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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Caleb Peacock Chapman ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Caleb Peacock Chapman
BORN: 3 Oct 1810 DIED: 14 Jul 1892 BURIED: 15 Jul 1892
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Farmer; Minister of Christian Church
BIRTH PLACE:  St. Clair Co., Illinois
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - C. P. Chapman, age 82, died in Salem of unknown disease, Pioneer of Oregon and formerly a preacher of the Christian Church.
1870 CENSUS - C. P. Chapman, age 59, b. Illinois, occupation minister, is enumerated with wife Eliza, age 50, b. Virginia, along with children Caleb A., age 18, b. Oregon, occupation mason, and John A., age 16, b.. Oregon, and Sarah, age 15, b. Oregon.
In this city, July 14, 1892, at 7:30 a.m., Caleb P. Chapman, in the 82nd year of his age. The deceased was one of the pioneers of Oregon, having moved hither with his family in 1848, crossing the plains. 
He was born in St. Clair county, Illinois, October 3, 1810, but he grew to manhood, principally in Louisiana and Arkansas. 
Mr. Chapman was early impressed with a religious feeling, and became a member of the Christian church fifty-five years ago. He entered with zeal into its fold, was an elder in the church, and active in the ministry for twenty-five years or more. Having a weak physical constitution he devoted a good part of his early life to the business of teaching until his removal to this coast. 
After his arrival in Oregon he settled in Howell Prairie and engaged in farming until 1862, when he removed to Salem and resided here continuously until his death. A little over one years ago the deceased suffered a slight paralytic stroke from which he never recovered, though able to be around most of the time. For the last four weeks he was confined to bed and his friends saw that his end was near. It came peacefully, and his spirit passed away from the midst of his mourning family. 
Mr. Chapman's nature was kind and generous and charitably inclined toward the frailties of his fellow creatures. He was an indulgent husband and father, a quiet and unobtrusive citizen, and a devoted christian. He leaves a widow to whom he was united fifty years ago on the 7th of June last, and four children--Caleb A., of this city, John A., of Washington county, and Mrs. T. B. Jackson and Mrs. D. McFadden, both of this city. The funeral services will take place at 2 o'clock this afternoon at the Christian church. 
Oregon Statesman 15 July 1892 4:4. 

CHAPMAN -- At 367 Capital street, at 6:40 this morning, C. P. Chapman, aged 81 years 9 months and 11 days. Funeral will take place tomorrow from the Christian Church at 2 p.m. Deceased has been a minister of the Gospel in the Christian church for the last 50 years. He came to Oregon in 1848 and has since resided here. The cause of his death was paralysis from which he has been suffering for the past 13 months. Two of his daughters, Mrs. McFadden and Mrs. T. B. Jackson, and one son, C. A. Chapman, live in this city. His other son, John A. resides at Winter's Station, Oregon. 
Capital Journal 14 July 1892 3:5

C. P. Chapman 
Born in Ill.
Oct. 3, 1810 
Died in Salem, Or. 
July, 14, 1892 
I know whom I have believed 
(West face of monument shared with Elizabeth)

IOOF Register of Burials 
DAR pg 53 
1870 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., East Salem Pct., FA #395) 
OS 15 July 1892 4:4 
CJ 14 July 1892 3:5 
SEE ALSO: GEN. MAT. Vol. I, #2189
LOT: 544 SPACE: NE ¼ LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.175' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.880'

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