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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Augusta Downing ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Augusta Downing
MAIDEN NAME: Newton AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 28 Aug 1863 DIED: 1 Mar 1913 BURIED: 3 Mar 1913
BIRTH PLACE:  Albany, Linn Co., Oregon
DEATH PLACE: Sublimity, Marion Co., Oregon

Name of father Joseph [Nathan] Newton
Maiden name of mother Susan Swank

OHSB (Marion County 1913) #1181 - Augusta Downing, female, b. 28 Aug 1863 in Linn Co., Oregon, d. 1 Mar 1913 2½ miles NW of Sublimity, Oregon at the age of 49 y’s 6 mÂ’s 3 d’s, housewife, name of father Joseph Newton, maiden name of mother Swank, interment IOOF 3 Mar 1913, undertaker J. M. Ringo, informant W. H. Downing of Shaw RD.
Augusta Downing, beloved wife of W. H. Downing, departed this life on March 1, 1913, aged 49 years, 6 months and three days. She leaves a husband, a mother, Mrs. Susan Newton, and a brother, Cecil Newton to mourn her loss. The mother and brother are now residents of Seattle, Washington. 
Mrs. Downing was born on a farm near Albany. The family moved to Salem in 1876, where she lived until her marriage, which occurred March 11, 1903. During her residence in Salem she made many friends, all of whom affectionately remember her. During the brief time of her married life her home had been in the Waldo Hills, where she was active and prominent in all social matters and in the promotion of all good and laudable enterprises. Mrs. Downing was a very ambitious woman, untiring and painstaking in all matters that claimed her attention. She had high ideals and her life has been one of usefulness, and has made a lasting impression on all with whom she was associated. 
The funeral service was held at the Episcopal church in Salem. The interment was in the I. O. O. F. cemetery by the side of a number of sisters and brothers who had preceded her. She is at rest and we trust that her life and character may ever be present as a guide and monument to better and nobler manhood. Her nature was a delicate one. Few persons were gifted with a mind more analytical, logical and clear. She was also possessed of a very quiet and gentle disposition, ever having a kind regard for the best interests of her neighbors and friends. She was not the kind to ever "murmur or complain", while she sought to smooth down all disappointments. All who shared with her in this last illness can attest to a blissful sweetness and a teachable spirit. 
She was a member of the Episcopal church, walking worthy of her vocation with lowliness and meekness with long suffering - fore bearing one another in love. An amiable life is a beautiful one. A real true life is none the less sublime - but, then how potent is life, when one can gather all the little details and labors of one's hands, and with one accord say, "she had done a good work". Then tell us, passing o'er life's fragile arch, Regard it as a mean and not an end, As but the path of faith on which we march, To where all glories of our being tend. 
Daily Oregon Statesman 11 Mar 1913 5:5-6.
Augusta Newton 
1863 - 1913 
Then shall the dust return to the
Earth as it was and the spirit shall
Return unto God who gave it.

[on large plaque shared with other descendants of Nathan and Susan Newton] 
[Another broken marker found at the caretaker's shed in 1969/71 - Augusta Newton Downing, d. Mar. 1, 1913, age 49 years, 6 months & 3 days]
OHSB (Marion County 1913) #1181  
S&H pg 41 
Saucy Survey & Photographs
DOS 11 Mar 1913 5:5-6
LOT: 535 SPACE: NE LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.211' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.872'

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