 1926, 1:1 
Monmouth Herald, Friday, May 14, 1926, 1:1

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