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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Memory Noble Chapman ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Memory "Mem" Noble Chapman
BORN: 19 Aug 1845 DIED: 5 May 1889 BURIED: 6 May 1889
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Accountant; Marion County Clerk
BIRTH PLACE:  Pike Co., Illinois
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - M. N. Chapman, age 47, died in Salem, ex county clerk of Marion county; Necrological - died of Bright's disease; 1880 OR CENSUS - M. Chapman, age 36, accountant, b. Illinois, and J. T., age 26, b. Iowa, along with Lora, age 10, May, age 8, Nina, age 6, and Roda, age 2, all born in Oregon.

Mr. M. N. Chapman has fitted up an office adjoining his main office in the County Court House, very neatly, and which, as we understand, will be presided over by his daughter as assistant clerk. 
From Oregon Statesman of July 27 1884 & Weekly Oregon Statesman 1 August 1884 1:7.
The Statesman of Sunday morning, May 5th, contained a brief announcement of the death at 1:30 a.m. of M. N. Chapman, ex county clerk of Marion county. 
Memory Noble Chapman was born in Pike county, Illinois, on August 19th, 1845, and would therefore have been 44 years of age on the 19th of the coming August. He was a son of Captain Willie Chapman, an early pioneer, who came to Oregon in 1847, and settled in Salem. The wife of Captain Chapman and the mother of "Mem" as he was familiarly called, died while crossing the plains. 
Mem was raised and educated in Salem, and he was a resident of this city nearly all of his life up to last September, when he removed to East Portland with his family; but they longed for their old home and associations here, and they returned and took up their residence a short time ago. 
He was married on Christmas eve in 1808 to Jennie Thatcher, in Salem, Rev. P. S. Knight performing the marriage ceremony. Before he was of age he was a clerk in the office of his brother-in-law, the late Capt. George A. Edes, who was county clerk of Marion county. "Mem" was afterwards deputy county clerk under Capt. Edes, and served in that capacity about twelve years. For a time he was clerk at the Siletz Indian reservation under Ben Simpson, agent. At the June election of 1884 he was elected county clerk of Marion county, and was re-elected in 1886. 
He leaves his wife and three daughters, Mrs. George A. Mack (nee Loru Chapman) of Portland, and may and Rhoda Chapman, with their mother here; also a sister, Mrs. George A. Edes, of Salem, and two half-brothers, Ernest and Willie Chapman, all of Clackamas county. 
He leaves his family well provided for in this world's goods, but his affectionate attentions as husband and father will be sadly and bitterly missed in the heartbroken home. The funeral services were held at his late residence on Union street at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, conducted by Rev. P. S. Knight, and the mournful precession proceeded thence to the I.O.O.F. cemetery, in charge of the Masonic order, of which he was an upright member. About fifteen members of the Albany Commandery of Knights Templar were present and took part in the services. 
In his last sickness every kindly office possible was performed and all that medical skill could accomplish done to bring him back to health, and many were the expressions of sadness and sorrow for the bereaved family when the news spread that he was dead. 
He was a most affectionate and exemplary husband and father, a true friend and an honest and upright man. He never performed a mean act in the whole of his useful life, and never spoke an unkind word undeservingly. His life was an open page upon which there were no stains. The writer certainly voices the unanimous sentiment of the community in which his whole life was spent in expressing the most sincere condolence for the bereaved family. 
Oregon Statesman 10 May 1889 4:3
M. Chapman 
Aug. 19, 1845 
May 5, 1889
IOOF Register of Burials 
S&H pg 26 
1880 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Salem, ED 78, pg 8D) 
1886 Salem Directory pg 7 WOS 1 August 1884 1:7 
WOS 10 May 1889 4:3 
OS 3 Jan 1890 (Necrology)

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