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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Rhoda A. Edes ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Rhoda A. Edes
MAIDEN NAME: Chapman AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 5 Nov 1838 DIED: 29 Jun 1901 BURIED: 1 Jul 1901
BIRTH PLACE:  Pike Co., Illinois
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
Rigdon - Mrs. Rhoda Edes, d. June 29, 1901, age 63, funeral ordered by H. W. Meyers, burial in IOOF cemetery; 
IOOF - Mrs. Rhoda C. Edes, age 62 y's 8 m's 22 d's, born in Illinois, died in Salem of kidney & heart trouble, wife of the late Geo. Edes.
Mrs. George A. Edes of East Salem precinct, was appointed to the Marion County Sanitary Commission on Sept. 5, 1864. Oregon Statesman 5 Sep 1864.

Tuesday afternoon quite a congflagration raged in the vicinity of the I.O.O.F. Rural cemetery.  The fire was no doubt started by children who were playing in the grass on the place adjoining the pasture of Mrs. Geo. A. Edes, which is just north of the cemetery.  The children were burning thistles and it is thought the fire got beyond their control when it struck the dry grass.  Sweeping over the pasture of Mrs. Edes, the flames destroyed about three or four hundred dollars worth of fence.  But little damage was done to the cemetery, except to the fence.   After a hard fight by those who saw the fire the elements werer fought and pretty well under control by dusk.
Woodburn Independent 5 Sep 1891
Mrs. Rhoda C. Edes Succumbed to Illness Last Evening. 
Funeral Takes Place Tomorrow. 
A Long Life of Usefulness in the Capital City of Oregon -- 
A Pioneer of 1847. 
Mrs. Rhoda C. Edes, relict of the late George A. Edes, passed away at her home in this city, at 10 minutes after 6 o’clock last evening, after an illness of several months’ duration. Mrs. Edes had been confined to her home since February, and during the past two months was so seriously ill that her life was despaired of, her ailment being a complication of kidney and heart trouble, to which she succumbed as indicated above. 
Mrs. Rhoda Chapman Edes was born in Pike county, Illinois, November 5, 1838. Her father was Willie Chapman, at one time United States Marshal for Oregon. In 1847 the family, including Mrs. Edes, came across the plains and located in Salem on their arrival in Oregon. Here she was married to George Alfred Edes, a seafaring man who had left his ship off the Oregon coast and joined the settlers in their war against the Rogue River Indians. The couple resided in Salem after their marriage, and four children were the result of the union, two of whom, Gertrude Louise, and George Alfred Jr., passed away a number of years ago, while two survive--Ed. N. Edes, who is at present somewhere on the Sound, and Mrs. Helen Edes Meyers, of this city. The funeral services will be held at the home tomorrow (Monday) at 10 a.m., to which friends of the family are invited. The services at the grave will be private. Interment will be had in the Rural cemetery. * * * * * Mrs. Rhoda Chapman Edes has been identified with the social and business life of the Capital City of Oregon for near on to a half-century, and during that time has endeared herself to the best citizens of Salem to such an extent that her demise will today, be mourned as a personal loss by many hundreds of men and women, who have enjoyed her life-long friendship and profited by her wise counsel. From her simple store of means she was every ready to assist the needy and her benevolence and deeds of charity, not proclaimed from the housetop, wiped away the tears and eased the burdens of many, and though given unostentatiously, they were none the less selcome and gtratefully received, and today, among those who will mourn the demise of this lady will be many who remember her kindly acts in the day of trouble. She lived the fullness of her time, and of her it can well be said; the world was better for her having lived in it. She lived not for self alone, but sided her fellow travelers in this vale of tears forgetting self to help others. Rest in peace. 
Oregon Statesman, June 30, 1901 5:3
Rhoda Chapman
Wife of 
George A. Edes 
Nov. 5, 1838 
June 29, 1901
IOOF Register of Burials 
DAR pg 1 
S&H pg 39 
OS 5 Sep 1864 
Rigdon Records Bk. 1, #16 
WI 5 Sep 1891
OS 30 Jun 1901 5:3

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