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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Maria Lauterman ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Maria Lauterman
MAIDEN NAME: Boise AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 31 May 1870 DIED: 12 Jul 1935 BURIED: 13 Jul 1935
BIRTH PLACE:  Ellendale, Polk Co., Oregon
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
OSBH DC (Marion County 1935) #543 - Maria P. Lauterman, female, married (John H. Lauterman), housewife, b. 31 May 1870 in Dallas, Oregon, d. 12 Jul 1935 in Salem, Oregon (Salem General Hospital) at the age of 65 y's 1 m 21 d's, usual residence 475 Summer St, name of father Reuben P. Boise (b. Massachusetts), maiden name of mother Emilly A. Pratt (b. Massachusetts), interment 13 Jul IOOF , undertaker Clough-Barrick, informant John H. Lauterman of Salem;
Lauterman Rites to be Held Today. 
Member of Pioneer Family Mourned.
Prominent in Civic Affairs Here. 
Death at an early hour Friday morning brought release to Mrs. Mae Boise Lauterman, wife of John H. Lauterman, proprietor of the Argo hotel. 
A malignant illness seized her, but she did not reveal her condition to her closest friends until she was taken to the hospital a few weeks ago. She knew it would probably prove fatal, but with sweet bravery she accepted the verdict and with no word of complaint at last slipped into unconsciousness which preceded her death. 
The funeral is announced for Saturday afternoon, July 13, at 3:30 p.m. at the chapel of Clough-Barrick company. The Rev. W. C. Kantner, former pastor of the First Congregational church, and Dr. Bruce R. Baxter, president of Willamette university, will conduct the service. 
The burial will be in the family lot at I.O.O.F. cemetery. 
Father Noted Pioneer 
Mrs. Lauterman was a daughter of Judge Reuben P. Boise and Mrs. Emily A. (Pratt) Boise. 
Judge Boise was one of the distinguished citizens of Oregon in territorial days and during early statehood. He was a lawyer, a legislator, a member of the constitutional convention from Polk county, a circuit judge, and a chief justice of the Oregon supreme court. He was also a member of the state capitol building commission which supervised the construction of the state capitol which recently burned. He died in 1907, and his widow, who was a daughter of Ephraim Pratt, a manufacturer of Webster, Massachusetts died in 1919. 
Mrs. Lauterman was born in Polk county, Mary 21, 1870, at Ellendale. She attended the old academy at Willamette university, completing the Latin scientific course in 1887. Entering the liberal arts college of the university she graduated with a degree of bachelor of literature in 1889. ...[missing data] the university and served for many years as a member of the board of trustees, as had her father in his lifetime. 
February 3, 1909, whe was united in marriage to John H. Lauterman, and the sundering of their close companionship comes as a severe blow to him. 
Aided Civic Projects 
Mrs. Lauterman was active in civic and educational activities. She served on the board of the Woman's club, the Y.W.C.A. and the A.A.U.W. Her modesty, her sincerity, her graciousness and her culture made her one of the well loved women of this city. 
She was the last of the immediate family of Judge Boise, her brother, R. P. Boise, jr., having been killed in an accident over a year ago. Surviving are the husband; six cousins, Mrs. Holly a Cornell of Cannon Beach, Oregon, Miss Anna B. Parmenter, Miss Nellie M. Parmenter, Mrs. Alice Pratt Schumack and Frederick H. Pratt, all of Portland; Mrs. Ida M. Babcock and Charles Parmenter of Salem, nephew, Breyman Boise, and grand nephews, Reuben Eugene and Evan Breyman Boise, all of Salem. 
Pallbearers at the services will be Harvey Cornell, Willis Cornell, Prof. Ernest Richards, Charles Sprague, John Heltzel and Breyman Boise. Chapman, pg. 38 [July 12, 1935] Mae Boise Lauterman, late resident at 475 North Summer street, at a local hospital early Friday morning at the age of 65 years. Survived by widower, J. H. Lauterman; cousins, Mrs. Holly A. Cornell, Miss Anna B. Parmenter, Miss Nellie M. Parmenter, Mrs. Alice Pratt, Schumack; Frederick H. Pratt, all of Portland; Mrs. Ida M. Babcock and Charles Parmenter of Salem, nephew, Breyman Boise, and grand nephews, Reuben Eugene and Evan Breyman Boise, all of Salem. Funeral services will be held from the Clough-Barrick company chapel Saturday, July 13, at 3:30 p.m. with Dr. W. C. Kantner and Dr. Bruce R. Baxter officiating. Interment in I. O. O. F. cemetery. 
Oregon Statesman 13 July 1935 3:1
Mae Boise Lauterman 
May 31, 1870 
July 12, 1935
OSBH DC (Marion County 1935) #543 
S&H pg 13 
Chapman, pg 38 [OS 12 July 1935] 
OS 13 July 1935 3:1

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