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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Anna Wilson Jones ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Anna "Annie" Wilson Jones
MAIDEN NAME: Reed AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: May 1827 DIED: 14 Jan 1890 BURIED: Jan 1890
BIRTH PLACE:  Grafton, Grafton Co., New Hampshire
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - Mrs. Anna M. Jones, age 62 y's, died in S. Salem, beloved wife of Geo. H. Jones.
At her home in Salem, on the morning of Sunday, January 12, 1890, Mrs. Annie M. Jones, aged 62 years. The deceased was born in Grafton, N.H., in May 1827, and came to Oregon, in February 1859, and lived with her brother, C. A. Reed, who made Salem his home at that time. In December in the year of her arrival in Oregon she was married to Geo. H. Jones who survives her. They made their home on Gaiety Hill, South Salem, and have resided there for over twenty-five years. Mrs. Jones was one of the moving spirits of society and during all her residence here did much to sustain the reputation of the Capital City in a social sense. She was an active member of the Congregational church for many years, always taking an active part in all entertainments and church sociables. She had, also, much dramatic talent, which exercised itself to good advantage in her social life. She was always active and a leader in whatever she attempted. The funeral will be conducted from the Congregational church at 1:30 this afternoon, the remains being taken to the Odd Fellows' cemetery for burial. 
Oregon Statesman 14 Jan 1890 4:3. 

The funeral services of Mrs. Annie W. Jones, were conducted from her former residence in this city, yesterday afternoon, led by the pastor of the Congregational church, Rev. C. L. Corwin, assisted by Rev. P. S. Knight, her former pastor. Notwithstanding the general prevalence of sickness throughout the city a large number of friends, among them many who had known Mrs. Jones from girlhood, gathered at the old home at the appointed hour to participate in the services of the occasion; to "weep with them that weep," and to testify to their love and respect for the character of the deceased. Among the floral offerings of the occasion were an anchor of rare flowers and a floral column, the main feature of which was a profusion of calla lilies, from the ladies of the society of the Congregational church, bearing the appropriate legend, "To the memory of the president of our society, who built it up." Mrs. Jones was the sister of C. A. Reed of Portland, and leaves a husband, Mr. George H. Jones, and one daughter, Miss Frankie Jones, widely known and loved by the people of Salem. Another daughter, Annie Bertha, a child of eight summers, now sleeps in the church-yard at Napa, California, where she was laid by her parents some years ago. And so be bid adieu to another one of the old residents of Salem. One by one they are passing into the land of silence and rest. Mrs. Jones was a woman of more than ordinary activity and intelligence, a natural leader, a good thinker and an indomitable worker for the cause and kingdom of Christ, and as such will be missed by those with whom she has been so pleasantly and profitable associated for years. How mournful seems In broken dreams, The memory of the day When icy death Hath sealed the breath Of some dear form of clay; When pale, unmoved, The face we loved, The face we thought so fair, And the hand lies cold, Whose fervent hold Once charmed away despair - Hood. 
Oregon Statesman 15 January 1890 4:3
Anna Wilson Reed 
Wife of 
George Hosmer Jones 
Born 1827 
Died 1890
Register of Burials 
DAR pg 14 
OS 14 Jan 1890 4:3 
OS 15 January 1890 4:3
OS 1 Jan 1891 (Necrological listing)

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