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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Enoch Chester Churchill ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Enoch Chester Churchill
BORN: 1841 DIED: 4 Mar 1920 BURIED: 5 Mar 1920
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Sash and Door Business
BIRTH PLACE:  Boone Co., Illinois
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - Mr. C. Churchill, age 78, died in Salem of pulmonary TB

Name of father Joseph Churchill
Maiden name of mother Lucy Pangburn
1st MARRIAGE - to Alvira Thomas 1 Nov 1868
2nd MARRIAGE - Sarah McKinney 1 Apr 1885
OSBH DC (Marion County 1920) #148 - Enoch Chester Churchill, male, married (McKinney), occupation manufacturer, b. Illininois, d. 4 Mar 1920 in Salem, Oregon (532 High St.) at the age of 78 y's 5 m's, name of father Joseph Churchill (b. Oppenheim, Fulton Co., N.Y.), maiden name of mother Lucy Pangburn (b. Trumbull Co., Ohio), interment 6 Mar IOOF, undertaker Webb & Clough, informant Mrs. E. C. Churchill.
E. C. Churchill Dies At Home. 
Resident of Marion County for Seventy-Three years Passes Away. 
Enoch Chester Churchill, who had been a resident of Marion County since 1847, or 73 years, died at his home, 532 North High Street, yesterday. Mr. Churchill crossed the plains from Illinois to Oregon with his parents, Joseph and Lucy Churchill, under Captain Joel Palmer, in 1847, and the family located on a donation land claim near Hubbard in that year. They moved to Salem in 1861 and lived here from that time on. Mr. Churchill enlisted in Company B, First Oregon infantry, in November, 1861, and served through the Civil war, receiving his discharge in November, 1864. The year of his birth was 1841, in Boone County, Illinois. His first wife was Alvira Thomas, to whom he was married November 1, 1868, and who died July 7, 1883. Four children were born to them, two of whom, Orville and Inez, died in infancy. The other two are Arthur A. Churchill of Keyport, N.J., and Mrs. Edward Gray Patterson of Salem.
He was married a second time April 1, 1885, to Sarah McKinney, and to them three children were born. They are Eldon C. Churchill and Walter A. Churchill of Portland and Mathel Churchill of Salem. Mr. Churchill was a member of the Masons, of Protection lodge, No. 2, A.O.U.W., and of Sedgwick post, G.A.R., of Salem. Funeral arrangements will be made upon the arrival of the son from Keyport, N.J. Mr. Churchill was a pioneer in the sash and door factory business in Salem. While he had been in failing health for several months his death was unexpected. 
Oregon Statesman 5 Mar 1920 1:3 

The recent death of Enoch C. Churchill has removed from our midst one of the old-time residents of the city of Salem and Marion County. Mr. Churchill came from Boone County, Illinois where he was born in 1841 with his parents by oxen teams across the plans. They settled near Hubbard in Marion County in 1847. He came to Salem in 1861 where he enlisted in Company B., Oregon cavalry at the age of 20 years and served with distinction in the army until the end of his enlistment. His conduct as a soldier was exemplary in all respects. The company was stationed for a time at what was known as the Mansion house, a large building which had been used as a hotel, situated on the west side of North Liberty street, between North Mill Race and North Mill creek. This was where I first met Mr. Churchill. I was a small child at the time. My recollection of him at that period is indistinct on account of my age. On his return from the service in the army, I became well acquainted with Mr. Churchill. I can truthfully say that he was a man among men. At all times noted for the strictest integrity. His character and reputation above reproach. As a citizen and business man he was second to none in the estimation of our people who knew him. He was one of the oldest residents of Marion County. The death of Mr. Churchill recalls memories of the old days and old friends that are no more the loving voices of old companions who have gone forth never more to participate with us in the trials and vicissitudes mixed with the pleasures of life which are the lot of all mortals. In his death Salem has lost one of its best citizens. The large attendance at his funeral indicated the high esteem in which he was held by our people. It is said to think of the old pioneers who blazed the way for the present generation of our citizens who are swiftly passing off the scene of their earlier labors. By: P. H. Darcy 
Oregon Statesman 14 Mar 1920 2:5-6
Enoch C. Churchill 
1841 - 1920
IOOF Register of Burials 
Roland Kleen of Salem, OR (1986) 
OSBH DC (Marion County 1920) #148 
OS 5 Mar 1920 1:3 
OS 14 Mar 1920 2:5-6

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