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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Alvin Watson Bagley ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Alvin Watson Bagley
BORN: 1867 DIED: 23 Jan 1916 BURIED: 25 Jan 1916
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon

1910 OR CENSUS - Alvin Bagley, age 42, occupation real estate salesman, b. Oregon, is enumerated with his wife of 11 years, Edith F., age 38, b. Oregon, along with Ferris, age 11, b. Oregon, Grace C., age 9, b. Oregon, and Ambrie W., age 7, b. Oregon.

MARRIAGE - Another happy event of this nature will transpire this evening at the home of Dexter Field, on Aylum road, when Miss Edity Field, unites her fortune with that of Rev. Alvin W. Bagley, a well-known young divine of the M. E. church at Seattle, Washington.
Oregon Statesman, 13 Oct 1897

"Wm. Bagley's youngest child, Alvin W. Bagley, was born in Philomath, Oct. 27, 1867.  He was living near Amity at census time of 1870 and lived near Toledo until time to go to Willamette University. I always wonder at his strength and vigor as I look at the small trunk which he carried on his back from Toledo, to Salem when he came to enter the university.  He studied for the ministry in the former College of Theology until a spliet in beliefs and doctrine occurred and more than half the students training for the ministry left and finished at the University of Puget Sound probably in 1895 two years before Edith, Floyd and Hetta Field all graduated from Willamette University.
Alvin Bagley and Edith Field (Nana) were married Oct. 13, 1897 at Chestnut Farm - there are two excellent write-ups of the wedding which I have, one in the Statesman, Oct. 14, 1897, and the other in Willamette Collegian Oct. 1897. The Rev. Alvin W. Bagley was pastor of Park Church (Methodist) in Seattle at the time of his marriage. His next church was in Jefferson and Lyons.  He preached at 11 o'clock a.m. at Jefferson, in the evening at Lyons (Uncle Ferris was born at Jefferson). The next church pastorate was at University Park in West Portland and your mother was born (at Chestnut Farm) during this time. He next preached at Hood River where Ambrie was born. He returned to University Park probably after two years which was a common term to stay in one Methodist church in those days.
I believe your Grandfather quit the ministry or preached part time and was in the Real Estate business at University Park and probably did quite well for a while but invested in property and lots which dropped in value until the taxes ate up their value - probably in the depression of 1907, and in the forced sales of property in 1916.
Those years years must have been happy years with many wonderful vacations at so many different Ocean Beaches [from Newport to Astoria] and especially their favorite trip by ship down the Columbia to Ilwaco, Washington, and Long Beach on the George B. Potter. These vacations were usually for two weeks at a time. Your grandfather was very proficient with the big row boats then in style and he loved to take a boat out in the Ocean or in the bay or river and he would have great success fishing.
Around the beginning of this century there was a very sturdy wagon made by Studebaker which was used in many ways - the high wheels got it up far enough from the ground to clear boulders and and cut off stumps in the roads so that it was suitable for hauling logs, poles, and lumber and timber among other things. It was a stout wagon and heavy loads were hauled on it, often making it necessary to use four or six horses two abreast, and the drivers seat was very high and frequently the driver stood up on top some six or more feet from the ground.  Alvin was just climbing up to this high perch when something startled his horses and they bolted and he fell, striking his head on the wheel or on a rock so that his head was badly injured. He suffered a great deal and little relief could be obtained, even though he was admitted to the State Hospital. The autopsy showed the trouble and death were due to the injury. This was a traumatic experience for all the family.
Alvin died in 1916 and was buried in the Pioneer Cemetery on the Bagley lot overlooking the city of Salem and with a fine view of Cascade Mountains and Mt. Hood which he loved."
Excerpted from The Bagley Heritage and Memories, by Carl Person, 1975, in possession of Penny Ruiz.

OSBH DC (Marion County 1916) #56 - Alvin W. Bagley, male, married, occupation real estate, b. in New York, d. 23 Jan 1916 in Salem, Oregon (1/2 mile east of) at the age of 48 years, name of father William Bagley (b. New York) maiden name of mother Anna S. Mulkey (b. Mo.), interment 25 Jan IOOF, undertaker Lehman & Clough, informant Mrs. Edith Bagley of Salem.
A. W. Bagley Was Real Estate Man
Relatives Reside in Portland
A W. Bagley of Portland died last Sunday at the home of a relative, Mrs. E. Fied of Chestnut farm, east of this city. He had been ill about 24 hours.  A post mortem examination made yesterday disclosed adhesions on the brain which caused his death.
Mr. Bagley is survived by his wodow, Mrs. Edition Field Bagley of Portland, and three children who are pupils in the Portland high schools, Ferris, Grace and Ambrie Bagley.  He also leaves two sisters, Mrs. Viola Collamore of Portland, and Mrs. N. Connor of Sheridan.  The widow is a daughter of the late Dexter Field, a former editor of the Pacific Homestead.
Before his illness Mr. Bagley was a real estate dealer at University Park in Portland.
The funeral will be held today at 2 o'clock at Chestnut farm, the home of Mrs. Eliza E. Field.  Dr. R. N. Avison will conduct the services and burial will be in Odd Fellows cemetery.
Daily Oregon Statesman 25 Jan 1916 2:3,4
Alvin W. Bagley 
1867 - 1916
IOOF Register of Burials 
OSBH DC (Marion County 1916) #56
Barrick record #435 
S&H pg 69
Saucy Survey & Photographs
Penny Ruiz 
OS, 13 Oct 1897
1910 OR CENSUS (Multnomah Co., Portland, ED 240, sheet 1A)
DOS 25 Jan 1916 2:3,4

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