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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Matilda Buck ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Matilda "Tilda" Buck
MAIDEN NAME: Clark AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: Dec 1843 DIED: 21 Apr 1913 BURIED: 23 Apr 1913
BIRTH PLACE:  Hampshire, England
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
Name of father William Clark
Maiden name of mother Mary Coleman
1880 OR CENSUS - Matilda Buck, age 37, b. England, is enumerated with husband William, age 39, laborer, b. England, along with children T. M. (dau.), age 11, b. England, A.(dau.), age 8, b. England, Wm. (son), age 6, b. Michigan, and A. H., (son), age 1, b. Oregon.
1900 OR CENSUS - Tilda Buck, age 46, mother of 6 children 5 of whom are living at the time of the census, b. Dec 1853 in England, is enumerated with her husband of 32 years, Wm Buck, age 59, occupation day laborer, b. Dec 1840 in England, along with Albert E., age 21, b. Sep 1878 in Oregon, and Lena, age 13, b. Sep 1886 in Oregon. 
DISCREPANCY - 1900 Census gives year of birth as 1853; DC, obit and marker list year of birth as 1843
OSBH (Marion County 1913) #1644 - Matilda Buck, female, married, housewife, b. England, d. 21 Apr 1913 in Salem, Oregon at the age of 69 y's 4 m's 6 d's, name of father William Clark (b. England), maiden name of mother Mary Coleman (b. England), undertaker Lehman & Clough, informant Wm. Buck.
BUCK --At the family residence, 494 South Winter street, at 1:35 a.m., Monday, April 21, 1913, Mrs. William Buck, aged 69 years. The funeral will be held from the Episcopal church at 2 p.m., Wednesday. Matilda Clark was born in Hampshire, England, December 15, 1843, and was married to William Buck March 16, 1868. They came to America in 1873, locating and remaining in Michigan until 1878, when they came to this city, residing here ever since. Besides her husband, she leaves three daughters and two sons: Mrs. James Olinger, Mrs. Lillian Cooper and Mrs. Lena Beaty, William Buck, Jr., and A. E. Buck. A sister in England survives her, and she leaves one brother, residing in Turner. 
Oregon Statesman 22 Apr 1913 2:2 

FUNERAL OF MRS. WILLIAM BUCK--The funeral of Mrs. William buck was held Wednesday at 2 o'clock from St. Paul's Episcopal church by Rev. Barr G. Lee. The burial took place in Odd Fellows cemetery. The pallbearers were John Gray, Joseph Sellwood, G. W. Stolz, Robert Donaldson, George Mason and John Moir. 
Oregon Statesman 24 Apr 1913 5:3
Matilda Buck 
1843 - 1913
OSBH DC (Marion County 1913) #1644 
S&H p. 23 
1880 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., South Salem Pct., FA #42) 
1900 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Salem, ED 135, pg 4B)
OS 22 Apr 1913 2:2 
OS 24 Apr 1913 5:3

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