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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Ada S. Lake ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Ada S. Lake
MAIDEN NAME: Southwick AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 29 Dec 1866 DIED: 18 Mar 1930 BURIED: 20 Mar 1930
BIRTH PLACE:  Wisconsin
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
1870 WI CENSUS - Ada Southwick, age 4, b. Wisconsin, is enumerated with father Milton , age 32, occupation farmer, b. Pennsylvania, and mother Juliette, age 28, b. Illinois, along with Amasa, age 10, Maria, age 8, Bernard, age 6, and Emma, age 1, all born in Wisconsin.
1880 WI CENSUS - Ada Southwick, age 14, b. Wisconsin, is enumerated with M. Southwick, age 43, occupation farmer, b. Virginia, and Julett [Juliette], age 37, b. Wisconsin, along with Amasa, age 19, b. Wisconsin, Maria, age 18, b. Wisconsin, Burnham, age 16, b. Wisconsin, Emma, age 12, b. Wisconsin, Lucy, age 10, b. Wisconsin, Myrta, age 7, b. Wisconsin, Edna, age 3, b. Wisconsin, and vesta, age 10 months, b. Oregon.
OSBH DC (Marion Co., 1930) #210: Ada S. Lake, housewife, widow of Henry Lake, 1045 N. Cottage, Salem, Oregon, b. 29 Dec 1886 [sic] in Wisconsin, dau. of Milton Southwick and Juliet Lamb (b. Virginia), d. Mar. 18, 1930, age 44 years, burial I.O.O.F. cemetery by Clough-Taylor Co., March 30, informant is Marion Putman of Salem, Oregon.
Mrs. Ada Lake, sister of Mrs. Marion Putnam, Mrs. Edna Schneller, Mrs. Emma Beckett, A. R.Southwick and B. Southwick, all of Salem, died here Tuesday after an illness of some time. Mrs. Lake’s home was in Portland, but she had been with her sister, Mrs. Putnam, since last July 1, and it was at the Putnam home on North Cottage street that she passed away. 
Besides the brothers and sisters already mentioned, Mrs. Lake leaves three children: Scott Lake of Wauwatosa, Wisc., Clifford Lake of Pasadena and Mrs. Florence Peters of Two Harbors, Minn.; and other brothers and sisters as follows: Blaine Southwick, Mrs. P.O. DeLap and Mrs. E. H. Jefferson, al of Klamath Falls; and Mrs. Charles Roy and Mrs. T. R. McDowell of Portland. 
Funeral arrangements are being held up pending arrival of word from the various relatives, however, Rev. Mark Comer of the Adventist church will preach the sermon. Remains are at the Clough-Taylor mortuary. Oregon Statesman 19 Mar 1930 7:6 

Ada Lake, 65, died March 18 at the home of her sister, Mrs. Marion Putnam, 1045 North Cottage street. Mother of Scott Lake of Wauwatosa, Wisc., Clifford Lake of Pasadena, Calif., Mrs. Florence Peters of two Harbors, Min.; sister of Mrs. Marion Putnam, Mrs. Edna Schneller and Mrs. Emma Beckett of Salem, Mrs. T. D. McDowell and Mrs. Charles Roy of Portland, Mrs. P. O. DeLap and Mrs. E. H. Jefferson of Klamath Falls, Blaine Southwick of Klamath Falls, A. R. Southwick and B. Southwick of Salem. Announcement of funeral later from Clough-Taylor mortuary. 
Oregon Statesman 19 Mar 1930 7:5
Ada Lake 
1866 - 1930 
OSBH DC (Marion Co., 1930) #210 
S&H pg 68 
1870 WI CENSUS (Vernon Co., Franklin, FA #195) 
1880 WI CENSUS (Vernon Co., Franklin, ED 6, pg 14D)
OS 19 Mar 1930 7:6 
OS 19 Mar 1930 7:5
LOT: 922 SPACE: 3 SW LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.194' LATITUDE: W 123° 03.009'

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