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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Daniel W. Jones ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Daniel W. Jones
BORN: 6 Dec 1820 DIED: 5 Jun 1887 BURIED: 7 Jun 1887
BIRTH PLACE:  Clermont Co., Kentucky
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - D. W. Jones, age 66 y's 5 m's 29 d's, died near Salem.
2nd MARRIAGE - "Daniel W. Jones & Sarah A. Ticknor, m 07 Oct 1865 at house of Hiram Tichnor; John C. Peebles, Judge. Wit: Hiram Ticknor & Susan S. Curtis #799 pg 271".
1870 OR CENSUS - D. W. Jones, age 49, occupation tailor, b. Ohio [sic?], is enumerated with wife S. A. Jones, age 29, b. MO.
What a busy and thoughtless world is this in which we live! Man toils through his little span of life, rejoices over his triumphs, grieves at his defeats, engages in a perpetual warfare with his surrounding circumstances, which generally guarantee a state of restless uncertainty as to whether joy or sorrow shall be yielded the palm of permanent precedence, and, when all is over, he is fortunate if it can be truly said, "after life's fitful fever, he sleeps well." Others immediately take his place, and, in the busy whirl of life's affairs, he is soon forgotten. 
Twenty-five years ago, D. W. Jones was one of Salem's most active and best citizens and business men. He kept a large tailoring establishment on the Commercial street, just south of the postoffice, and always took an advanced interest in the welfare and progress of the town. He possessed a natural and cultivated talent for theatrical pursuits, and the writer well remembers that in the winter of 1863 he was instrumental in forming the "Thespian Society," a purely local troupe of amateur "professionals," who were the great attraction in Salem society during the "dark winter months of '63." Among the more prominent members of this society were A. J. Riley, a natural humorist and splendid man (long since dead), and Hon. Rufus Mallory, the latter of whom, it is well remembered, portrayed the "Merchant of Venice" in a manner that was a faithful forecast of that ability which now ranks him at the head of Oregon's criminal lawyers and popular orators. In these commendable efforts during those early years to stimulate and develop Salem society, D. W. Jones bore a leading part. 
But time works wondrous changes; in a few years he became the victim of a lingering disease, and removing to his farm four miles south of Salem, he was a great but patient sufferer for over sixteen years. 
He was born on Dec. 6th, 1820, in Clermont county, Kentucky, and crossed the plains to Oregon with ox teams, and settled on a donation land claim near Silverton, which he still owned at his death. 
He was married twice, the second time Oct. 7th 1865; was taken sick April 6th, 1871, and died June 5th, 1887, aged 66 years and 6 months. When a mere boy the writer of these lines, owing to unfortunate circumstances, found himself in Salem striving to secure an education practically without money or friends. 
So far as he succeeded in his efforts, he owes a greater debt of gratitude to D. W. Jones than to any other Salem man, and it is not only proper, but essential, that he should cheerfully testify, which he does, to the many noble traits which adorned his manly character. His every impulse, so far as is known, was creditable to his nature and to his obligations as a citizen. His many acts of kindness were all the more the unselfish promptings of a generous heart because they generally shrank with commendable modesty from the pompous show of ostentatious display. 
D. W. Jones was a good, kind, upright man; he was a friend to the writer when a friend was needed, and this tribute of respect and love is gladly added to his memory. T. T. G. (T. T. Geer)
 Oregon Statesman 9 Sept 1887 8:3 

JONES--At his residence four miles south of Salem, Sunday, June 5, 1887, D. W. Jones, aged about 66 years.  The funeral of the deceased took place yesterday afternoon, from the family residence. 
Mr. Jones was a old resident of Salem and Marion county, having been for years a tailor in this city.  He accumulated considerable property and retired to his farm about fifteen years since.  The deceased was a Mason, and was buried under the auspices of that order.  He leaves a wife, and a daughter living in Seattle. 
Oregon Statesman 8 June 1887 3:3
D. W. Jones
Dec. 6, 1820 
June 5, 1887 
IOOF Register of Burials 
DAR pg 4 
Marriage Records of Marion Co. Oregon, 1849-71, Vol I, pg 50 
1870 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Salem Pct., FA #16) 
OS 9 Sept 1887 8:3 
OS 8 June 1887 3:3
LOT: 204 SPACE:  LONGITUDE: N 44 ° 55.184' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.728'

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