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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ James Gray ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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James Gray
BORN: Abt 1837 DIED: 4 Sep 1895 BURIED: 5 Sep 1895
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - James Grey, male, age 58, born in Ireland, died in east Salem of "excessive drinking".
An Inquest Held by Coroner A. M. Clough at an Early Hour Yesterday. 
Coroner A. M. Clough held an inquest yesterday morning about 7:30 oÂ’clock over the remains of James Gray, at the farm home of J. N. Medbury on the Garden road, northeast of Salem Grey died very suddenly Tuesday evening while engaged with Mr. Medbury at the barn attending to the usual chores. He had finished his supper and on going to the barn took a wheelbarrow and went to the garden after a lot of cornstalks for use in feeding the cows. He loaded the wheelbarrow heavily and experienced considerable trouble in getting it into the barn on account of a steep incline at the entrance. Mr. Medbury, being in the barn at the time, noticed the effort of Gray and helped him get the fodder into the proper place. Afterwards Gray sat down on a box apparently for rest and Mr. Medbury took a pail and started to a stall for the purpose of milking one of the cows. He had gone a few feet only when he heard Gray utter a loud groan and turning around saw that he had fallen over and was gasping heavily for breath. Mr. Medbury rushed to his side and quickly discovered that he was in a dying condition. Assistance was called but before any one arrived Gray was stone dead. 
The body was removed to the Medbury residence and a messenger sent after Coroner Clough, but the latter was not in the city and the information was not imparted to him until an early hour yesterday morning. At the special request of Mr. Medbury, the coroner held the inquest with Chas. J. Miller, J. W. Lyons, J. F. Burcham, John Baker, H. W. Savage and C. H. Chapman as a jury. Dr. John D. Shaw was also present, having accompanied Mr. Clough to the scene of the death. Three witnesses - J. N. Medbury, A. L. Palmer and Dr. Shaw - were called as witnesses, the latter conducting a post-mortem examination in the presence of the jury. 
The examination revealed that Gray’s physical condition had been in a very dilapidated state for some time previous to his death, caused by intoxicants, he having been an excessive user of liquor, and that death was caused by the rupture of the aneurism [sic] of the aorta. The jury’s verdict was in accordance with this. The deceased was 49 years old, a native of Ireland, and has been a resident of Salem and vicinity several years. During the days of the Commercial hotel, in the opera house block, he was a prominent figure and many will remember him in that connection. He worked for Mr. Medbury about two years and previous to then was employed by H. W. Savage. He has relatives in Massachusetts that are said to be quite wealthy, but their address is not known and it will be impossible to inform them of his death at the present time. 
The funeral will be held at Mr. Medbury’s residence at 10 a.m. today and the burial is to be in Rural cemetery. Rev. J. P. Farmer of the First Baptist church will officiate. 
(Notwithstanding the findings of the coroner’s jury as set forth above, the Statesman is reliably informed by a gentleman who has known the deceased for years and in fact was raised with him, that the unfortunate man was born in the town of Millbury, Massachusetts, six miles from the city of Worcester, and that he was at the time of his death 58 years of age.) 
Oregon Statesman 5 September 1895 4:3
No marker
IOOF Register of Burials 
OS 5 September 1895 4:3
LOT: 291 SPACE:  LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.181' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.727'

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