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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Raymond Gordon Lacey ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Raymond Gordon Lacey
BORN: 2 Feb 1916 DIED: 28 Apr 1933 BURIED: 2 May 1933
BIRTH PLACE:  Independence, Polk Co., Oregon
DEATH PLACE: Silverton, Marion Co., Oregon
OSBH DC (Marion County 1933) #324 - Raymond Gordon Lacey, male, single, b. 2 Feb 1916 in Independence, Oregon, d. 28 Apr 1933 in Silverton, Oregon at the age of 17 y's 2 m's 26 d's, usual residence Salem, Rt. #2, name of father Raymond G. Lacey (b. Independence, Oregon), maiden name of mother Hazel Cook (b. McMinnville, Oregon), interment 2 May IOOF, undertaker Clough-Barrick, informant Raymond Lacey of Salem.
Gordon Lacy, 17, lies dead in a local mortuary today, victim of bullet from the 30-30 rifle of Alouise Godon, of Drake’s Corner, out from Silverton. The two men were in separate hunting parties. The fatal shooting took place at 9:30 a.m. Friday. 
A Daniel Boone hunter’s cap made of skunk and grey squirrel skins, worn by young Lacy, probably occasioned his death because he wore this along with a brown flannel shirt. Gordon, hunting with Stanley Corruthers of Spokane, in the dense country above Cedar camp, formerly called the Bridge Creek territory, thought Lacy was a deer and shot from a distance of 250 feet. Lacy’s hunting partner, David P. Williams, 17, dropped from the log where he was standing with Lacy, to the ground, but Lacy, apparently unperturbed, inquired; "Who is that shooting?" Godon shot again through the heavy underbrush and the fatal bullet pierced Lacy’s hunting cap and entered the front of his skull, opening a portion of the skull. Lacy died within half an hour. 
Gordon, Williams and Carruthers, all hunting out of season and without licenses were brought to Salem and held last night on temporary charges of hunting without a license, District Attorney Trindle will probably file charges of manslaughter against Godon. All three men are subject to being prosecuted for out-of-season hunting. Godon broke down, after the shooting and cried steadily as he and the two other men trekked back to Drake’s corner and on to Silverton and Salem. Godon and Corruthers had stayed at Davis’ ranch Thursday night before starting out to hunt. Tracey [sic] and Williams had stayed at the hunting lodge near the scene of the shooting. Max Alfred and George Thomson of the state police, Sheriff A. C. Burk and Newell Williams, deputy, L. E. Barrick, coroner, and W. H. Trindle, district attorney, all were called Friday morning to the scene of the shooting. 
The party helped to get Lacy’s body from where it was shot, fixing a sling from a pole and carrying the body more than a mile in this fashion. Constable S. A. Pitney, J. F. Davis and Robert Montgomery of Silverton went to the scene of the shooting. Considerable snow was on the route taken to reach the spot. Lacy is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gordon Lacy, route two, Salem. 
Oregon Statesman 29 April 1933 1:2, 3 

Raymond Gordon Lacey, late of Salem, route 2, aged 17 years. Survived by parents, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Lacey of route 2, Salem; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Lacey of Independence; brother, Dean Lacey of Salem; three uncles, Elmer D. Cook and John O. Lacey of Salem, Kenneth Cook of Cathlamet, Wash.; aunt Mrs. Helen Van Santen of Dallas. Funeral announcements later by Clough-Barrick company. 
Oregon Statesman 29 April 1933 3:1 

Allouise Godon was charged with manslaughter for the slaying of Gordon Lacy, 17, in a complaint filed in justice court yesterday, Bail of $1,000 was furnished. Lacy was killed Friday 18 miles from Silverton when Godon mistook him for a deer and shot him in the forehead with a 30-30 rifle. Lacy died in a few minutes. David O. Williams, partner of Godon on the trip, told officers he was free on parole from Portland where he had been charged with a car theft. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail and began to serve his sentence Saturday. Stanley Corruthers, fourth member of the hunting party was also fined $25 and being unable to pay the assessment, was confined in the county jail. 
Funeral services for Lacy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lacy, route two, Salem, will be held at the Clough-Barrick funeral chapel Tuesday at 2 p.m. Coroner L. E. Barrick said last night he would not hold an inquest. He went with a party from the sheriffÂ’s office to the scene of the shooting Friday morning. Barrick said he thought the investigation of the grand jury would be sufficient. 
All the hunters were in the woods after deer out of season. Lacy was killed by the second shot from Godon’s rifle. Lacey did not know he was being shot at and stood on top of a log to see if he could espy a deer, having thought he heard the brush rattling. It was there Godon mistook him for a deer and shot him through the grey squirrel cap he was wearing. 
Oregon Statesman 30 April 1933 1:6-7 

Funeral services for Raymond Gordon Lacey, 17, accidentally shot and killed Friday near Silverton when mistaken for a deer will be held today from the Clough-Barrick company chapel at 2 p.m., with Rev. J. G. Minton officiating. Interment will be in the I.O.O.F. cemetery. Young Lacey was a resident of Salem route two, and a junior in machine shop work at Salem senior high school. He is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Lacey of route two; grandparents Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Lacey of Independence; one brother, Dean Lacey of Salem; three uncles, Elmer D. Cook and John O. Lacey of Salem, Kenneth Cook of Cathlamet, Wash.; and one aunt, Mrs. Helen Van Santen of Dallas. 
Oregon Statesman 2 May 1933 3:7-8
OSBH DC (Marion County 1933) #324 
OS 29 April 1933 1:2, 3 
OS 29 April 1933 3:1 
OS 30 April 1933 1:6-7 
OS 2 May 1933 3:7-8

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