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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Amos B. Cosper ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Amos B. Cosper
BORN: 18 Jul 1822 DIED: 11 Feb 1877 BURIED: 12 Feb 1877
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Marion Co. Clerk and Treasurer
BIRTH PLACE:  Northumberland Co., Pa.
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co. Oregon
1860 OH CENSUS - Amos B. Cosper, age 38, occupation merchant, b. Pennsylvania, is enumerated with Mary J. Cosper, age 33, b. Pennsylvania,along with Mary E., age 11, b. Ohio, Annetta C., age 5, b. Ohio, Romeo, age 3, b. Ohio [they are living next door to Daniel and Margaret Cosper, both age 60].
1870 OR CENSUS - A. B. Cospar, age 47, b. Penn., occupation clerk, is enumerated with M. J. Cospar, age 42, b. Penn., along with M. E. (female, age 21, b. Ohio), M. C. (female, age 15, b. Ohio), R. R. Cospar (male, age 13, b. Ohio), M. J. (female, age 7, b. Oregon) and C. E. (male, age 4, b. Oregon.

"Tribute to the Departed" from Chemeketa Lodge I.O.O.F., signed by V. H. Hyde, E. N. Cooke, and J. J. Murphy and "Resolutions of Condolence" from the Willamette Emcampment I.O.O.F. signed by Wm. Waldo, Henry H. Gilfry, and E. R. Miller were printed in the Statesman also.
One week ago last Sabbath morning, while the church bells were summoning our citizens to morning service, those who entered the Congregational Church were met and ushered in with a pleasant smile, and often a kind and affectionate word, by Mr. A. B. Cosper, one of the most devoted members of that church, who for many years had been closely identified with its prosperity and considered every service he could render in its behalf a labor of love.  He was then in his usual health, which was never robust, as he had long suffered from pulmonary complaints and had but a slender hold on life.
As the bells rang out their calls to worship on last Sabbath morning he was not there.  For days he had lain upon a bed of suffering, and just as the church bells, that he never failed to obey, were about to call him to his voluntary duty, his spirit took its flight from suffering clay, passed the portals of time, and while those who loved him missed his greeting, his souls' trust and faith was rewarded by realization of the unspeakable joys of eternity.  How often it is that while we pursue our ordinary invocations and treat the world lightly and carelessly, the life of some good man in our midst is passing away to be with us no more.
In the death of Mr. Cosper we have lost an excellent citizen, whose life and example were always a lesson to be prized.  Those who were intimately associated with him will miss him long, and remember him always.  There are very few who equal or resemble his unruffled nature and forebearing spirit.  Few among us are so generous as he was, both with money and willing service to forward every good cause.  It is not given to all to possess the amiable temperament, but we can all prize the example and emulate the life that has departed.
Mr. Cosper was born July 18, 1822, and since that year has made his home among us.  He was connected with the Willamette Woolen Mills for several years, was two years County Treasurer and two years Clerk of Marion county.  In all positions he was faithful and above reproach.  He leaves a wife, two daughters married, besides two sons and a daughter at home.
Weekly Oregon Statesman 16 Feb 1877 5:4
A. B. Cosper 
Born in Northumberland Co., Pa. 
July 18, 1822 
Feb. 11, 1877
S&H pg 74 
DAR pg 58 
Saucy Survey & Photographs
1860 OH CENSUS (Wayne Co., Fredricksurg, FA #234) 
1870 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Salem Pct., FA #35)
WOS 16 Feb 1877 5:4
LOT: 622 SPACE: 2 SW LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.189' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.903'

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