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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Addie F. Brown ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Addie F. Brown
BORN: 1879 DIED: 6 Jan 1898 BURIED: 7 Jan 1898
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF Register of Burials: Miss Addie F. Brown, died in City Hospital, burned to death, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Brown, buried in Lot #253 on 5 Jan. 1898.
Name of father William Franklin Brown
Maiden name of mother Eleanor "Ellen" Layson
[MARRIAGE of her parents: W. F. Brown, over 21  Ellen Layson, over 18, md 16 Mar 1878 at house of Eli Neal; W. H. Powell, J. P. Wit: E. F. & G. S. Neal. Aff. H. Wade]
1880 OR CENSUS - Addie Brown, age 1, b. Oregon, is enumerated as a granddaughter, in the home of Thos. E. Brown, age 51, occupation farmer, b. Tennessee, and his wife Sophia, age 42, b. Tennessee, along with her mother Ellen Brown, identified as daughter-in-law [of Thos. and Sophia], age 22, b. Oregon, and her [twin] brother Thomas E. Brown, identified as grandson [of Thos and Sophia], age 1, b. Oregon. Also enumerated in the home is Ellen D. Brown, identified as daughter [of Thos.], age 14, b. Texas, Millard, Stevens, identified as son-in-law [of Thos], age 31, occupation farm laborer, b. Iowa, Sarah M. Stevens, identified as daughter [of Thos.], age 20, b. Arkansas, and Mary L. Stevens, identified as granddaughter [of Thos.], age 1, b. Oregon.
While Asleep, Yesterday Afternoon, Her Clothing Is Fired - Now At The Salem Hospital.
Miss Addie F. Brown, a young girl of 19 years, was burned and scarred and perioulsy near death at the Salem hospital.
She is the victim of an accident which occurred, late yesterday afternoon, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Green her employers, two doors west from 14th street, on the south side of the street.
Mr. and Mrs. Green are both employed at the Thos Kay Woolen mill and Miss Brown was serving them as a domestic, and as nurse of the children during the daily absence of the parents at the mills.
Yesterday, Miss Brown devoted all her energies to the family washing, and about half past 4 o'clock in the afternoon finished her labors.  Being weary, she essayed to rest for awhile before getting the eveing meal, by lying down in the kitchen floor, by the stove.  It was not long before she fell into a deep sleep that might have comforted and refreshed her but for the strange fatality that intervened.
The wood used in the kitchen stove was somewhat too long for the firebox and the fire-door had to be kept open until the fuel burned in two and made it possible to shut it.
When Miss Brown laid down the stove was supplied with wood, the ends projecting as usual, and while she was sleeping it burned in two and the over-reaching ends unhappily, fell outward on the floor beside her the flaming ends coming in contact with her clothing.  In an instant her garments were ablaze and she was unconsious of her danger until the flesh was touched, when she awakened and, frantic with pain and suffocation, rushed screaming into the yard.
In the bewilderment resulting from her sufferings Miss Brown sought to tear her clothing from her person, but failed and sank unconsious on the ground.
Her cries had attraced the attention of a little son of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Carey, who lived next door on the east, and the child rushed home to tell the story.  Mr. Carey and his daughter caught up some rugs from the floor and hurried to the girls assistance, quickly putting out such flames as still tormented her.
But Miss Brown was in a pitiable condidtion.  Her hands, arms, face, chest, and abdomen and left thigh were frightfully burned, and she was speechless with agony.
Kindly hands bore her to her bedroom and physicians were promptly summoned, Dr. F. E. Smith, house surgeon of the Salem hospital, reaching her bedside simultaneously with Dr. W. H. Byrd.  Between them all the emergency remedies at hand were promptly applied and the firsl intense suffering abated sufficiently to permit her removal to the hospital where the case was treated with all the approved methods known to science.
Miss Brown's severest wounds are apparently on the hands, arms, throat, face, and head.  Her hair, of which she had an abundance, was burned nearly off, her back hair alone remaining intact.
There was no lack of neighborly effort in behalf of the unfortunate girl, but the fire had such a great advantage by reason of her sleep and subsequent fright, that even the best of professional skill was hardly able to furnish resources for her relief.
Inquirly made last night of Dr. Byrd eliced the fact that, while the girl was very dangerously injured, the hope of her recovery lies in the possibility that the burning may not be so deep as to be fatal.  This condidtion cannot be determined for a day or so, or until sloughing sets in, in the meantime everything possible will be done to anticipate any advantage that may show itself in this direction.
There is broadest sympathy throughout this community for the unfortunate young woman and the news of hopeful tendency in her case will be received with general satisfaction.
Miss Brown is a daughter of W. F. Brown, ex-nightwatchman at the woolen mills.  A young brother started last night for the Santiam country for his mother, who is sojourning up there.
Weekly Oregon Statesman 7 Jan 1898 3:3

The Body Removed to the Home of Relatives - Funeral from the Baptist Church Today.
At fifteen minutes past 5 o'clock yesterday morning death came to the relief of Miss Addie F. Brown, the unhappy victim of the burning reported in these columns yesterday morning.
Miss Brown, in such moments as her reason returned to her, was very brave and patient, but in the deleriums of her agony she was restless and hard to control.  She was quite rational until about 2:30 o'clock yesterday morning, when she took a turn for the worse that culminated in death at the hour named.
The remains were taken to the home of her mother's brother, G. W. Neal, in North Salelm, and will be buried there on arrival of her mother from the Sanitam today.  W. T. Brown, the father, arrived yesterday from Portland, and is overcome with the awful fate of his child.
The family has the profoundest sympathy of every one in the sad and tragic bereavement.
Funeral services will be held at the First Baptist church this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, Rev. C. B. Bacon officiating, and burial will be had at Rural cemetery immediately thereafter.
Oregon Statesman 7 Jan 1898 5:6
No marker
IOOF Register of Burials
Marion County Oregon Marriage Records, 1874-1879, pg 36
1880 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Howell Prairie, ED 87, pg 6B)
Jennifer Brown
WOS  7 Jan 1898 3:3
OS 7 Jan 1898 5:6

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