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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Daniel Clark ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Daniel Clark
BORN: 14 Feb 1824 DIED: 31 Dec 1885 BURIED: 2 Jan 1886
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Carpenter; Farmer
BIRTH PLACE:  King Co., Ireland
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - Daniel Clark, age 60 y's 17 d's, died near Salem, "deceased was a good citizen, husband and father, was loved by all who knew him"
1st MARRIAGE - to Bethiah B. Herron 
1850 OR CENSUS - Daniel Clark, age 28, b. Ireland, is enumerated with Berthia Clark, age 23, b. Ind., and Jno., age 3; 1860 OR CENSUS - Daniel Clark, age 36, Farmer, b. Ireland, is enumerated with wife B, age 33, and children J. S. (12), W (9), M.E. (7), A. S. (5), and R. S. (1); 1870 - Daniel Clark, age 46, Farmer, b. Ireland, is enumerated with wife Harriet, age 23, b. Iowa, and children William T. (19), Martha (17), Achilles S. (14), Roswell S. (12), Bertha E (3) and Atilla (1).
2nd MARRIAGE - "Danl Clark & Miss Harriet Shaeffer, m 13 June 1865 at house of bride's father; J. B. Short, M. G. Wit: S. Herren & Samuel Schaffer #783 pg 265".
1880 OR CENSUS - Daniel Clark, age 56, occupation farmer, b. Ireland, is enumerated with wife Harriette, age 34, b. Iowa, along with William T., age 26, b. Iowa, Rowsell S., age 20, b. Iowa, Ottilla V., age 12, b. Oregon, Lulu, age 1, b. Oregon, and Daniel, age 6, b. Oregon. 

Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark, a native of King County, Ireland, was born Feb. 14, 1824. His father emigrated to Quebec in 1828, and went from Canada to Missouri in 1836. At 13 Daniel was impelled to begin life for himself, and engaged with a neighbor for 8 dollars a month to cut cord-wood. At 18 he was employed as overseer on a plantation; but hearing of the prospective donation of land in Oregon to actual settlers, determined to go to the new country, and try his fortunes there. He joined the independent colony under Gilliam, and arriving late and destitute, went to making rails. Two years afterward he married Miss Bertha B. Herren. In 1848 he went to the California mines, returning to Oregon for his wife and infant child the same winter.  In 1850 he left the mines and returned to his home 5 miles south of Salem.  His wife dying in 1861, he married again in 1865 Miss Harriet Scheoffer. When the Oregon state grange was organized in 1873 he was elected master for his services in the movement, in which he has ever been heartily interested.  Mr. Clark lived long in firm health and vigor, enjoying the reward of a temperate and just life.  S.F. Pacific Rural Press, in Oregon Cultivator, June 15, 1876.
Daniel Clark was an 1844 Immigrant to Oregon. 
"He built the bridge on Commercial St. in 1862, Salem"
At his residence, five miles southeast from Salem, early Thursday morning, Dec. 31, 1885, Mr. Daniel Clark. His disease was creeping paralysis. 
Mr. Clark was born in Ireland in the year 1823. His parents immigrated to America when he was about four years of age, and settled in the state of Missouri, where young Daniel passed his boyhood. 
He came to Oregon in the immigration of 1844, at the age of nineteen, and soon afterward settled in Marion county, where he lived until the time of his death. He was a farmer by occupation, though we believe he was taught the trade of a carpenter when young. 
Mr. Clark was a man of great force of character, and possessed unusual energy. He was a man of impulsive temperament, and humane and generous to a high degree. As a neighbor he was, he was kind and obliging, and as a citizen he was forward in every good work. Mr. Clark was twice married, and his second wife and children survive him. 
Weekly Oregon Statesman 2 Jan 1886 4:4. 

A large concourse of friends followed the remains of the late Daniel Clark to their last resting place in the I.O.O.F. cemetery yesterday. The body was interred by that order, of which he was a member in good standing. Requiescat in peace. 
Oregon Statesman 3 Jan 1886 3:2
Daniel Clark 
Born in 
King Co., Ireland 
Feb. 14, 1824 
near Salem 
Dec. 31, 1885
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WOS 2 Jan 1886 4:4 
DOS 3 Jan 1886 3:2 
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OS 7 Jan 1887 Necrology of burials in IOOF MCHS II p. 3

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