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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Avarilla Bass ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Avarilla Bass
MAIDEN NAME: Waldo AKA 1: Hayne AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: Aug 1834 DIED: 7 Apr 1885 BURIED: 9 Apr 1885
BIRTH PLACE:  Missouri
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - Mrs. Avarilla Bass, age 50, died in Salem, deceased was the daughter of the late Daniel Waldo of Salem; Mrs. Avarilla Bass, died Apr. 9, 1885, age 50 years. (Alfred Jones list).
1st MARRIAGE - "Robert C. Hayne & Everilla Waldo, m 25 Feb 1855; Francis S. Hoyt, M. G. Wit: Miss Waldo & N. S. Dubois #155 pg 37".
2nd MARRIAGE - "Mr. Saml Bass & Mrs. A. W. Hague, m 24 July 1862 in town of Salem; D. Rutledge, M. G. Wit: Joseph & Wm. Waldo #625 pg 197".
1880 OR CENSUS - Avarilla Bass, age 45, b. Missouri, is enumerated with husband Sam'l, age 45, b. Missouri, along with Dan'l, age 15, b. Oregon and Jessie, age 13, b. Oregon. 
In this city, April 7, 1885, Avarilla W., daughter of the late Daniel Waldo, and wife of Samuel Bass, aged 50 years. Funeral from residence Thursday at 2 p.m. An extended notice will be written for to-morrow's paper. 
Weekly Oregon Statesman 10 Apr 1885 8:4. 

Loving hearts tenderly and sadly laid to rest, on yesterday afternoon, the mortal remains of Mrs. Avarilla W. Bass, wife of Samuel Bass, of this city, and daughter of the late Daniel Waldo. Mrs. Bass came to this country with her parents forty two years ago, when only ten years old; her life was spent on this coast. She knew the trials and hardships of frontier life, and she bravely did her part in developing the resources of this goodly land. Patiently and firmly she wrought in the web of life, making few mistakes, and leaving a priceless heritage, a good name, to cheer and comfort loving friends who mourn her loss. When the legends of the Waldo Hills shall have been forgotten and the memories of pioneer life shall have faded into traditional lore, it may be that Avarilla’s life-work will have been swallowed up in the dim past, but an honored, useful life can never be lost in its bearings upon human character. There was a large gathering of friends to perform the burial services, which were conducted by Rev. J. Taylor Chambers, at the residence on Center and Summer streets, at 2 o’clock p.m. on yesterday. A husband, son, and daughter mourn a wife and mother gone; an aged mother, Mrs. Daniel Waldo, two brothers, Hon. Wm. and Chief Justice J. B. Waldo, with two sisters, Mrs. J. C. Brown and Mrs. Mary P. Logan, realize a daughter and sister parted from the family group, but in all this sad affliction there is the hallowed memory of a sweet life, with all its sacred treasure. Rest in peace! 
Weekly Oregon Statesman 17 Apr 1885 3:2
Avarilla Waldo Bass 
1834 - 1885
IOOF Register of Burials Marion Co. 
DAR pg 18
S&H pg 14
Oregon Marriage Records, 1849-71, Vol I,
pg 37 
Marion Co. Oregon Marriage Records, 1849-71, Vol I, pg 9 
1880 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., E. Salem, ED 80, pg 18B)
Genealogy of the Waldo Family, Vol 1; compiled by Waldo Lincoln; 1902, Worcestter, Mass
Brian Waldo Johnson
WOS 17 Apr 1885 3:2 
OS 10 Jan 1886 (Necrology)
Brian Waldo Johnson, 450 Walnut Dr. S., Monmouth, OR 97361

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