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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Emma H. Jones ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Emma H. Jones
MAIDEN NAME: Bernardi AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 15 Feb 1864 DIED: 3 Apr 1945 BURIED: 6 Apr 1945
DEATH PLACE: Marion Co., Oregon
1880 OR CENSUS - Emma Bernardi, age 16, b. Oregon, is enumerated with Jos. Bernardi, age 49, occupation liquor dealer, b. Switzerland, and Rosa, age 38, b. Baden, along with Nellie, age 19, b. California, Rosa, age 17, b. Oregon, Jos., age 13, b. Oregon, Frank, age 10, b. Oregon, Mollie, age 7, b. Oregon, and Phillip, age 3 months, b. Oregon. Also enumerated with the family is Jacob Bernardi, identified as brother [of Jos.], age 40, occupation painter and paper hanger, b. Switzerland.
MARRIAGE - "Silas L. Jones, over 27 & Emma H. Bernardi, over 25, m 19 Nov 1890 at house of Mrs. Rose Bernardi by J. S. White, C. P. Aff: L. S. Scott. Wit: Mrs. Rose Bernardi & Mrs. Rose Aiken. #3913 pg 389".
1930 OR CENSUS - Silas L. Jones, age 67, occupation real estate salesman, b. Oregon, is enumerated with his wife Emma H., age 66, b. Oregon. 
DISCREPANCY - Marker birth year looks to be 1861, DC gives year of birth as 1864, and census records seem to validate 1864 as a more likely year of birth.
OSBH DC (Marion County 1945) #2586 - Emma Jones, female, widowed (Silas L. Jones), b. 15 Feb 1864 in Salem, Oregon, d. 3 Apr 1945 in Salem, Oregon (1602 S. High St.) at the age of 81 y's 1 m 18 d's, name of father Joseph Bernardi (b. Switzerland), maiden name of mother Rose Gephart (b. Bingham on the Rhine, Germany), interment 6 Apr IOOF, undertaker Chas. Claggett, informant J. A. Bernardi of Salem.
Emma Jones Dies Tuesday
Emma Jones, 80, Salem pioneer resident, died at her home on South High street Tuesday after a brief illness.
  J. A. Bernardi, her brother, said that Mrs. Jones had suddenly become ill Tuesday and although he made several efforts was unable to get a doctor to come to the house or gain her admission to a hospital before her death. She is also survived by two sisters, Mrs. H. H. Hallock of Tacoma and Mrs. John C. Hurtz of Salem.  Funeral announcements will be made later by the W. T. Rigdon company.
Oregon Statesman 4 April 1945 2:5 

  At the residence 1808 South High St. Tuesday, April 3, Emma Jones at the age of 80 years.  Survived by two sisters, Mrs. H. H. Hasllock of Tacoma and Mrs. John C. Hertz of San Fransico, Calif., and a brother J. A. Bernardi of Salem. Funeral services will be held Friday, April 6, at 10 a.m. from the W. T. Rigdon chapel with concluding services at the IOOF cemetery.
Oregon Statesman 5 April 1945 5:1
Emma 1861 - 1945 
(shares marker with S. L. Jones)
OSBH DC (Marion County 1945) #2586
1880 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., E. Salem, ED 80, pg C29)
Marriage Records of Marion County Oregon 1888-1891, Vol. VI, pg 31
1930 OR CENSUS (Multnomah Co., Portland, ED 513, sheet 4B)
OS 4 April 1945 2:5
OS 4 April 1945 5:1
LOT: 404 SPACE: 1 SW LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.158' LATITUDE: W 123° 02.827'

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