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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Lucian B. Fullerton ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Lucian B. Fullerton
BORN: 26 June 1833 DIED: 1 Dec 1888 BURIED: 2 Dec 1888
BIRTH PLACE:  Troy, Lincoln Co., Missouri
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - L. B. Fullerton, age 55 y's 5 m's 5 d's, died in Salem of heart disease; Husband of Sarah Minto, nephew of Mr. and Mrs. V. K. Pringle
THE SICKLE OF DEATH. Lucian B. Fullerton Called Upon by the Great Reaper While Engaged in His Daily Vocation. Lucian B. Fullerton, the well-known member of the firm of Brown, Fullerton & Co., died suddenly while engaged in his daily vocation at his place of business, on Commercial street, yesterday morning. Mr. Fullerton had been suffering from organic heart trouble for over twenty-five years. Six years ago his physician told him that his case was beyond human skill and that death might knock at his door almost any hour. For several months his health had been gradually failing and for over three months he had experienced great difficulty in climbing the hill to his residence in South Salem and for this reason he had not come down to his place of business in the evening for that length of time. Yesterday morning when he left home, at 9 oÂ’clock, he was cheerful and after arriving at the store he sat down and conversed cheerfully with his partner, Mr. Brown, for a few minutes. He then arose from where he was sitting in the rear end of the store and went out to the sidewalk. A few minutes afterward Mr. Brown found him standing in the center of the stove department of the store, with his head bowed down upon his breast and clinging to a stove for support. Mr. Brown asked him what was the matter, but he made no reply; but when asked if he wouldnÂ’t like to sit down he said; "I canÂ’t sit down." Those were the last words he ever spoke. Mr. Brown placed him in a chair and sent for medical assistance; but death arrived before the physician. The cause of his sudden death is supposed to be syncope or the formation of a blood clot, which caused the heart to cease to perform its functions. His wife, who has lived for many years under the shadow of dread and fear of such an event, was notified of his death, and although almost prostrated by grief, came at once to see to the removal of his body to his late residence. The funeral will take place from that family residence, No. 11 Commercial street, at 2 oÂ’clock this afternoon, and the interment will be at the Odd Fellows cemetery. Lucian B. Fullerton was born at Troy, Pike county, Missouri, June 26, 1833, was left an orphan in his 14th year and in his 16th year crossed the plains as an emigrant to Oregon, coming to the residence of his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. V. K. Pringle, at Salem. He subsequently became the assistant and business partner, friend, and it may be said, adopted son of Joseph Waldo (brother to the pioneer Daniel Waldo and himself a pioneer), who settled a few miles south of Salem. In 1860 Mr. Fullerton was married to Sarah Minto, youngest sister of Hon. John Minto, at the donation land homestead of the latter, of which property Mr. F. died the owner. The only two children that called him father preceeded him to the other shore, and his death, though sudden, has been a dreaded expectation to those who loved him for years. He himself though thoroughly informed that it might occur at any minute seemed to look forward to the summons with less anxiety that the wife he has left behind. He became a member of the M. E. church before his marriage, a relation severed only by his death. As boy and man he has lived in peace and good will with his neighbors. Diligent in his business and a very successful farmer and stock manager as long a health permitted, thoroughly trusty in every relation of life, his demise is the loss of a good citizen from this community. Oregon Statesman 2 Dec. 1888, 3:3-4
LR IOOF Register of Burials OS Dec 1888 3:3-4 OS 4 Jan 1889 (Necrology)

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