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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Martha Cardwell ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Martha "Mattie" Cardwell
MAIDEN NAME: Graves AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 15 Jun 1853 DIED: 9 Apr 1877 BURIED: Apr 1877
BIRTH PLACE:  Corvallis, Benton Co., Oregon
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon

Died, at the Commercial Hotel, at five o'clock PM on Monday the 9th ist., Mattie, wife of A B. Cardwell, and daughter of Wesley and Rebecca Graves.  The funeral will take place from the ME Church at 3 o'clock PM this Tuesday, April 10, 1877.  Friends of the family are invited to attend.
Weekly Oregon Statesman 13 April 1877 6:4

Died - In Salem, April 9, 1877, at the Commercial Hotel, Mattie J., wife of Alvan B. Cardwell, and daughter of Wesley and Rebecca Graves.
  She was born at Corvallis, Oregon, June 15, 1853, being at the time of her decease in the twenty-fourth year of her age. Since 1864 she had been a resident of Salem.  For nearly four years she was a student of Willamette University, and held very creditable rank as a scholar.
  From childhood she was a member of the Sunday School, and for several years was a successful Sunday School teacher.  At the age of fifteen she was brought into relations of conscious love and pardon with the Savior, and united with the Methodist Episcopal Church of this city during the pastorate of Rev. C. C. Stratton, and remained a consistent member till her death. 
  Gentle, amiable, and affectionate, her qualities of heart won for her a multitude of friends,
     "None knew her but to love her,
      None named her but to praise."
  December 19, 1875 she entered on wedded life. "The bride of a year," death entered to divide her from the life which was so closely united to her own.  But it found her ready.
  At the beginning of her sickness she was fully impressed with the belief that it would end her life, and so assured her friends. But the thought of the tomb, that affrights so many, only brought peace and joy to her.  Again and again she assured her friends that she longed to be at rest. Her pains were so great and continual that she conversed little, but all that she said bespoke a peculiar ripeness for Heaven. To her pastor she said, shortly before consciousness passed away, "I am willing to abide God's will, but if He is willing, I choose to go:  She then added: "I wish to be buried from the church; for many years I was in the Sunday School, and the place is very dear to me."  Three days later we complied with her request.
  There is sorrow in the home she has left, deep and intense sorrow, for a great bereavement has come to it; but the fresh made grave is redolent of the light of immortal hopes and eternal life.  F. P. T.
Weekly Oregon Statesman 20 April 1877 5:3

Mattie Cardwell
daughter of
W. & R. Graves
Apr 9, 1877
aged 23 years, 10 months, ? days
DAR pg 38
WOS 13 April 1877 6:4
WOS 20 April 1877 5:3

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