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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Lewis Logan Lafore ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Lewis Logan Lafore
BORN: 4 May 1817 DIED: 10 May 1889 BURIED: 11 May 1889
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Butcher and farmer
BIRTH PLACE:  Middleton, Butler Co., Ohio
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - Lewis Lafore, age 72 y's 6 d's, father of Eben Lafore of Salem. 
PAINFUL ACCIDENT -- On Saturday, Lewis Lafore, of the firm of Thompson & Lafore, butchers, was badly injured while lassoing a large powerful animal. Several men were attempting to hold the ox, and he suddenly broke away from them, and as the rope by which Mr. Lafore was holding, caught around his right hand in a loop, the flesh was stripped loose leaving the leaders all exposed. -- He wrapped something around the hand, and managed to reach home, but fainted just as he arrived there. The wound was dressed and is doing well, but the arm is strained and injured, and it will be some time before he recovers the use of that arm. Salem Daily Record, 9 Mar 1868, 3:1. 1880 Census shows Lewis Lafore as age 63, b. Ohio and his wife, Allie age 24 and b. California; and his father-in-law D. H. Ford, age 60 is living with them. He is a house carpenter and b. in Tennessee.
A SAD CASE - Louis [sic] La Fore, of whose sudden illness mention was made yesterday morning, is still in a very critical condition. For a very few moments yesterday forenoon, consciousness returned sufficiently to permit him to utter a few words, but with that exception, he has been perfectly indifferent to all around him. Apoplexy, complicated with paralysis, was the direct cause of his sudden illness, his entire right side being completely paralyzed. This being the case, ultimate recovery is impossible, though there remains a hope that consciousness may be restored. 
Oregon Statesman 8 May 1889 4:1 

At the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Freeman Folsom, on Court street, this city, on Friday, May 10th, 1889, at 1 o'clock p. m., Louis Lafore, aged 72 years and 6 days. The subject of the above announcement was born in Middletown, Butler county, Ohio, May 4th, 1817. In the forties he moved to Iowa and made the brick for the first brick house in Cedar Rapids, now a flourishing city of 20,000 inhabitants. He came to Oregon in 1862, settling in Salem, where he embarked in the butcher business and remained leading man in that line of trade up to seven or eight years ago, when he gave up the business to younger hands. Mr. Lafore was always honest, upright and manly, a good citizen and a good neighbor. He accumulated a comfortable competency in his lifetime, owning at the time of his death a large farm near Turner and a nice residence property on Liberty street. He leaves seven children, all residents of this city, three daughters; Mrs. J. C. Thompson, Mrs. Freeman Folsom and Mrs. William Beckner, and four sons; Eber M., a member of the city council and proprietor of a meat market, Winfield, Louis, and Peter. His second wife also survives him. He was a hardy, robust man for his years and was in good health until last Monday, when he was prostrated by apoplexy and paralysis, since which time he has been unconscious. The funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock p. m. today at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Folsom, and interment in the Odd Fellows' Rural cemetery. 
Oregon Statesman 11 May 1889 4:3
1817 - 1889 

Lewis Lafore 
in Butler Co., Ohio 
May 4, 1817 
May 10, 1889
IOOF Register of Burials
Saucy Survey & Photographs 
DAR pg 82 
SDR 9 Mar 1868, 3:1 
1880 Census of Turner, Marion Co., Oregon pg 141-A 
OS 8 May 1889 4:1 
OS 11 May 1889 4:3 OS 3 Jan 1890 (Necrological listing)
LOT: 548 SPACE:  LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.203' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.878'

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