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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Minnie E. Gile ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Minnie E. Gile
MAIDEN NAME: Hunter AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 17 Feb 1862 DIED: 18 Jun 1911 BURIED: 20 Jun 1911
BIRTH PLACE:  Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada
DEATH PLACE: Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
Faithful Church Worker Succumbs After Operation In Portland Hospital.
Failing to rally from an operation performed at a hospital in Portland, Mrs. H. S. Gile, wife of H. S. Gile, a wholesale groceryman of this city, passed away Sunday morning. The body was sent to the home in this city and the funeral will be held this afternoon from the First Baptist church at 2 o'clock. Mrs. Gile was ill about six months from tumor of the liver. About two weeks ago she submitted to an operation. Mrs. Gile was well known in Salem and her many friends will be grieved to hear of her death. She and her husband came to Salem about twenty one years ago from Ontario, Canada. She was a prominent member of the First Baptist church and had been a faithful worker in church work. Friends who wish to view the body will be allowed an opportunity at Rigdon's undertaking parlors this morning and from 1 to 2 o'clock at the church.
Daily Oregon Statesman 20 Jun 1911 8:3

Salem Loses a Splendid Character in Her Passing--A Strong, Helpful and Beautiful Life.
Minnie E. Hunter was born in Smiths falls, Ontario, February 17, 1862; was married to H. S. Gile, March 25, 1885; died June 18, 1911.
Mr. Gile at the time of his marriage was an employee of Wells Fargo Express company in Iowa, where they made their home for over a year. Later they removed to Denver, Colo., where Mrs. Gile was converted and united with the Baptist church. Mr. Gile was appointed general agent for Wells Fargo and the American Express companies in Nebraska City, where they resided till they came to Salem, twenty-one years ago.
Mrs. Gile was of Scotch parentage, one of twelve children. She was a loving, devoted wife, a true, sincere friend, strong in her convictions, an earnest worker in the church, not alone along musical lines, where her special talent lay, but every department of church work had her sympathy and hearty support. In the passing of Mrs. Gile the church and the community here sustained a great loss. She was ever ready to take up the hard task, saying she was well and strong, and the last to lay down a heavy burden. Where there was sickness, she could be depended upon to sit with the afflicted and disperse the gloom by her cheery, optimistic view of life. New people coming to Salem and the church have reason to remember that she often visited with them.
Her last and only sickness was sudden and severe, and cut her down in the prime of life. We can only bow to the divine will of Him who doeth all things well.
The funeral service was held in the Baptist church, Tuesday, June 20, at 2 p.m. In the conduct of the service, the pastor, Rev. Tapscott, was assisted by Rev. H. Wyse Jones of McMinnville, an intimate personal friend of the family. Both speakers eulogized the virtues of the deceased, dwelling upon her vivacious spirit, her generous thoughtfulness, and that strong characteristic which was obvious to all, her unfailing devotion to her beloved, which made her home a perfect ideal of domestic happiness; and, last and chief of all, her unostentatious piety and faith in her Savior, which was the foundation of her strong character. The numerous floral offerings were silent tokens of the love of many hearts.
The choir, of which she had been a member for over twenty years, sang with heartfelt tenderness, "Asleep in Jesus," "God of the World, " and as an anthem, "I Heard a Great Voice," by Johnstone; and as a solo, r. C. Roth sand "Crossing the Bar,' by Caroles. Mrs. Clark of Victoria, B. C., the only surviving sister of the deceased, was present at the service.
Daily Oregon Statesman 23 Jun 1911, 5:3-4
Minnie E. Gile
1862 - 1911
S&H pg 21
DOS 20 Jun 1911 8:3
DOS 23 Jun 1911 5:3-4
LOT: 477 SPACE: Center N½ LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.220' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.852'

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