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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ John W. Gilbert ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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John W. Gilbert
BORN: 22 Oct 1832 DIED: 11 May 1892 BURIED: 12 May 1892
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Miner, Shoe Merchant, Farmer
BIRTH PLACE:  Staunton, Virginia
DEATH PLACE: Lake Labish, Marion Co., Oregon
Marriage - "John W. Gilbert & Sarah R. McAlpin, m 3 Apr 1970 at house of R. McAlphin; P. S. Knight, M. G. Wit: D. B. Chandler & Mary E. Cosper #1233 pg 483"; 1870 Census - J. W. Gilbert, male, age 36, occupation shoe dealer, b. Virginia, is enumerated with wife S. R. Gilbert, age 18, b. Oregon, and brother A. N. Gilbert, male, age 32, occupation shoe dealer, b. Illinois; BIOGRAPHICAL: "One of the highly respected citizens of Salem, Oregon, in pioneer days was John W. Gilbert. At this late date not much can be learned of the interesting experiences that must have been the lot of this pioneer, in his travels about the western country in the early days. He was born at Staunton, Virginia, on October 22, 1832, and moved with his parents to Grandview, Illinois, where he grew to manhood. He went to Colorado during the gold excitement of the early "fifties" and was at Pikes Peak at the time of the great rush for gold at that place. He mined for two years in Colorado and then went to the Caribou mined of Idaho. From here he found his way to Oregon, where he first located at Corvallis. In 1858 he came to Salem, Oregon, and was soon followed by his brother A. N. Gilbert. The two brothers established a shoe store. This store was known for many years as Gilbert Bros.' Shoe Store. About the year 1882 Mr. John Gilbert sold his shoe business and moved to his farm northeast of Salem, where he continued to reside until his death on May 11, 1892. In 1870 John Gilbert was married to Roxanna McAlpin, daughter of the old pioneer by that name, in the Silverton country. Six sons and a daughter came to bless this union, namely: Murray, who married Rosella Gow. Thomas A., who married Ella Burley. Guy, who married Nina Penland. Monroe, who married Myrtle E. Wilcox. John W., unmarried. Ralph and Wilda were twins. Ralph married Carrie Hawthorne and Wilda married Ernest Savage. From: Steeves, Sarah Hunt, BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE OF MARION COUNTY, OREGON, PIONEERS 1840 - 1860, Portland, Oregon, The Berncliff Press, 1927, pg. 297 (Source: Monroe Gilbert, Salem, Oregon, 1927.).
At the home place near Lake Labish, Wednesday, May 11, 1892, John W. Gilbert, aged 60 years. Deceased was a brother of Postmaster A.N. Gilbert and had been a resident of Salem since 1858, only a few years ago removing to his farm north of this city. The remains were brought to Salem yesterday evening and the funeral will be conducted today at 2 o’clock from the residence of A. N. Gilbert. Daily Oregon Statesman 12 May 1892 4:4
John W. Gilbert Died May 11, 1892 Aged 59 years, 5 months, 19 days
LR IOOF Register of Burials DAR pg 70 Marion Co., Oregon Marriage Records, Vol I, 1849-71, pg 81 1870 Oregon Census (Marion Co., Salem Pct., pg 5, FA #40) Steeves, BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE, pg. 297 DOS 12 May 1892 4:4

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