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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Mary Isabel Cook ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Mary "Eliza" Isabel Cook
MAIDEN NAME: Hawkins AKA 1: Towle AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 1846 DIED: 23 May 1897 BURIED: 25 May 1897
BIRTH PLACE:  Massachusetts
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - J. J. Cook, female, died at the Insane Asylum.
Married 1st - Edgar Towle
Married 2nd - Mr. Cooke
Was committed to the Insane Asylum under the name Eliza Cooke
NOTE - The following probate record is that of her father, John S. Hawkins; Probate File # 1569 - "Intestate. Died Sept. 1890 in Salem. Adms: Mary I. Cooke, 26 Apr 1895; R. J. Fleming, 05 June 1895. Heirs: Charles E. Hawkins, 52; Mary I. Cooke, 48, [she died 23 May 1897]; John S. Hawkins, Jr., 45; William E. Hawkins, 36, - all of Salem; & Elizabeth Hawkins, widow [she died 18 April 1895 in Salem], intestate, only heirs being 4 above named. Buried in IOOF Cemetery, Salem. 
NOTE - The following probate record is that of her brother, John S. Hawkins, Jr. Mary Isabella's two children are named: Probate File #2056 - "Intestate. Died 08 Aug 1901. Adm: J. B. Baumgartner, 16 Aug 1901. Hiers: Mamie Paul, niece, 25, Washington D.C. [Mrs. Edward E. Paul]; W. E. Hawkins, brother, 42, Marion Co.; Charles E. Hawkins, brother, 55, residence unknown; Charles P. Tolles/Towles, nephew, 27, Rampart City, A. T. [Charles Towle & Mrs. Paul are brother and sister & children of dec'd sister.]".
PROBATE File #1642 - "Cooke/Cook, Eliza/Mary I., Guardianship of insane person, aged 50, Marion Co. Died in Salem, ---- June 1896. Charles Calvert, Gdn 17 Jun 1896. Name Eliza Cook appearing on papers . . . Should be changed to the real name . . . M. I. Cook.";.
PROBATE File #1770 - "Cooke, Mary Isabel. Intestate. Died 23 May 1897. W. T. Rigdon, Adm 25 Jun 1897. Heirs: Chas. P. Towle, son, 28, Marion Co.; Mamie L. Paul, dtr, 25, Washington, D. C. [wife of Edward Paul]"
Mrs. J. J. Cook, a daughter of the late J. J. Hawkins, died at the state insane asylum yesterday morning, she having been committed to that institution several months ago from Marion county. She leaves a daughter and son residing at Washington, D. C., and Huntington, respectively. Her remains will be buried in Rural cemetery today at 2 p.m. 
Oregon Statesman 25 May 1897 4:1
No marker found as of Sept 2002
IOOF Register of Burials 
Marion Co. Oregon Probate Records, Vol 2, H-Q, pg 113 [File #1569] 
Marion Co. Oregon Probate Records, Vol 2, H-Q, pg 114 [File #2056] 
Marion Co. Oregon Probate Records, Vol 1, A-G, pg 48 [File #1642 & #1720] 
OS 25 May 1897 4:1

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