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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Shannon Myers ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Shannon Myers
BORN: 25 Nov 1840 DIED: 11 Aug 1873 BURIED: 12 Aug 1873
BIRTH PLACE:  Bucyrus, Crawford Co., Ohio
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - Shannon Myers, b. Crawford Co., Ohio, died in Salem of consumption.
1850 OH CENSUS - Shannon Myers, age 10, b. Ohio, is enumerated with SAmuel Myers, age 48, occupation farmer, b. Pennsylvania, and Hannah, age 41, b. Connecticut, along with Abram, age 22, student, b. Ohio, Samuel, age 20, occupation clerk, b. Ohio, Mary Ann, age 19, b. Ohio, Rebecfca, age 17, b. Ohio, Catharine, age 14, b. Ohio, Maria, age 12, b. Ohio, Nancy, age 7, b. Ohio, Luther, age 5, b. Ohio, and Benj. B., age 1, b. Ohio.
1860 OH CENSUS - Shannon Myers, age 19, occupation farm laborer, b. Ohio, is enumerated with Samuel Myers, age 58, occupation farmer, b. Pennsylvania, and Hannah, age 50, c. New York, along with Maria, age 21, b. Ohio, Nancy, age 17, b. Ohio, Luther, age 15, b. Ohio, and Benjamin, age 11, b. Ohio. Also enumerated with the family are Elizabeth Jones, age 88, b. Connecticut, and Orson Jones, age 22, occupation farmer, b. Ohio. 
PCA Index states Shannon Myers, died Salem August 11, 1873, born Budyrus [sic], Crawford Co., Ohio November 14, 1840; to Oregon in May, 1865.  Microfilm missing.
DIED--In Salem, on the evening of August 10, 1873 of quick consumption, Shannon Myers, aged 32 years. The funeral is to take place at 4 o'clock p.m., from the M.E. Church.
Oregon Statesman 12 Aug 1873 3:2

A large concourse of people attended the funeral services of Mr. Myers from the M. E. Church yesterday. It is but seldom a young man in the private walks of life is more respected that was he. As the long line of carriages moved along our streets business houses closed their doors and men stood with uncovered heads in deep regard for the memory of their fellow townsman.
At the church Rev. S. Bowers read the following obituary notice:
Mr. Shannon Myers was born in Bucyrus, Crawford county, Ohio, Nov. 25, 1840, and died in Salem, Oregon August 11, 1873, aged nearly 33 years.
He came to Oregon in May, 1865, and made his home in Salem. He was not a professer of religion at the time, but realizing the necessity of a life devoted to Christ he applied to his brother, Rev. A. Myers in January, 1866, to be permitted to make a public profession of religion, which was accomplished on the following Sabbath in the old Court House in this city. He was the first person confirmed in the Lutheran Church in Oregon. Brother Myers was then absent from Salem for some time, but on his return, there being no Lutheran Church in this city, he united with the Methodist Episcopal Church where his life was devoted concientiously to the cause of Christ.
He was a man of great firmness and decision of character. From his convition of right he could not be swayed by friend or foe. He was truly conscientious in all his acts and deeds having a fine sense of duty. In giving, he was liberal, in his views, he was progressive. For the cause of christ he devised and executed liberal things. But above all he was truly pious. His piety was not showy or noisy, or boasting, but it was that calmer unobtrusive type which impresses the truthfulness upon others. As an officer in the church and the Sabbath School he was always at his post.
When death came he was ready, "All is well" "Everything is Clear" and similar expressions fell from his lips before his departure. And leaning by faith upon the Savious he entered the misty valley as one who falls into a sweet and refreshing sleep.
Weekly Oregon Statesman 19 August 1873 1:4

IN MEMORIAM--The following resolutions, concerning the death of Mr. Shannon Myers, were read by Dr. Hall at the M.E. Church last Sunday evening previous to the memorial sermon:
Whereas, Our Brother and co-laborer, in the cause of Christ, Shannon Myers, has ceased to work and has gone to his eternal rest, therefore, Resolved.
1. That in his death we have lost a faithful and consistent official member of the M.E. Church.
2. That he was a useful member of our society, and his departure will be felt in all the departments of our Church interest
3. That he was a model young man in his general deportment
4. That we tender our sympathies to the bereaved and point them to mansions in the skies.
Syl. C. Simpson, C. H. Hall, Committee of Official Board M.E. Church,
Salem, Aug. 18, 1873.
Oregon Statesman 19 August 1873.
Shannon Myers
at Bucyrus, Ohio
Nov. 25, 1840
Aug. 11, 1873
32 years, 8 mo's, 16 da. )
IOOF Register of Burials
DAR p. 36
1850 OH CENSUS (Crawford Co., Bacyrus, FA #1582)
1860 OH CENSUS (Crawford Co., Whetstone, FA #1555)
OS 12 Aug 1873 3:2
OS 19 Aug 1873 3:2.
WOS 19 August 1873 1:4 
PCA Index
LOT: 427 SPACE:  LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.190' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.836'

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