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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Sarah C. Buford ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Sarah C. Buford
MAIDEN NAME: Nobles AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 3 Mar 1850 DIED: 7 Sep 1902 BURIED: 10 Sep 1902
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
Mrs. Buford passes away. 
She succumbed to disease on Sunday at Salem Hospital. She was formerly an officer at the reform school and later an attendant at the asylum/a member of several lodges. 
Mrs. Sara A. Noble-Buford, a lady well known and respected in this community, died on Sunday morning, September 7th, at 10:30 o’clock at the Salem Hospital, after an illness of nearly a year, aged about 53 years. Last October, while she was employed at the State Insane Asylum she was prostrated from her work and was confined to her bed for some three months; in fact, she has not been entirely well since. Some months ago, she went to Eastern Oregon to visit some brothers and sisters in Union county, returning here a few weeks ago since which time her condition has alarmed her friends and her physician who finally persuaded her a week ago to go to the hospital, where she would have proper attention. During the last hours of Saturday night, Mrs. Buford sank into comatose state, from which she did not rally, but passed away as stated. 
Deceased was the second wife of T. J. Buford formerly Indian agent at Siletz, and she and Mr. Buford were officers at the State Reform School. Under the superintendency of Mr. Hendricks and Mr. Crofean. Later, she and Mr. Buford separated. She was a member of the following fraternal orders: Eastern Star, Order of Pendo, Degree of Honor and United Artisans. She carried insurance and sick benefits in the Order of Pendo only, her beneficiary being a cousin, Mr. D. D. Imus, editor of the Kalama (Wash.) Bulletin, who is in the city to pay the last respects to his deceased relative. Dr. J. P. Richardson, who has been her physician telegraphed the news of her death to relatives in Union county, who may be in Salem today, and funeral arrangements will not be made until they arrive or are heard from. The expectation was to hold the funeral this afternoon but friends think it best to wait the decision of . . . 
Daily Oregon Statesman 9 Sep 1902 6:2. 

The funeral of Mrs. T. J. Buford, who died in this city on Sunday, was held yesterday at 10 a.m. in the hall of the Order of Pendo on State street. There were present representatives of the Eastern Star, Order of Pendo, Degree of Honor and United Artisans, of which orders the deceased was a member, to pay their respects to the memory of the lady, and a number of friends besides attended. A company of singers from the Asylum, where Mrs. Buford was for a long time employed furnished the music, Miss Helen Calbreath presiding at the piano. Dr. H. A. Ketchum, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, conducted the funeral exercises in a very impressive manner, and the interment was had in the I.O.O.F. cemetery. The floral offerings were very generous and artistically arranged. Mrs. Buford, by her unselfish and exemplary life, made friends wherever she labored, and the fact that the hall was comfortably filled with those of her friends who reside in Salem, in this busy time, is ample proof of the high regard in which she was held here. Her kindly deeds will live after her in the memory of all those who came in close contact with her in the earthly labors. Faithful to every trust and obligation, she has earned her rest. 
Daily Oregon Statesman 11 Sept 1902 5:2.
Sarah A. Nobles Buford 
Mar. 3, 1850 
Sept. 7, 1902 
Gone But Not Forgotten 
A precious one from us is gone 
A voice we loved is stilled 
A Place is vacant in our home 
Which never can be filled 
God in his wisdom has recalled 
The boon his love has given 
And though the body slumbers here 
The soul is safe in heaven
DAR pg 77
Saucy Survey & Photographs
DOS 9 Sep 1902 6:2 
DOS 11 Sep 1902 5:2.
LOT: 941 SPACE: 3 SW S½ LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.218' LATITUDE: W 123° 03.011'

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