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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Nancy Clark ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Nancy Clark
MAIDEN NAME: Hayden AKA 1: Tucker AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 22 Sep 1823 DIED: 2 Feb 1917 BURIED:  Feb 1917
BIRTH PLACE:  Illinois
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
Name of father William Hayden
Maiden name of mother Elisabeth McBride
1870 OR CENSUS - Nancy Clark, age 44, b. Kentucky, is enumerated with J. C. Clark, age 47, b. England, occupation currier, along with William P., age 14, Henrietta age 12, Nancy G., age 9, Vervena, age 7, Selma, age 5, and Jas. E., age 1, all born in Oregon.
OSBH DC (Marion County 1917) #67 - Nancy Clark, female, widow, b. 22 Sep 1834 [sic] in Illinois, b. 2 Feb 1917 in Salem, Oregon at the age of 92 y's 4 m's 11 d's, name of father William Hayden (b. Virginia), maiden name of mother Elisabeth McBride (b. Virginia), interment 5 Feb, undertaker Webb & Clough, informant James Clark of Salem.
Mrs. Nancy Clark Lived on Salem Property for Period of Sixty Years--An Oregon pioneer of 1852. 
Mrs. Nancy Clark, who came across the plains by ox teams, passed away yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock at her home, 322 North Fourteenth Street. 
She had lived for fifty-six years in the same house in which she died. Mrs. Clark was 92 years old. Mrs. Clark’s parents were Virginians. She was born in Illinois in 1824. She was married to Samuel Tucker September 31, 1842. He died in Milton, Ill., in 1843. 
With her little daughter, Mrs. Clark started across the plains in 1852 but the child died in August of the same year while the little band was on route. Her brothers took sick and Mrs. Clark drove the oxen as the party continued their journey. Upon settling in Salem, Mrs. Clark purchased 600 acres of land south of the city for about $4000. She later sold it to the Hughes estate. She had occupied the property on which her late residence stood for sixty years, having first lived upon it in a log cabin. She was married to James Clark of Ramsey, Isle of Man, January 25, 1852. He died in October, 1879. 
Seven children were born to her. Those surviving are a son, James E. Clark and four daughters; Miss Henrietta and Gabrielle Clark, who lived at home; Mrs. G. H. Croisan, also of Salem, and Mrs. N. W. Dixon of Spokane. Among the nine granddaughters are Mrs. H. A. Cornoyer of Salem and Mrs. Thomas Jensen of Seattle. She also left one great granddaughter, little Mary Hunt, the daughter of Mrs. Jensen. Mrs. Clark was the last of nine children. One of her brothers was Ben Hayden, a former prominent lawyer of the Willamette valley. 
Mrs. Clark had been ill for only a week. Her daughter, Mrs. N. W. Dixon came to Salem to be with her mother a week ago, but left Thursday for her home when her mother showed improvement. Mrs. Clark had been active until recently, taking care of her flowers and a favorite cow. The funeral will probably be held Monday. Burial will be in Odd Fellows cemetery. 
Oregon Statesman 3 Feb 1917, 4:7.
Nancy Clark 
1823 - 1917
1870 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., East Salem Pct., FA #436) 
S&H pg 26 
OS 3 Feb 1917 4:7

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