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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Hetta Field ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Hetta Field
BORN: 13 Dec 1877 DIED: 16 Aug 1972 BURIED: 18 Aug 1972
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Greenhouse Proprietor
BIRTH PLACE:  Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
AFB #873 - Hetta Field, b. Salem 13 Dec 1877, d. Salem 16 Sep 1972, interment 18 Aug, 1972, Lot #681, Next of kin Mr. A.W. Bagley (Ambrie).
1910 OR CENSUS - Hetta Field, single, age 32, born in Oregon, is enumerated with parents Dexter and Eliza, along with her grandmother Charity Champion.
1930 OR CENSUS - Hetta Field, age 51, single, occupation proprietor of greenhouse, b. Oregon, is enumerated as the head of the household which includes Edith F. Bagley, identified as her sister, age 58, widowed, b. Oregon, and nieces Dorothy E., Whipple, age 21, single, b. Oregon, and Margaret R. Whipple, age 18, b. Oregon.

SEE: FIELD, Dexter
Miss Hetta FIELD--Late resident of 1625 Center St. NE, Wed. Aug. 16th at the residence at the age of 94 years. Survived by nephew, Ambrie Bagley, Salem. Graveside services, Friday Aug 18, 10:30 a.m. at Salem Pioneer Cemetery. Rev. S. Raynor Smith officiating. Services under the direction of Rigdon's Colonial Chapel, Cottage at Chemeketa NE. 
-unidentified newspaper clipping attached to authorization for burial.

Hetta Field wasn't a Salem first citizen or someone mentioned often in the society pages. She just quietly made Salem richer during her 94 years here - the kind who helped students financially and scholastically and who walked a mile and a helf for half a century to teach a Sunday school class.
  A woman who benefitied from know Miss Field, Mrs. Roy L. Skeen, LaGrande, didn't want Miss Field's death Aug. 16 to go by with only three paragraphs in an obituary. So, Mrs. Skeen wrote to the Capital Journal to tell the full story.
  Miss Field was one of 13 children born to a pioneer couple who came across the plains from Iowa. They chose a site nearly a mile east of what was called the "car line" and named it Chestnut Farm when the big house was built in 1868.
  There, Hetta was born Dec. 13, 1877, and there she lived for nine decades, caring for her parents until their deaths, serving the Salem Business Women's Club as legislative chairman, graduating from Willamette University in 1897, and supporting it through the years.
  Mrs. Skeen said:
  "Hetta and her sister, Edith, established a home away from home for many young people. I believe I was the 17th student of Willamette University to find shelter and tender loving care at Chestnut Farm.
  "Each fall the student trek to the farm was a true outing for dormitory girls who were welcomed, fed and entertained for the day.
  "Those of us who were lucky enough to find shelter there for our school years found wonderful food, fine companionship and mental stimulation," Mrs. Skeen said.
  "Hetta worked hard all day at the farm and then sat down with us at night for a bout with trigonometry or Latin translations. Her mind was avid and retained all it learned, and we were grateful.
  "How lucky I was to be told of the Chestnut Farm generosity when I was ill and unable to finance my last two years of college."
  Mrs. Skeen said that Miss Field told her she could stay there, "but no one is going to wait on you."
  "When I complained loudly of aches and pains she laughed at me but I remained the remainder of the year and all the next without any payments and after I finished university and was teaching she accepted $100 total for room and board."
  Miss Field may have been survived by only a nephew, Mrs. Skeen said, "but 20 or so foster daughters will never forget the love and lessons of a master teacher."
Capital Journal 31 August 1972
Hetta Field 
1877 - 1972
1910 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Chemawa Pct., pg 70A) 
1930 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Englewood, ED 29, sheet 3A)
Saucy marker photo
AFB #873
CJ 31 August 1972
LOT: 681 SPACE: 1 SW LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.186' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.925'

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