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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Adam Stanbrook Kightlinger ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Adam Stanbrook Kightlinger
BORN: 26 Sep 1823 DIED: 29 Oct 1903 BURIED: 1 Nov 1903
BIRTH PLACE:  Crawford Co., Pennsylvania
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
OSBH DC Marion County 1903) # 300 - Adam S. Kightlinger, male, age 80 y's, 1 m, 3 d, widowed, b. in PA, d. 28 Oct 1903 in Salem, Marion County, Oregon, occupation carpenter, interment 1 Nov. 1903.
MARRIAGE - "A. S. Kightlinger & Mary Jane Morgan, m 03 Jan 1856; Daniel Bagley, M. G. #227 pg 62".
DISCREPANCY - Marriage record gives name of spouse as Mary Jane Morgan, Hines gives her maiden name as Mary Jane Bailey. 
DISCREPANCY: date of death on death certificate is 28 Oct, date of death on tombstone is 30 Oct. and family says he died on the 29th at 6 p.m.

BIOGRAPHICAL (From Hines, pg 1130):
One of the worthy pioneer settlers of Oregon, is a native of Crawford county, Pennsylvania, born September 26, 1823, a son of Isaac and Elizabeth (Conroid) Kightlinger, also Pennsylvanians by birth, and descendants from good, old German stock; they had born to them a family of thirteen children, four sons and a daughter, still surviving.  Adam S. was reared in the Keystone State, and in his youth learned the carpenter's trade.  In 1850 he went to Illinois, and thence, in 1853, came to California.  He worked at his trade for a year, receiving $6 per day, and $12 for Sabbath labor.  
Wearying of the drought and
dust of California he started for Oregon, April 8, 1854; arriving in Portland, he found that hamlet little more than a mudhole, so he came to Salem, and was favorably impressed with appearances.  He decided to make this his home, and purchased some lots near the Congregational church, on which he built a dwelling.  At the end of twelve years, however, he went to Albany, and was engaged in merchandising there.  Under this employment his avordupois increased so alarmingly that he was obliged to take more active exercise than that business afforded.  He returned to Salem, and resumed his trade, assisting in
building nearly a quarter of the structures that now stand in the city.
Mr. Kightlinger has always been an ardent advocate of temperance, and for nearly twenty years was a member of the Good Templars.  For all these years of labor he has the satisfaction of believing that he saved one man from a drunkard's grave -- an abundant reward.
He was united in marriage January 3, 1856, to Miss Mary J. Bailey, a native of Naples, Illinois, and to them have been born nine children, five sons and a daughter are still living:  Elmer, Ellsworth, Elhiden, Marion, Ulysses Grant and Schuyler Colfax.  The deceased are:  Athelia, Izadore, and Walter.  In his political convictions Mr. Kightlinger formerly affiliated with the Democratic party; but during the great civil war, when he saw such numbers of the Democracy arrayed against the Union, he came over to the Republican ranks.  He was bold in denouncing the Rebellion and all its sympathizers, thereby making some dangerous enemies, but possessed of the courage of his convictions he stood by his colors in the face of opposition.  He has now nearly reached the biblical three-score years and ten, but is hale and strong of body and mind.  He has been a man of the strictest business methods, and while he has not accumulated a fortune, he has a good dwelling house and a nice little farm, which he is setting to hops. 
His beloved wife, the partner of his sorrows and joys for thirty-seven years, still abides with him, and they are spending their declining years in peace and comfort, in the home which their industry has provided, honored and respected by a wide circle of acquaintance.
Daily Oregon Statesman, Friday Oct. 30, 1903. [long obit] 

The funeral services over the remains of the late Adam S. Kightlinger who died at the residence of his son Schuyler Kightlinger, on Thursday evening at 6 o'clock of heart disease and dropsy, will be held in the Leslie M.E. church, South Salem, at 2 o'clock p.m. Sunday, November 1. Rev. W.S. Gordon presiding. Interment will be had in Odd Fellows cemetery. 
Daily Oregon Statesman October 31, 1903, 4:2.
A. S. Kightlinger 
Sept. 26, 1823 
Oct. 30, 1903 
OSBH DC (Marion Co., 1903) #300 
DAR pg 39 
S&H pg 9 
Marriage Records of Marion Co. Oregon, 1949-71, Vol I, pg 13 
OS Oct. 30, 1903 
DOS 31 Oct 1903 4:2 
Hines, AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE STATE OF OREGON, Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co. 1893, pg. 1130

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