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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Marietta Gilbert ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Marietta Gilbert
MAIDEN NAME: Stanton AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 29 Jan 1835 DIED: 28 Jun 1891 BURIED: 30 Jun 1891
BIRTH PLACE:  La Porte, Indiana
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - Marietta Gilbert, age 56 y's 5 m's, died in Salem by falling down stairs.
MARRIAGE - "Isaac N. Gilbert & Marietta Stanton, m 27 Mar 1850; St. M. Fackler, M.D. #10".
Mrs. I. N. Gilbert Sustains a Fall Which Results Instantaneously in Death. 
The tolling of the Congregational church bell Sunday morning carried sadness to many a heart, when it became known that the mournful notes were announcing the death of the last charter member of that church society in Salem. Those solemn, measured notes were to tell the people that a good christian woman had gone to her last rest - that Mrs. I. N. Gilbert had died sometime during Saturday night. If the death of this good woman was sudden, its announcement was no less startling. She was at home alone with her little 10 year old grandson, Ralph Scott, and was in usual health Saturday night. Her sleeping apartment was upstairs, and it is supposed that some time during the night, in an attempt to minister to the wants of Ralph, who was ailing, she made the misstep which resulted in her death, for when morning came she was found still in death at the foot of the stairs. She had evidently missed her footing at the head of the stairs and fallen to the bottom, striking upon her head. The fall broke her neck, resulting in instant death. 
The loss of this estimable woman removes one more from the ranks of Oregon's pioneers. 
Mrs. Marietta Gilbert, whose maiden name was Stanton, was born in La Porte, Ind., on Jan. 29, 1835. She crossed the plains by ox ream with her parents, arriving in Salem in 1847, where she was married three years later, on March 27, 1850, by Rev. Falcer of the Congregational church, to I. N. Gilbert, who had preceded her to Oregon in 1843 and taken up as donation land claim what is now known as the Huffman property and is a part of Salem. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert made Salem or its vicinity their home during their entire lives, and here reared the family which is now mourning the death of a kind and loving mother. Of six children born to them, five are surviving, the second daughter, Emma, having died fourteen years ago. Those remaining are: Mrs. W. D. Palmer, of The Dalles; Frank N., Portland; Mrs. I. W. Gardner, Los Angeles; Mrs. Geo. Herren, Butteville; Mrs. S. C. Sladden, Eugene. Mrs. Gilbert's aged father, Mr. A. Stanton, survives her, his home being in this city. She also leaves three sisters and two brothers: Mrs. Wm. England, of Salem; Mrs. T. B. Rickey, San Francisco; F. M. Stanton, Siletz Indian reservation; and P. A. Stanton, North Yakima. 
The death of Mrs. Gilbert brings to a close a useful life, and one the best efforts of which have been directed in the cause of Christianity, in ministering to the wants of the needy, and in the performance of kindly offices for her friends, who are found everywhere. Hers was a noble character and her death will be mourned far and near. She was a good christian woman, and an enthusiastic church and Sunday school worker. In her death the Congregational church society of Salem loses its last charter member, the three other ones having receded her to the grave. This church was organized on the Fourth of July thirty-nine years ago, and since the first day of its organization Mrs. Gilbert took an active part in it,, having constantly had charge of the young men's bible class. Her work in the Sunday school was ever directed toward the young and it was always her pleasure to be laboring for the improvement of the youthful mind. 
Mr. Gilbert, who was a pioneer of 1843, was also an active worker in the same church. He served Marion county for many years in capacity of county clerk and surveyor and was an important factor in the early history of this country. He served through the Cayuse Indian wars a 1st lieutenant and died thirteen years ago, lamented by the community at large. 
The funeral of Mrs. Gilbert will be conducted at 10 o'clock this morning from the Congregational church, the remains being interred in the Rural cemetery. 
Daily Oregon Statesman 10 Jun 1891 4:2. 

FUNERAL OF MRS. GILBERT, A Large Concourse Pay the Last Tribute of Respect (From Tuesday’s Daily) 
The First Congregational church was crowded with friends of the deceased Mrs. I. N. Gilbert, at 10 a.m. Simple decorations of white flowers and floral gifts of various designs were arranged about the pulpit. The remains were borne into the church by the following acting as pall bearers: Ex-Governor Moody, Mr. Eugene Breyman, Mr. Squire Farrar, Senator Ed. Hirsch, Mr. Squire Farrar [sic], Mr. Werner Breyman, Hon. Geo. H. Burnett. The bier heavily draped was covered with floral decorations. After a quartet sang "Nearer My God to Thee," the service was opened by Rev. Corwin reading the 68th Psalm and John 14th, and prayer. After singing of "Rock of Ages," Rev. Corwin spoke words of consolation and briefly reviewed the life and services of the noble woman whose remains lay before them. 
There were present all that the church could hold of the old friends and acquaintances of Mrs. Gilbert. A long line of carriages followed the remains to their last resting place in the Odd Fellows’ cemetery by the side of her husband. 
Capital Journal 2 July 1891 6:6.7
Marietta Stanton 
wife of 
I. N. Gilbert
Jan. 29, 1835 
June 28, 1891 
She hath done what she could
IOOF Register of Burials 
DAR pg 58 
S&H pg 74 
Marriage Records of Marion County Oregon, 1849-1871, Vol. I, pg 1
DOS 10 Jun 1891 4:2 
CJ 2 July 1891 6:6.7
LOT: 621 SPACE: 3 NW LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.185' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.904'

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