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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Frank Chamberlain ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Frank Chamberlain
BORN: Abt 1860 DIED: 9 Oct 1897 BURIED: 14 Oct 1897
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
Frank Chamberlain Jumped to His Death
Was a Charge of the Sixth Ward on the Third Floor of that Building. 
Yesterday forenoon between 10:30 and 11 o’clock, Frank Chamberlain, an inmate of the state insane asylum, committed suicide by jumping from the third story of the north wing of that institution. The patient was a charge of the sixth ward, which is situated on the third floor of the building and had been left to wash the outside of the windows of that ward, while the attendant in charge, Arthur H. Moore, stepped out for a few moments. When Mr. Moore returned and opened the door Chamberlain was standing upright in the window holding on to the lower portion of the window sash (which was about on a level with his head) with his body outside and facing the attendant inside. Upon seeing Mr. Moore he seemed to stand hesitatingly for a moment and, placing the palms of his hands against the pane of glass, turned to look over his left shoulder and deliberately shoved himself away from the building, falling about forty feet to the ground beneath, where he struck upon the left side of his head, breaking his neck, which resulted in instant death. As soon as the attendant saw what had taken place he rushed out to where the man had fallen to see if he could be of any assistance in relieving the sufferings of the unfortunate man, but the latter was beyond all recovery when the attendant reached him, giving one of two convulsive gasps and expiring. Dr. L. F. Griffith, second assistant of the asylum, was immediately notified of the accident and hastened to the scene but could do nothing for the man, as he was dead when the doctor reached him. 
The suicide was about 37 years of age, a resident of Washington county, and had been an inmate of the asylum since June 1895. 
When he first came he was quite insane and of a class known as cataleptic. He was very quiet and morose and at times refused even to speak for weeks and was so secretive that his real thoughts could never be ascertained. Previous to yesterday he had never manifested any suicidal intentions. 
Last evening Coroner A. M. Clough impaneled a jury, composed of J. C. C. Lewis, E. M. Law, W. W. Hepburn, A. S. Slippey, A. N. Southard and Charles W. LaGrange, and held an inquest over the remains at the asylum. After deliberating on the testimony for a brief time the jury returned the following verdict: "We the undersigned, the jury summoned to appear before A. M. Clough, the coroner of the county of Marion, state of Oregon, at the state asylum for the insane, in Salem, on the 9th day of October 1897, to inquire into the cause of the death of Frank Chamberlain, an inmate of the said asylum having been duly sworn, according to law, and having made such inquisition, after inspecting the body and hearing the testimony adduced, find that the deceased was named Frank Chamberlain, a resident of Washington county, Oregon, and was 37 years old; that he came to his death on the 9th day of October 1897, by springing or falling from a window in the third story of the asylum to the ground beneath, in which fall his neck was broken. 
We believe that no blame attaches to the officers or employes of said asylum." (Signed) J. C. C. Lewis, foreman; E. M. Law, W. W. Hepburn, A. S. Slippey, A. N. Southard and Chas. W. LaGrange, jurors. 
Oregon Statesman 10 October 1897 6:2 

Frank Chamberain’s Remains Deposited in Rural Cemetery. 
The remains of Frank Chamberlain, who committed suicide by jumping from a third-story window in the state insane asylum on Saturday, were given interment in Rural cemetery yesterday. N. R. Chamberlain of Laurel, near Hillsboro, Washington county, is a brother of the deceased and he came to Salem Monday evening and perfected arrangements with Undertaker A. M. Clough for the burial service. 
Oregon Statesman 13 October 1897 3:1

No marker

IOOF Register of Burials 
OS 10 October 1897 6:2 
OS 13 October 1897 3:1
LOT: 500 SPACE: 2 NW LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.181' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.862'

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