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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Abram Craver ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Abram Craver
BORN: Apr 1838 DIED: 13 Jan 1929 BURIED: Jan 1929
BIRTH PLACE:  Troy, New York
DEATH PLACE: Union Co., Oregon
OSBH DC (Union County 1929) #19 - Abram Craver, male, widowed, retired, d. 13 Jan 1938 in Union, Oregon at the age of 90 yr's 7 m's, informant Clareance Craver.
MARRIAGE - early 1860's
1860 IL CENSUS - Abram Craver, age 21, occupation farm laborer, b. New York, is enumerated with Nicholas, age 55, occupation farmer, b. New York, and Gitty, age 51, b. New York, along with Henry C., age 16, b. New York, and Martha, age 11, b. New York.
1880 IL CENSUS - Abe Craver, age 41, occupation farmer, b. New York, is enumerated with wife Letitia, age 34, b. Vermont, along with George C., age 16, b. Illinois, and Leon, age 11, b. Illinois.
1900 IA CENSUS - Abraham Craver, age 62, occupation retired farmer, b. Apr 1838 in New York, is enumumerated with his wife of 40 years, L. A., age 54, mother of 5 children 2 of whom are living at the time of the census, b. Jul 1845 in Vermont, along with daughter Maybelle, age 17, b. Jun 1883 in Iowa.  
1920 OR CENSUS - Abram Craver, widower, age 81, b. New York, is enumerated as the father-in-law in the home of Allen McCain, age 41, b. Iowa, and his wife Maybelle, age 36, b. Iowa, and their children Hugh, age 15, Pauline, age 13, and Charles, age 7, all born in Oregon.
Abram Craver, 90, Formerly of Near Salem, is Called. 
Abram Craver, 90, who operated a ranch east of Salem for a number of years, died at Union, Sunday, according to a telegram received here. 
Mr. Craver was born near Troy, N.Y., in 1838, but moved to Union 12 years ago. He leaves one son, Clarence Craver of Union, and a daughter, Mrs. Allen McCain of Salem. His wife, Latitia Craver, died in 1916. Funeral services will be held this Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 o’clock at the Clough-Huston parlors. The Rev. Robert L. Payne of the First Baptist church officiating. Interment will be made in the I.O.O.F. cemetery here. Oregon Statesman 15 Jan 1929 2:2 

Died at Union, Ore., January 13, Abraham Craver. Father of five children, three of whom died in infancy. Surviving are one son, Clarence G. Craver of Union, Ore., and Mrs. Allen McCain of Salem, and two grandsons, Hugh and Chester McCain of Salem, and one granddaughter, Mrs. Paulene Davis of Manhattan Beach, Calif. Funeral services from the Clough-Huston parlors Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. The Rev. R. I. Payne officiating. Interment beside his late wife in I.O.O.F. cemetery. 
Oregon Statesman 15 Jan 1929 5:3
Abram Craver 
1838 - 1929
OSBH DC (Union County 1929) #19
1860 IL CENSUS  (Lee Co., Brooklyn, FA # 3049)
1880 IL CENSUS (La Salle Co., Meriden, ED 75, pg 20D)
1900 IA CENSUS (Nevada Co., Story, ED 121, sheet 5A)
1920 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Fairground Pct., ED 321, sheet 5B) 
OS 15 Jan 1929 2:2 
OS 15 Jan 1929 5:3
LOT: 639 SPACE: 2 SW N½ LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.207' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.910'

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