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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Darius Bates Cartwright ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Darius Bates Cartwright
BORN: 7 Feb 1814 DIED: 29 Jul 1875 BURIED: 30 Jul 1875
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Hotel Proprietor; Postmaster of Lorane (near Eugene)
BIRTH PLACE:  Syracuse, Madison Co., New York
DEATH PLACE: Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
MARRIAGE - Darius B. Cartwright md Nancy MCallister 2 May 1836 in Knox Co., Illinois.
1850 IL CENSUS - Darius Cartright [Cartwright], age 35, occupation farmer, b. New York, is enumerated with wife Nancy, age 33, b. Illinois, along with James, age 12, b. Illinois, Catharine, age 10, b. Illinois, Mary, age 8, b. Illinois, Barton, age 5, b. Illinois, and Silus, age 1, b. Illinois.  Also enumerated with the family is Catharine Buch, age 75, b. New York.
1860 OR CENSUS - D. B. Cartwright, age 46, occupation farmer, b. New York, is enumerated with N. M., age 43, b. Illinois, along with Nancy E. Cartwright, age 22, occupation schoolmistress, b. Illinois, Mary Cartwright, age 19, b. Illinois, and Barton A. Cartwright, age 11, b. Illinois. Also enumerated with the family is Sam Strunk, age 52, occupation farm laborer, b. Pennsylvania, George Ozement, age 23, occupation carpenter, b. N. Carolina, James Gay, age 32, occupation carpenter, b. Ohio, James H. Robinson, age 23, occupation farmer, b. N. Carolina, and William Niels, age 26, occupation farm laborer, b. Brunswick.

D. B. CARTWRIGHT--"This early pioneer of the Siuslaw valley and the original proprietor of the "Mountain House," a hostelry known far and near, was born in Syracuse, New York, February 7, 1814. He was one of those intrepid frontiersmen that took part in the famous Black Hawk war of 1832--under Major Butler. In 1853, he came to Oregon, settled in the beautiful vale above named where he conducted the hotel and stage station until his death on July 29, 1875. He lies buried in the Odd Fellows cemetery at Salem. Mr. Cartwright in life was one of the most respected of the pioneers of Lane county; in death his memory is cherished by the many friends he left behind him." 
Walling, Illustrated History of Lane County, p. 482 

"One of Lane County's most historic, most well-preserved and architecturally charming houses is that known as the Cartwright place or Mountain House Hotel. It is located on the Old West Side3 Territorial Road three miles south of Lorane, Oregon, and it has been the property of Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Thompson for many years. It was built in 1853 by Darius B. Cartwright. Dee, as he was familiarly known, was born near Syracuse, New York, February 1814. In 1832 he served in the Black Hawk War. Some years later, his family moved to Illinois. Here a brother, Barton, became a Methodist circuit rider who saw to it that his family had educational opportunities, one son becoming an early-day judge. Darius B. Cartwright, with his wife and several children, left Illinois for the gold rush in California in 1849. Sometime later they pressed on to Oregon, remaining for a time near what is now Medford. In 1853 the family took 530 acres near what is now Lorane and called the location Cartwright. Upon this beautiful site was built the first home which was also to serve as a stagecoach inn, the official stop between Portland and San Francisco; a post office, Mr. Cartwright being postmaster; and a telegraph station. One of the first messages received over these wires during the Civil Was was of the assassination of President Lincoln." "Darius Cartwright stayed on as postmaster until his death on July 29, 1875. He was buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Salem, Oregon, where a son killed by Indians also lies." 
Doorways Into History, by Josephine Evans Harpham, p. 12-13

DISCREPANCY - In Doorways to History, Josephine Evans Harpham states that the family left Illinois in 1849 - but the family is found in Knox Co., Illinois in the 1850 Census record.  In additon, D.B. and N.M Cartwright have 6 children who are buried in the McCallister Cemetery (Knox Co., Illinois) between Aug 1845 and Aug 1852.  The family had arrived in Oregon by September of 1853 (Oregon Donation Land Claim records).

LITHOGRAPH of the Cartwright House (Mountain House) is from the Oregon History Project (Oregon Historical Society -, Catalog Number OrHi33931.
PHOTOGRAPH of the Cartwright House is from the Historic American Building Survey, 1934 Library of Congress Collection
LAID AWAY TO REST--The funeral of the late D. B. Cartwright took place in this city yesterday, and was attended by a number of our prominent citizens. The remains were brought down from Eugene on the noon train and conveyed to the Methodist Church, where Rev. I. D. Dillon of Portland delivered an appropriate discourse. The deceased was formerly a resident of Salem, but for many years has resided at the base of the Calapooia mountains. He was a veteran of the Black Hawk war, a good citizen, and a member of the Patrons of Husbandry. The remains were interred in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, south of Salem. 
Oregon Statesman, 31 July 1875 3:1 

Died in Eugene City on Thursday morning July 29th, after protracted illness, Mr. Darius Bates Cartwright, aged 60 years 5 months, and 21 days. The deceased was a native of New York State, and was born February 8, 1814. In the year 1832, he removed to Illinois, where he was converted and joined the M.E. Church in 1835. In 1836 he was married in Knoxville, Illinois, to his now bereaved widow. Of the fruit of this union but two children survive - Mrs. Katie Russell and Mrs. Mary Cartwright, both of Sinelan [Suislaw], Lane County, Oregon. 
In 1853 Mr. Cartwright removed with his family to Oregon and settled at the foot of the Calipooia Mountains where he continued to reside until his death. The deceased was above the medium height--a plain, substantial, good man, who aimed always to do right. By his industry, economy and good management, Bro. Cartwright has succeeded well in his worldly business. He was thoughtful, studious, cheerful, and sociable. Often had he offered substantial relief to persons in want, especially itinerant ministers. 
Two days before his death there occurred a remarkable instance of answer to prayer. He seemed to feel that his wife and children were not willing to let him depart, and this gave him some uneasiness. His wife observing this, solicited two or three friends to join with her in secret prayer, he knowing nothing about it, that all might be resigned to his death. It was but a few hours until all was changed. With a countenance radiant with joy, he told his wife that he knew prayer had been offered for him, for, said he, "I am floating in glory." The expression was unusual, but did not more than indicate his rich experience of the divine favor until all consciousness ceased. 
The funeral of Bro. Cartwright took place in Salem on Friday afternoon last, the order of the Grangers of which he had been a highly honored and useful member, taking an active part in the services. After a brief discourse in the M. E. church, delivered by the writer, the remains of our beloved friend were conveyed to the Odd Fellows Cemetery and placed beside those of his two sons. Requiescat in pace. 
Pacific Christian Advocate 5 August 1875 245:2
D. B. Cartwright 
Born In 
Madison Co., N.Y. 
July 29, 1875 
Aged 61 years, 5 months, 21 days
Illinois Marriages, 1790-1860
1850 OR CENSUS (Knox Co., Twp 10 N 2E, FA #360)
1870 OR CENSUS (Lane Co., Siuslaw, FA #245)
DAR pg 21 
S&H pg 12
Walling, p. 482 
Doorways Into History, by Josephine Evans Harpham, p. 12-13
PCA Aug 5, 1875 
OS 31 Jul 1875 3:1 
Debra Monsive

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