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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ George Garth Gans ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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George Garth Gans
BORN: 3 Aug 1840 DIED: 4 Jul 1922 BURIED: 8 Jul 1922
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Court Baliff; Indian Agent
BIRTH PLACE:  Greene Co., Pennsylvania
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - George Ganns [sic], age 82, died in Salem of apoplexy
OSBH DC (Marion County 1922) #515 - George G. Gans, male, married (Annie), b. 3 Aug 1840 in Green Co., Penn., d. 4 Jul 1922 in Salem, Oregon (1030 Hood St.) at the age of 81 y's 11 m's 1 d, name of father Joseph Gans (b. Penn.), maiden name of mother Phoebe Rogers (b. Penn.), interment 8 Jul, undertaker Rigdon & Son, informant Mrs. Geo. Gans of Hoos St.
1895 CENSUS - G. G. Gans, b. PA, 5'7'', 175 lbs, light, court baliff, 1 hand amp., Prot., voter, m, 54.
1910 OR CENSUS - George G., age 65, b. Pennsylvania, occupation circuit court, is enumerated with his wife of 41 years, Roxana Gans, age 65, mother of 6 children, 5 of whom are living, b. Pennsylvania, along with daughters Bonnie, single, age 31, b. Nebraska, occuaption stenographer, and Rebah, single, age 28, b. Nebraska.
At the residence, Hood Street and Winter, July 4th, George G. Gans, husband of Mrs. G. G. Gans, mother of Mrs. Fred Lockley of Portland, Mrs. Arthur Gale of Bandon, Mrs. Thos. Mountain, Sellah, Wash., Miss Bonnie Gans of Salem and George Gans of Oakland, Cal. Mr. Gans was a veteran of the Civil war and a member of the Local IOOF Lodge. Notice of funeral later by the Rigdon Mortuary. 
Oregon Statesman 6 July 1922 5:3. 

Funeral services for the late George G. Gans will be held today Saturday July 8, 2:30 p.m. from Rigdon Mortuary, concluding service I.O.O.F. cemetery under the auspices of the Odd Fellows fraternity. 
Oregon Statesman 8 July 1922 3:2 

Civil War Veteran, Former Bailiff in Circuit Court Died Yesterday. 
George G. Gans of Salem is the latest of the Grand Army to answer the call to the eternal camping grounds. He passed away yesterday morning at his home 1030 Hood street. 
He was born in Green county, Pennsylvania. Answering the first call for volunteers in the Civil was, he enlisted in the Third Wisconsin regiment, and served until he was discharged because of a severe wound. Later he recovered joining the 36th Wisconsin infantry. He had a hand shot off before Petersburg, but remained in the service drilling the recruits at the close of the war. 
In 1869 he was married to Anna C. Lewellyn, at Glenwood, Iowa. To them were born five children, George Gans, Jr., of Oakland, Calif; Mrs. Fred Lockley of Portland, Mrs. Arthur Gale of Bandon, Oregon; Mrs. Robert Mountain of Zillah, Wn.; and Miss Bonnie Gans of Salem. 
Word has been received from all the children but Mrs. Lockley, so that the funeral services can be announced for Saturday afternoon at 2:30, from the Rigdon parlors under the auspices of Chemeketa Lodge, I.O.O.F. 
The Gans family moved to live in New Mexico in the ‘70s, where Mr. Gans was an Indian agent, in charge of some of the Apache and other warlike tribes. Mrs. Gans was a teacher on the Agency, and they made many good friends among those wildest of the southwestern Indians. Thirty years ago, after they had invested in a cattle ranch and the drought had wiped out their last dollar, they came to Salem at the earnest solicitation of their friend Miss Copewell, known to many of the older residents of this city. Prices had been so high for the necessities of life where they had been, that when Mrs. Gans saw her husband coming home with a great armload of groceries she half-way feared that he had robbed a bank to buy so much food. Her fears were allayed when she learned that flour was 50 cents a sack and potatoes 50 cents a bushel. 
Mr. Gans was for years bailiff of the Marion county court, until infirmities growing out of his army life forced him to give up the work. A year ago he was stricken with partial paralysis and has been an invalid until the last, with his wife and daughter caring for him. It is expected that all of the family will be here to attend the funeral services. 
Oregon Statesman 6 July 1922 5:3 

Funeral services for the late George Gans of Salem were held Saturday afternoon at the Rigdon parlors. Rev. H. D. Chambers of the Episcopal church, the pastor of the Gans family, preached the funeral sermon. Chemeketa lodge, I.O.O.F., of which organization Mr. Gans had been a member, furnished the pallbearers and conducted the ritual ceremonies at the grave. Interment was in the Odd Fellows cemetery. Mrs. Fred Lockley of Portland, Mrs. Arthur Gale of Bandon, and George Gans, Jr., of Oakland, Cal. Came to attend the last rites over their father. One daughter, Mrs. Reba Mountain of Zillah, Wash. failed to arrive in time. She was the only one of the immediate family not present for the funeral services. Mrs. Gans, worn out with watching and care, is reported very ill from the shock. The family has many friends in Salem, where they have lived for more than 30 years. 
Oregon Statesman 9 July 1922 3:6
George G. Gans 
1840 -1922
IOOF Register of Burials 
OSBH DC (Marion 1922) #515 
S&H pg 32
1895 Marion County Oregon Census (WVGS 1993, Vol. I, pg 23) 
1910 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Salem Pct., 4th Wd, ED 224, sheet 10B) 
OS 6 Jul 1922 5:3 
OS 8 Jul 1922 3:2 
OS 9 Jul 1922 3:6

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