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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Hancock Lee Jackson ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Hancock Lee Jackson
TITLE: Governor GENDER: M MILITARY: Vol. Co. Capt. In War With Mexico
BORN: 12 May 1796 DIED: 19 Mar 1876 BURIED: Mar 1876
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Governor of Missouri
BIRTH PLACE:  Madison Co., Kentucky
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - Hancock Lee Jackson, age 80, b. Kentucky.
BIOGRAPHICAL: Missouri governor from Feb. 27, 1857 - Oct. 22, 1857; Hancock Lee Jackson had owned slaves in Kentucky and Missouri, where he moved his family in 1821 and then became a sheriff, served in the Mexican War of 1846, in the Missouri Senate, and was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1856. Jackson became governor when Gov. Trusten Polk resigned to go to the U.S. Senate in 1857. He served as governor for eight months; then he was a U.S. Marshal until 1860 when he lost an election to become governor. The story told is that Jackson and his wife left Missouri right after the Civil War "when their property had been all swept away." The Jacksons lived in Salem with Gen. John F. and Mrs. (Zarilda) Miller, their daughter. Jackson's family tree included Stonewall Jackson on his father's side, and John Hancock on his mother's side. - Al Jones, Marion County History, v. 32, No. 4
JACKSON, HANCOCK LEE, 1857 Born on May 12, 1796 in Madison County, Kentucky. 
Married to Ursley D. Oldham on March 8, 1821; father of eleven children. In 1821 Jackson moved with his family to Howard County, Missouri, and the following year settled on a farm in present-day Randolph County. He served two terms as its first sheriff upon the county's organization in 1829. He was a member of the commission to select Paris as the county seat of Monroe County in 1831; was a representative for the eleventh District at the 1845 Constitutional Convention; and served in the Mexican War as Captain of his own volunteer company, participating in battles in the Morean Valley. 
He was elected to the Missouri State Senate in 1850 and was reelected in 1852. In 1856 Jackson was elected to the office of Lieutenant Governor, and served until the resignation of Governor Trusten Polk. Polk had resigned to accept a United States Senate seat, whereupon Jackson, according to Missouri state law, assumed the duties of Governor. 
A Democrat, Hancock Lee Jackson took the oath of office on February 27, 1857. During his term, he called a special election for Governor to be held in August 1857; stated that legislative divorces were invalid; and vetoed a bill granting a divorce to a St. Francois County, Missouri resident. Jackson left office on October 22, 1857. Afterwards he was appointed United States Marshal, Western District of Missouri, by President James Buchanan, and served in that capacity until 1860. However, Jackson retired from public office after his defeat in the 1860 gubernatorial election. He moved to Salem, Oregon, where he lived in retirement until his death on March 19, 1876. Biographical Directory of the Governors of the United States, Vol. 2 p. 845-846. 

DIED--In this city, March 19, 1876, at 7:30 p.m. Hancock Lee Jackson, in the 80th year of his life. 
Oregon Statesman 21 March 1876 3:1
Hancock Lee Jackson 
in Madison Co., Ky., 
May 12, 1796 
Mar. 19, 1876 
May his rest be the rest of the just 
2nd Marker:
The Great Seal of the State of Missouri 
Feb. 27, 1857 - Oct. 22, 1857
Hancock Lee Jackson 
1796 - 1876
IOOF Register of Burials 
Saucy marker photo
DAR pg 56 
S&H pg 81 
OS 28 Feb 1932 pg 4
PS 21 March 1876 3:1 
Biographical Directory of the Governors of the U.S., Vol. 2 p. 845-846.
LOT: 590 SPACE: 1 SW LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.182' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.892'

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