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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Jane Harbord ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Jane Harbord
MAIDEN NAME: Price AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 20 Feb 1845 DIED: 20 Aug 1885 BURIED: 23 Aug 1885
BIRTH PLACE:  Bloomington, McLean Co., Illinois
DEATH PLACE: Sodaville, Linn Co., Oregon
Necrology gives cause of death as dropsy.
At Sodaville, Linn county, Oregon, Thursday, August 20, 1885, Mrs. Jane Harbord, wife of M. G. Harbord, city marshall of Salem, at the age of forty years and six months. Mrs. Harbord was a daughter of Geo. W. Price of Bloomington, Illinois. She has been sick for a long time, and she is but resting from her troubles. She had many friends in this city who, though it comes not unexpected, will feel a great shock at learning of her death. She leaves, besides a host of friends and relatives, a loving husband, three daughters and a son to mourn her loss. Her body will be brought down from Sodaville on the Lebanon express this morning, and will be interred in the Odd Fellows' cemetery at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. 
Weekly Oregon Statesman 28 Aug 1885 8:3. 

The funeral services of Mrs. M. G. Harbord on Sunday, August 23d, were attended by a very large concourse of people, and followed to the cemetery by nearly one-half mile line of carriages. Mrs. Harbord died at Sodaville, Oregon, August 20th, to which place she had lately gone for the purpose of benefiting her health, which has been impaired for several years, and constantly growing worse. Although she had the best of care by her family and friends, the fell destroyer came and she passed away as calm as going to sleep. When she was told the end was near she only smiled, and received it as a welcome message, signifying her willingness to go. She then in turn talked about all the family, and giving advice as to her burial. Almost her last request was that the firebell be tolled and the firemen attend her funeral, (she being one of the prime movers in organizing the Firemen's coffee club) for, said she, "I love the firemen." Among the last was: "Thank everyone that has helped us, for being so kind; tell everybody good-bye for me." 
She was the daughter of Hon. George Price, of Bloomington, Illinois. Her father, mother, four sisters, and five brothers still reside there, and one sister in Salem, Mrs. John McPain. She was born in Bloomington, Feb. 20th, 1844, and was married to M. G. Harbord in 1862. They moved from there in 1873, to Oregon, settling in Yamhill county, where they remained for two years, since which time they have lived in Salem. Mrs. Harbord was a woman genial and hospitable to her neighbors and friends, and charitable to all, however humble or lowly. In her domestic sphere she was a devoted wife, an indulgent and most affectionate mother. The grief stricken family desire to express their gratitude to their many friend that have been so kind to them during her sickness, and their feeling attention at the last sad rites. Especially do the desire to thank Mr. and Mrs. Deardorff, Mr. and Mrs. Parrish, Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Talbott, at Sodaville; who showed them many acts of kindness, and did all they could to lighten their burdens. Also for the courtesies extended to them by the Masons, at Lebanon, which will long be remembered. Conductor Young is also extended their heartfelt thanks. 
Weekly Oregon Statesman 18 Aug 1885 5:4
Jane Harbord 
wife of 
M. S. Harbord 
Born Feb. 8, 1845 
Aug. 20, 1885 

(As of March 2002, individual marker no longer there, now one marker lists Moses Harbord, Jane Harbord, Mary Harbord, Bertha Harbord and Daniel Fry, together)
IOOF Register of Burials 
DAR pg 82 
S&H pg 42 
OS 18 Aug 1885 5:4 
OS 26 Aug 1885 3:4 
OS 28 Aug 1885 8:3 
OS 10 Jan 1886 (Necrological listing)
LOT: 534 SPACE:  LONGITUDE: N 44 ° 55.206' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.874'

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