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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Frederic E. Lockley ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Frederic E. Lockley
TITLE: 1st Lt. GENDER: M MILITARY: Civil War - 7th NY Heavy Artillery
BORN: 31 Dec 1824 DIED: 19 Dec 1905 BURIED: Dec 1905
BIRTH PLACE:  London, England
DEATH PLACE: Missoula, Missoula Co., Montana

1st MARRIAGE - Agnes Jeanette Hill
2nd MARRIAGE - Elizabeth Campbell, 28 Feb 1861 in Schuylerville, New York.
1900 OR CENSUS - Frederic Lockely, age 75, b. Dec 1824 in England, is enumerated with his wife of 39 years, Elizabeth M., age 57, mother of 5 children 3 of whom are living at the time of the census, b. May 1843 in New York, along with Walter, age 23, single, b. Nov 1876 in Utah, Edgar R., age 20, single, b. Mar 1880 in Utah, and Ralph C., age 18, b. Oct 1881 in Utah.
(source - Jerry Shepard):
On December 3, 1824, Frederic Lockley was born in the working-class section of London, to Samuel and Mary Lockley. Frederic's formal education mainly consisted of becoming a butcher's apprentice, a trade he used once in a while throughout his life. He had no real formal education or schooling but largely was a self-taught person. Later when he had a chance to get out of the poor area of London he took it. In 1848 he immigrated to the United States, and became a naturalized American citizen in 1859. In 1862 he enlisted in the Union army and fought in the Civil War. His regiment, the Seventh New York Heavy Artillery, saw action at Fredericksburg Road, North Anna River, Tolopotomy Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Deep Bottom, Ream's Station, and other skirmishes. He was mustered out of the army in 1865 with a rank of First Lieutenant. After the war, he moved west and for the next thirty years had a career in the newspaper business. These included: Frank Leslie's Illustrated Magazine, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Leavenworth Commercial, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Intermountain, The Arkansas City Traveler, and The Capital Journal of Salem, Oregon. In addition he wrote articles for other publications.
In 1899 he became an invalid when he suffered a stroke which left him partially paralyzed. This did not affect his mind and he continued to speak out on various issues. For the last five or six years of his life, Frederic lived part of the year with his daughter Josie and her husband James R. Shepard on their farm in the Zena area near Salem. The rest of the time he lived at his daughter Maud Lockley Gibson's home in Missoula, Montana. It was during this period that Frederic wrote his memoirs at the behest of Fred, Jr. He wrote it in long hand and completed over 1000 pages of his life history.
He passed away December 19, 1905.
Frederic married twice. The first wife was Agnes Jeanette Hill, the mother of three daughters: Josephine, Louise, and Gertrude. His second wife, Elizabeth Campbell bore five children: Fred (journalist & historian), Maude, Margaret, Florence, and Edith. (Jerry Shepard) Fred (Eric).

PHOTOGRAPH NOTE - The picture of Frederic and Elizabeth, taken in 1901, is courtesy of Jerry Shepard.

Lockley very sick--The many friends of Fred Lockley, Sr., will regret to learn that news of his death may be expected any moment. He has been partially paralyzed for several years and for several weeks has failed rapidly. He is at present living, together with his wife, at home of their daughter, Mrs. A.L. Gibson, in Missoula, Montana. A telegram on Monday from Mrs. Lockley stated that his end was drawing near. His daughter, Mrs. J. R. Shepard, left Salem yesterday afternoon in hopes of reaching his bedside before his death. Mr. Lockley will have reached the advanced age of 81 years should he live until the last day of the month. 
Oregon Statesman 20 Dec 1906.
Frederick Lockley 
Dec. 31, 1824 - Dec. 19, 1905 
First Lieut. Co. F. 7th NY Vol. 
Heavy Artillery
A Brave Soldier A Good Citizen A True Friend
His life was gentle and
the elements
So mixed in him, that Nature
might stand up
And sing to all the world,
"This was a man"
DAR pg 64 
S&H pg 70 
Saucy Survey & Photographs
1900 OR CENSUS (Polk Co., Eola, ED 172, sheet 12B) 
OS 20 Dec 1906  
Jerry Shepard
Jerry Shepard, 1355 Mitzur St. S., Salem, OR 97302 #503-362-4364 (

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