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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Sarah E. Murphy ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Sarah E. Murphy
MAIDEN NAME: Stanton AKA 1: Stover AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 23 Jul 1840 DIED: 20 Mar 1913 BURIED: 23 Mar 1913
BIRTH PLACE:  La Porte, La Porte Co., Indiana
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
OHSB (Marion County 1913) #1384 - Sarah Murphy, female, divorced, b. Indiana, d. 22 Mar 1913 in Salem Hospital, Salem, Oregon at the age of 72 years, housewife, name of father Alfred Stanton (b. Ind.), maiden name of mother Phebe Fail (b. Ind.), interment IOOF 23 Mar 1913, undertaker Lehman & Clough, informant Mrs. Frank Brown of Salem, Oregon.
1850 OR CENSUS - Sarah Stanton, age 11, b. Indiana, is enumerated with  is enumerated with Alfred, age 58, occupation farmer, b. Ohio, and Pheby, age 36, b. Virginia, along with Rocina, age 17, b. Indiana, Frances, age 14, b. Michigan, Lydia Stanton, age 7, b. Indiana, and Philip, age 3, b. Oregon. 
1st MARRIAGE - "John Stover & Sarah E. Stanton, m 15 Jul 1855; G. O. Burnette, M. G. Wit: T. B. Rickey & Anna Harvey #181 pg 46". 
1860 OR CENSUS - Sarah Stover, age 19, b. Iowa, is enumerated with Jno. Stover, age 27, occupation farmer, b. Iowa, along with V., female, age 2, b. Oregon. 
2nd MARRIAGE - "Wm. T. [Preston] Murphy & Mrs. Sarah E. Stover, m 27 Sep 1866 at house of A. Stanton; S. C. Adams, M. G. Wit: Mr. and Mrs. Stanton #888 pg 311".
1880 OR CENSUS - Sarah E. Murphy, age 40, b. Indiana, is enumerated with husband Wm., age 48, occupation farmer, b. Illinois, along with daughter Phoebe Stover, age 19, b. Oregon, C. A. Murphy, age 12, b. Oregon, Myra Murphy, age 6, b. Oregon, and Emma Murphy, age 3, b. Oregon. Also enumerated with the family is Fred Daniel, age 18, occupation farm laborer, b. Oregon.
1900 OR CENSUS - Sarah E. Murphy, age 59, mother of 6 children, b. Jul 1840 in Indiana, is enumerated with Emma L., age 23, occupation stenographer, b. Feb 1877 in Oregon, and Ross W., age 18, occupation shoe store clerk, b. Feb 1882 in Oregon.
DISCREPANCY - 1869 census gives her birthplace as Iowa rather than Indiana.
Another Pioneer Crosses Divide--
Mrs. Sarah E. Murphy, Who Crossed Plains in 1847, Passes Away--
In the death of Mrs. Sarah E. Murphy, which occurred yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Salem Hospital after a lingering illness of about two years, Salem is again called upon to mourn the loss of one of her worthy pioneers. Mrs. Murphy was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Stanton, and was born in La Porte, Ind., July 23, 1839. Her grandfather was one of the founders of La Porte. 
In company with her parents she crossed the plains to Oregon by ox team in 1847. Since arriving in Oregon she spent the remainder of her life in or near Salem. She was 73 years, 7 months and 28 days old on the day of her death. 
The deceased is survived by six children: Captain Charles Murphy of Pendleton; Mrs. Virginia A. Kelly of Los Angeles; Ross W. Murphy of Riverside, Cal.; Mrs. Walter Fullerton of Sisters, Or.; Mrs. J. H. Robinett of Albany, and Mrs. Frank Brown of Salem. She also leaves a brother and two sisters: Philip A. Stanton of Cle-Ellum, Wash.; Mrs. Rosina Rickey of La Porte, Ind., and Mrs. Olive England Enright of this city. Funeral announcements later. 
Oregon Statesman 21 Mar 1913 5:6.
Sarah E. Murphy
July 23, 1840
Mar. 20, 1913
OSBH DC (Marion County 1913) #1384 
S&H pg 9 
1850 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., FA #339) 
Marriage Records of Marion County Oregon, 1949-1871, Vol. I, pg 10
1860 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Fairfield, FA #2503)
Marriage Records of Marion County Oregon, 1949-1871, Vol. I, pg 56
1880 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., S. Salem, ED 79, pg 10B)
1900 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Salem, ED 131, sheet 1B)
OS 21 Mar 1913 5:6

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