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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Frelon J. Babcock ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Frelon J. Babcock
TITLE: Captain GENDER: M MILITARY: Civil War - Union
BORN: 14 Jun 1843 DIED: 2 Nov 1891 BURIED: 4 Nov 1891
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Cabinet maker, Businessman, Marion County Clerk
BIRTH PLACE:  Burke, Caledonia Co., Vermont
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - F. J. Babcock, age 51, died in Salem of consumption, county clerk of Marion Co.
See also: Marion Co., probate file #1314.
 1880 CENSUS of Salem shows F. J. Babcock, age 38 (b. VT) as a cabinet maker, I. M. age 30, as his wife (b. R.I.) and two children: W. P. , age 4, son and J. age 1 month, daughter. 

From Oregon Statesman 18 Aug 1899 5:2: Ida M. Babcock, administratrix of the estate of F. J. Babcock, deceased, yesterday ruled her final account in the probate court and asked that a day be appointed when the same should be heard, and that she be discharged from further liability in the premises, and her bondsmen exonerated. Judge Terrel named Saturday, September 23d, at 10 o’clock a.m. as the time for hearing the final account.
Death of the County Clerk of Marion County, After a Protracted Illness. 
At 5:30 yesterday morning Capt. F. J. Babcock, county clerk of Marion county, yielded his life to the illness which had prostrated him for so many weeks, and a few hours later the fire alarm bell, tolling in measured, mournful tones, carried to the fire boys and the public news that one of their member had passed to that bourne whence no traveler returns. 
Capt. Babcock had been ill for many years and his death came as no surprise. Several times before he had been quite low and the end was expected, but each time he rallied sufficiently to be around and able to attend to business. When death came, it found Capt. Babcock surrounded by his family, who heard his last words, he retaining consciousness almost to the last and realizing that his lease of life was fast expiring. 
Frelon J. Babcock was born in June 1843, at Burke, Vermont, and came of a family of soldiers, his great grandfather having been first lieutenant in the fourth division of Vermont artillery. Capt. Babcock entered the service on June 1, 1861, enlisting in Co., I, third regiment of Vermont infantry, which became a part of the Vermont brigade that did such noble fighting. On Oct. 23, 1862, he was discharged for disbility--pulmonary consumption--and it was thought then that he would never reach home alive. But his constitution was such that he rallied and on August 6, 1863, had so nearly regained his health as to be able to re-enlist, joining the same company and regiment. On Sept. 26, 1864, he was discharged as corporal, to accept promotion of first lieutenant in forty first U. S. colored troops. Until his final discharge on Sept. 30, 1865, he served as first lieutenant and also as adjutant in this company, participating during the service in the batles of the peninsula, at Fredericksburg. He was wounded at the Wilderness, and at Gettysburg he was in the reserve force. He was twice wounded--once in the arm and again in the leg--and was receiving a pension of $4 per month for wounds. 
Capt. Babcock was a Mason of the 32d degree, Scottish rite, and was a member of the council of Royal and Select masons. He was made a Mason in Vermont and took most of the degrees in that state. Coming to Salem in the fall of 1868, he was one of the charter members of Pacific lodge, No. 50, of which he became the first worshipful master and was afterward several times re-elected. In 1879, he was elected grand secretary of the Grand lodge and served in that capacity during eight years. He was past eminent commander of Albany Knight Templar commandry and since last Tuesday was past recorder of the Grand commandry of Oregon, having held that office since the organization of that order in the state. His successor in office was chosen a week ago. 
One of the charter members of Sedgwick post, G. A. R., of Salem, Capt. Babcock was that post's first commander, having been elected to that position Sept. 26, 1882. He was re-elected in 1883, but soon after resigned, having been elected senior vice department commander of the G. A. R., of Oregon. In February, 1884, he was elected department commander, department of Oregon. 
Mr. Babcock served Salem during a part of one term as city treasurer, having been appointed to fill a vacancy. He was also at one time a member of the city council. In 1888 he was elected county clerk, and in 1890 was again the people's choice for the same position. After Mr. Babcock's arrival in Salem he entered into the manufacture of furniture, in connection with Mr. Parmenter, and in this business was actively engaged until elected county clerk. In 1871 at Salem, Mr. Babcock was married to Ida M. Pratt, daughter of Capt. L. E. Pratt, who survives him. To them four children were born, the elder son living but a short time. The children surviving are: William, aged 15, Grace, age 12; and May 3 1/2 years. Mrs. John Gray, of this city, is a sister of Mr. Babcock. The funeral, which will be conducted by the Masonic fraternity, will be at 2 o'clock Wednesday, from the family residence. The service will be by Rev. P. S. Knight, and the remains will be interred in the Rural cemetery. 
Oregon Statesman, Nov. 3, 1891; 4:3. 

It Will Be Conducted by the Masonic Order from the Congregational Church Today. 
At 2 p.m. today, the funeral of the late Capt. F. J. Babcock will be conducted from the Congregational Church. The services will be conducted by Rev. P. S. Knight, who will be assisted by Rev. C. L. Corwin. The ceremonies at the grave will be under the auspices of the Masonic order, Grand Master Brennan Van Dusen, of the Grand lodge of Oregon, conducting the service at the grave. The Masonic order of the city will assist in the exercises, and a considerable escort of the commandry and the grand lodge is expected to assist. The casket will open at the home from 9 to 12 o'clock today, but it will not be opened at the church. 
PACIFIC LODGE A special meeting of Pacific lodge, No. 50, A. F. & A. M. is called for 12:30 today. Masons in good standing will be present to attend the funeral in a body.
You are requested to meet at our hall, over State Insurance building, at 1 o'clock Wednesday, the 4th, to attend the funeral of our deceased comrade, F. J. Babcock. Don't forget to bring your memorial badges with you. By order of F. B. Southwick, P. C. THE FIREMEN Capt. Babcock was a member of the North Salem Fire company, No. 3's, and to do him honor Chief Low, of the fire department, has ordered the firemen to attend his funeral in a body. Firemen will assemble at Tiger engine house at 1:30 p.m. today for this purpose. 
Oregon Statesman, Nov. 4, 1891; 4:2. [contains a black & white line drawing of his head -seen below]
Frelon J. Babcock 
1843 - 1891
[shares marker with Ida M.] 
IOOF Register of Burials 
DAR pg 60 
S&H pg 80 
Saucy Survey & Photographs
1880 CENSUS of Salem, Marion Co., Oregon, pg. 7-A 
OS 3 Nov 1891 4:3 
OS 4 Nov 1891 4:2
LOT: 664 SPACE:  LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.175' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.917'

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