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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Sarah Fullerton ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Sarah Fullerton
MAIDEN NAME: Minto AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 11 Jun 1842 DIED: 28 Feb 1896 BURIED: 29 Feb 1896
BIRTH PLACE:  Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - Sarah Fullerton, age 54, born in Pennsylvania, died in Salem of liver disease; 1895 - Sarah Fullerton, age 55, b. Pennsylvania, 5'5", 120 lbs., light, farmer, Prot.;
DEATH OF MRS. SARAH FULLERTON Passed Away Yesterday Morning at Her Home on South Commercial Street. Mrs. Sarah Fullerton, relict of the late L. B. Fullerton, died at her residence on South Commercial street, Salem, at 7:30 o’clock yesterday morning. For some years past Mrs. Fullerton has suffered from disease of the liver and, on Thursday afternoon at 3:30 o’clock, submitted to a surgical operation which resulted in her demise. She was born in Armstrong county, Pennsylvania, on June 11, 1842. She was the youngest sister of Hon. John Minto, one of the pioneer citizens of Oregon and Salem, and became a member of his family in 1856, by the death of her father from tropical fever on board the steamer Star of the West in May, 1855. She was brought forward to California by a family named Randall, who located at Marysville, in that state, whence her brother brought her in March, 1856 to his home. She became the wife of Lucian B. Fullerton on January 5, 1860, and for many years resided on a farm in the "Red hills" about six miles south of Salem. Afterwards they removed to Salem where Mr. Fullerton became a partner in the hardware business with J. C. Brown and so continued until his sudden demise from heart disease. Mr. and Mrs. Fullerton had two daughters both of whom died young. They were both members of the Methodist Episcopal church during their years of mature life. Labor and prudence of life had given them ample for all reasonable worldly enjoyments. Mrs. Fullerton died sole owner of the three-hundred-and twenty-acre farm which was her brother’s donation land claim as a pioneer. The funeral will be held at the residence at 2 p.m. today. Oregon Statesman 29 February 1896 2:3 THE ESTATE OF MRS. FULLERTON, Appraised at over Eleven Thousand Dollars - Executor Appointed - The Heirs-at Law Alonzo T. Waln was, yesterday, appointed executor of the last will and testament of Sarah Fullerton, who died in Salem on February 28th, leaving an estate valued at $11,100, and F. R. Smith, M. L. Chamberlin and F. W. Waters were appointed appraisers of the property. The heirs at law of the deceased are viz: John Minto, a brother, of Salem, aged 70 years.; John Minto., a son of Robert Minto, a deceased brother of Mrs. Fullerson, aged 22 years, of Enid, Oklahoma territory; Sarah Minto, a daughter of Robert Minto, aged 22. The children of Margaret Crain, a sister of the deceased, namely; Mary Cornell, aged 46, of Los Angeles; Margaret Markhart, aged 49, of Leavenworth, Kansas; John Haigh, aiged 52, of Muscatent, Iowa; Martha C. Abry, aged 32, of Leavenworth, Kansas. Anna Arnett, a sister, aged 61, of Wakita, Oklahoma territory. Jane Richards, a sister, aged 63, of Salem. Isabel Waln, a sister, aged 56, of Hawkeye, Iowa. The children of Mary Ramsey, deceased, a sister, namely: John Ramsey, aged 35 of Youngstown, Ohio; George Ramsey, aged 46, of Bennett, Pa.; Amanda Johnson, aged 23, of Pennsylvania; Mary Enscone, aged 50 of Bennett, Pennsylvania. Charles P. Fullerton, a brother of the late husband of decedant, aged 65, a resident of Alsea, Benton county. Alonzo T. Waln, aged 32, of Salem; Norman Fullerton, and his children. The decedent left a will executed in the presence of M. L. Chamberlin and Geo. H. Burnett, on August 15, 1889. [The details concerning the division of the estate follows] Oregon Statesman 5 March 1896 5:3
LR IOOF Register of Burials OS 29 Feb 1896 2:3 OS 5 March 1896 5:3

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