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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Fred A. Parkhill ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Fred A. Parkhill
BORN: 28 Dec 1864 DIED: 24 Feb 1945 BURIED: 27 Feb 1945
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  Sawyer and Millwright
BIRTH PLACE:  Clockville, Madison Co., New York
DEATH PLACE: Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon

1870 WI CENSUS - Fred Parkill [Parkhill], age 5, b. New York, is enumerated with Eli T., age 47, occupation carpenter, b. New York, and Susan, age 41, b. New York, along with Levern, age 19, Niles, age 16, Reuben, age 13, Jerome, age 11, George, age 9, and Jesse, age 7, all born in New York.
1900 MN CENSUS - Blanche C. Parkhill, age 30, mother of 4 children 3 of whom are living at the time of the census, b. Nov 1869 in Iowa, is enumerated with her husband of 8 years, Fred A., age 35, occupation mill sawer, b. Dec 1864 in New York, along with Day, age 7, b. Dec 1892 in Wisconsin, Nila, age 5, b. Nov 1894 in Wisconsin, and Elizabeth, age 1, b. Dec 1898 in Wisconsin.

1910 WA CENSUS Fred Parkhill (45y, b New York, married 18y, occupation carpenter) enumerated with wife Blanche (40y, b Iowa, mother of 4 children) and 4 children, Day (17y, b Wisconsin), Nilea (15y, b Wisconsin), Elizabeth (11y, b Wisconsin) and Pearl (8y, b Wisconsin)

1920 OR CENSUS Fred Parkhill (55y, b New York, occupation millrite) enumerated with wife Blanche (50y, b Iowa), daughter Pearl (18y, b Minnesota), son Day (27y, b Wisconsin, occupation machinist), Day’s wife Mildred (24y, b Washington), daughter Elizabeth Bennett (21y, b Wisconsin), her husband Walter Bennett (26y, b Michigan, occupation laborer) and their son Byron Bennett (1y, b Washington)

1930 OR CENSUS Fred A. Parkhill (65y, b New York, married at age 27y) enumerated with wife Blanche C. (60y, b Iowa, married at age 22y), daughter Nila M. Grimes (35y, b Wisconsin, widowed) and granddaughter Doris M. Grimes (9y, b Oregon) [Nila and Doris listed as step-daughters]

1940 OR CENSUS Fred Parkhill (75y, b New York) enumerated with wife Blanch (70y, b Iowa); with them were their daughter Elizabeth Bennett (41y, b Wisconsin), her husband C. Walter (46y, b Michigan, occupation bookkeeper) and their children Byron (22y, b Washington, occupation mill helper) and Helen (17y, b Oregon); family was living in rural Lincoln Co, Oregon in 1935 except for C. Walter Bennett who was in rural Marion Co, Oregon


OSBH DC (Lane County 1945) #1058 - Fred A. Parkhill, male, married to Blanche C. Parkhill, b. 28 Dec 1864 in Clockville, New York, d. 23 Feb 1945 in Springfield, Oregon at the age of 80 y’s, 1 m, 26 d’s, name of father Eli Parlhill (b. New York), maiden name of mother Susan Ann Niles (b. New York), interment 27 Feb 1945 IOOF, informant Elizabeth Bennett of Springfield, Oregon.


Fred A.
1864 - 1945
(shares marker with Blanche C.)


OSBH DC (Lane County 1945) #1058
1870 WI CENSUS (Marquette Co., Shields, FA #41)
1900 MN CENSUS (Saint Louis Co., Duluth, ED 285, sheet 9A)

1910 WA CENSUS (Cowlitz Co, Owl Creek, ED 96, sheet 2B)

1920 OR CENSUS (Marion Co, Salem, ED 343, sheet 4A)

1930 OR CENSUS (Lincoln Co, Kernville, ED 17, sheet 3A)

1940 OR CENSUS (Columbia Co, Vernonia, ED 5-40, sheet 4B)


LOT: 491 SPACE: 1 SW N half LONGITUDE: N 44 55.215' LATITUDE: W 123 02.856'

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