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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Harriet Talcott Clarke ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Harriet "Hetty" Talcott Clarke
MAIDEN NAME: Buckingham AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 31 Mar 1832 DIED: 27 Jan 1890 BURIED: 29 Jan 1890
BIRTH PLACE:  Norwalk, Huron Co., Ohio
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - Mrs. Harriett T. Clarke, age 57 y's 9 m's 4 d's, died in S. Salem of heart disease, beloved wife of Mr. S. A. Clarke.
Spouse: Mr. Samuel A. Clarke; Children: Marion Wynkoop (Minnie) 18520- 1881; Harriet Buckingham (Hattie) (1855- ); William Jessup (1857 - 1919; Sarah Woodworth (1859 - ); George Beaumont Clarke.  
Harriet's diary is published in COVERED WAGON WOMEN by Kenneth Holmes, Vol. 3 (1951)
In Salem, Oregon, January 27, 1890, Mrs. Harriet T. Clarke, wife of Samuel A. Clarke, in the 58th year of her age. The deceased was in good health a week ago and was able to be on the street. Five days ago she was taken with influenza and by Sunday night was recovering nicely. At midnight Sunday night she was breathing heavily, though suffering no pain, and an hour later when Mr. Clarke went to her bedside he found her dead. The deceased was born in Norwalk, Ohio, March 31, 1832, and came to Oregon in 1851, crossing the plains with the family of the late E. N. Cooke. Her maiden name was Buckingham, and she was married to Mr. Clarke in February, 1852, in Portland, which place was her residence. Shortly afterward she came to Salem, and here was her home thenceforward while she lived. The sudden announcement of the death of Mrs. Clarke was a dreadful shock to her many friends in this city, to most of whom it was the first intimation of her illness. It was but a few days since she was met on the street with her usual pleasant greeting, and the family were looking forward to the contemplated change of residence to their beautiful home on the hill south of town, without realizing that the gentle spirit was so soon to be laid to rest in the silent city nearby, by the side of a beloved daughter who some years ago preceded her to the eternal home. But many will miss the subject of this brief and imperfect sketch from their daily lives. Her unfailing goodness of heart was exhibited not only toward her fellow beings, but animated creation was the recipient of her kindly care. Many a household in Oregon will remember her as "Aunt Hetty" of the children's department of the Willamette Farmer where her devotion to the interests of the boys and girls was so clearly manifested for years. No sufferer, however humble his condition, ever passed her door without relief and a kind word, and it was her constant practice to care for and sustain the little birds that gathered around her residence during the stormy blasts of winter. It was long ago said of her in homely but expressive phrase that she "would have a front seat in heaven." To Mrs. Clarke's mourning family her loss is irreparable. A kind and gentle wife and affectionate mother, she was the idol of her household, and death's cruel hand has rudely severed the tie that bound all to earth. For years she was the life and ornament of society in Salem, and their pleasant home was a synonym for hospitality and gave the name to the hid [?] that it now bears. Mrs. Clarke leaves a bereaved husband and three children to mourn her death--Mrs. Harriet B. Looney of Jefferson, Mrs. Sarah Dyer, of Ellensburgh, Wash., and William J. Clarke, of this city. The funeral will be conducted from her late home Wednesday afternoon, at two o'clock. 
Oregon Statesman, Jan. 28, 1890, 4:3 

A DOUBLE FUNERAL--The funeral of Mrs. S. A. Clarke was conducted from the family home on Gaiety hill yesterday afternoon, being largely attended by the many friends of the Christian woman whose life met with such a sudden termination. At the same time the funeral of a little child of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Dyer, of Ellensburg, Wash., was had. Mrs. Dyer is a daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Clarke and the little one, who had died at Ellensburg several months ago, was brought to Salem Tuesday and laid by the side of its grandmother. 
Oregon Statesman, Jan. 30, 1890 4:3
Harriet Buckingham 
Wife of 
S. A. Clarke 
in Norwalk, Ohio 
Mar. 31, 1832 
Jan. 27, 1890
IOOF Register of Burials 
DAR pg 18 
S&H pg 13 
OS 28 Jan 1890 4:3 
OS 30 Jan 1890 4:3 
OS 31 Jan 1890 8:1(Necrology)

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