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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Clifford DeMarcus Busey ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Clifford DeMarcus Busey
BORN: 19 Dec 1898 DIED: 6 Nov 1915 BURIED: 8 Nov 1915
BIRTH PLACE:  Washington
DEATH PLACE: Saelm, Marion Co., Oregon
Name of father [Henry ?] Busey
Maiden name of mother Nora E. Pierce
1910 OR CENSUS - Clifford D. Busey, age 11, b. Washington, is enumerated with father Henry C., age 37, occupation hotel proprietor, b. Washington, and his wife of 12 years, Nora E., age 34, mother of 3 children, b. Montana, along with Virgil E., age 8, b. Washington, and Reginald, age 6, b. Oregon.
DISCREPANCY - name of father is given as C. H. Busey in death certificate, William Busey in obit; and Henry [C. Henry?] Busey in 1910 Census record.
OSBH DC (Marion County 1915) #5813 - Clifford DeMarcus Busey, male, single, b. 19 Dec 1898 in Washington, d. 6 Nov 1915 in Salem, Oregon at the age of 16 y's 10 m's 17 d's, name of father C. H. Busey (b. Washington), maiden name of mother Nora E. Pierce, interment 8 Nov, undertaker Webb & Clough, informant C. H. Busey of Salem.
Boy Tries to Catch Freight; Mangled Under Wheels.
Dies Instantly. 
Washington Junior High Yell Leader Returning from Game Tries to Get Ride - Brother Sees Accident - Father Works at Dallas. 
Horribly mangled when he was run over by a northbound freight train which he was attempting to board for a ride at 11:45 a.m. yesterday, Clifford Busey, 16 years old, of 1039 Union street, was killed instantly yesterday. 
In company with his brother, Virgil Busey, slightly younger, he was returning from the football game between Washington and Grant Junior high schools on Willamette field and as he reached the Washington school the train came along, going about 12 miles per hour. The boy swung onto a box car after making one unsuccessful attempt, but his foot slipped and he was thrown beneath the wheels. His body fell face downward upon the rail and was cut in two and was caught in the wheels and thrown to one side of the track after being battered and torn. Dr. Morse, who arrived in the scene a few minutes later, pronounced the boy dead. 
The train was stopped as soon as possible and backed to the depot to allow the Shasta Limited to pass. The body was moved from the track sufficiently to allow the trains to pass and was then taken in charge by Coroner Clough. 
Boy Was Popular 
The dead boy was a son of William Busey who has been working at a meat market at Dallas and who was notified at once. He was yell leader of the Washington Junior high school and was popular among the students. He was a pupil in the Ninth B grade, and was the oldest of a family of three boys. 
Conductor F.M. Schull of Portland was in charge of the train. A rear brakeman, who saw the accident from the caboose, where he was riding, looking ahead, made an emergency application of the brakes to stop the train. 
Daily Oregon Statesman 7 Nov 1915 1:6. 

Young Friends of Clifford Busey Mourn for Schoolmate. 
One of the largest funerals for a schoolboy, which ever took place in Salem, was held yesterday over young Clifford Busey, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Busey, of this city, at the parlors of Webb & Clough. 
Young Busey lost his life Saturday while attempting to board a moving Southern Pacific freight train, after saying to his younger brother: "Look out or you’ll get killed." 
The lad, who was 16 years old and a pupil of the Washington junior high school, was an unusually bright boy, fine looking and popular with his mates. The funeral chapel was crowded with school children many of whom were only able to find standing room along the wall besides the many other friends and neighbors and many were turned away, unable to find even standing room. Many beautiful floral tributes were offered, including pieces by the various classes of the Washington school and the teachers. 
Rev. F. T. Porter preached the funeral sermon and Mrs. Porter and Mrs. Wenger sang touching sacred solos. A group of the lad’s companions acted as pallbearers, escorting the body to the Odd Fellows cemetery where burial took place. The boys were Philip Jaskoski, Cecil Shafer, Alfred Tatman, Daryl Evans, Dolph Craig and Wallace Brown. 
Daily Oregon Statesman 9 Nov 1915 2:5.
No marker
J. Plant Register
OSBH DC (Marion County 1915) #5813  
Barrick record #379 
DOS 7 Nov 1915 1:6 
DOS 9 Nov 1915 2:5

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