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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Anton Geier Foerster ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Anton Geier Foerster
BORN: Abt 1837 DIED: Jan 1891 BURIED: 5 Jan 1891
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Jeweller, Engraver
BIRTH PLACE:  Germany?
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co. Oregon
IOOF- Anton Geier - age 53, died in Salem of heart disease
About 6 or 7 o’clock yesterday evening Anton Foerster, an old German goldsmith and engraver who has made his home in Salem since May 1889, died very suddenly at his room in the Adolph block on State street over J. G. Barr’s jewelry establishment. Mr. Foerster had been complaining for several days of a pain in his chest, but nothing serious was thought to be the matter with him. Just before supper yesterday evening he was down on the street After supper Mr. Barr called up at the old gentleman’s room to pay him for some work and found him lying across the bed with his clothes on, dead. His face was sweating and his body was still warm, indicating that his death had occurred but a few moments before and without violence.
The deceased was aged about 53 years and had no relatives in this vicinity or anywhere else as far as known. He was a fine engraver and the Salem jewelers patronized him liberally. He was also a great traveler, having been all over the world and to Europe five times. Coroner Stott has been informed of the circumstances of his death and will probably conduct as inquest over the remains this morning. Mr. Foerster was, so far as is known, unmarried and lived alone in the room where he died.
Oregon Statesman 4 Jan 1891 4:3

Coroner J. S. Stott came up from Gervais Sunday and conduced an inquest over the body of the Mason, Anton Foerster, who died, companionless and suddenly in his room over the Salem Candy factory Saturday night. John Knight, Jay C. Smith, J.C. Thompson, Chas. Wilson, H.W. White, and A.M. Smith were empaneled as jurors and after hearing the evidence returned a verdict finding that death resulted from natural causes, the immediate cause having been heart disease. J. H. Haas, W. W. Martin, and J. G. Barr were appointed appraisers of his property. His effects having all been of jewelers tools, etc., men of that trade were made the appraisers.
Oregon Statesman 6 Jan 1891 3:1

Editor Statesman: - It is customary for all societies either religious, social, or benevolent, to pass resolutions of some kind when a member or friend dies, therefore we, the undersigned, would respectfully ask you to give the following space in your columns.
Whereas, our fellow workman, Anton Foerster, was stricken down with heart disease while at work at his bench without warning or knowledge of anyone, therefore we can only testify to his 1st- sobriety and gentlemanly behavior; 2d- to his workmanship as A.A. 1; 3d- last but not least, to his honesty, which we consider at 101 points.
We sign ourselves,
J. H. Haas
John G. Barr
S. W. Thompson & Co.
W. W. Martin
Jewelers of Salem, Oregon.
Salem, Jan 6, 1891
Oregon Statesman, 8 Jan 1891

DIED SUDDENLY -- Saturday night about 7 o'clock Anton Geier Foerster, a German jeweler and engraver, who has made his home in Salem for nearly two years, died very suddenly of heart disease in his room over John G. Barr's jewelry store. He was complaining some during the week of a pain in his breast, but had been up and doing some work nearly every day. Saturday afternoon he was down on the street and in Mr. Barr's store. Shortly after supper Mr. Barr called at the old gentleman's room and found him lying on the bed with his clothes on, but lifeless.
He had been a great traveler and a one time was in good circumstances financially. He made his wealth in California, and on leaving there spent several years traveling in Europe, Africa and South America. He was never married and has no relatives here.
He was a practical jeweller and an excellent engraver, one of the best engravers in this city. The funeral took place this afternoon at 2 o'clock and he was buried in the I. O. O. F. cemetery.
Weekly Capital Journal, Jan. 8, 1891, 3:2.
Zum Andenken 
an [to the memory of]
Anton Geier 
Gestorben [died]
Den 3 Ten Jan 1891 
Alter [age]
Unger ___ 54 Jahre [54 years]
IOOF Register of Burials 
S&H pg 32
OS 6 Jan 1891 3:1
OS 8 Jan 1891
WCJ, Jan. 8, 1891, 3:2.
LOT: 280 SPACE: 3 SW LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.209' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.876'

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