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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ John Cannon Peebles ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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John Cannon Peebles
BORN: 23 Jan 1826 DIED: 11 Feb 1898 BURIED: 13 Feb 1898
ETHNICITY:   OCCUPATION:  State Legislator, State librarian; Marion County Judge
BIRTH PLACE:  Westmoreland, Pennsylvania
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF Register of Burials: J. C. Peebles (male) died near Salem, age 72 years, 18 days, was buried in Lot #50 on Feb. 13, 1898; b. Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, was old and esteemed citizen; was county judge of Marion for 12 years.
1860 OR CENSUS - F. A. Publes [Peebles], age 1, b. Oregon, is enumerated with J. C., male, age 34, occupation farmer, b. Pennsylvania, and E. J., female, age 24, b. Kentucky, along with G. A., male, age 6, b. Oregon, and A. J., female, age 3, b. Oregon. 

\BIOGRAPHICAL: 1850's legislator, state librarian. 
BIOGRAPHICAL: The subject of the following sketch was born January 23, 1826 in Westmoreland county, Penn. In 1838 he removed to Elkhart county, Indiana, and in 1850 he came to Oregon, arriving at Oregon City, October 7th, and remaining there until the following March, when he removed to Marion county, settling at Fairfield, his donation claim embracing the present town site. 
In 1852, Mr. Peebles entered public life as Assistant Clerk of the House of Representatives, and in 1853 he was elected to the Legislature, serving in the House with Hon. L. F. Grover and Hon. E. F. Colby as colleagues. In 1854 he was elected to the Council, where he served three years and was afterwards elected a member of the constitutional Convention, serving as Chairman of the Committee on Education. In 1860 he was elected State Librarian, also serving as Chief Clerk of the Senate at that session. In 1862 he was elected County Judge of Marion County, and re-elected in 1866, and again in 1874, serving in that capacity twelve years. In 1880 Mr. Peebles was Chief Clerk of the Senate. He also served as Chief Clerk of the Senate the last time the Republicans had control of the Senate prior to 1880. In all the various positions which Judge Peebles has filled, he invariably closes his term with the plaudit of "Well done" from his constituents. 
In politics Judge Peebles assisted in the organization of the Democratic party in the, then, Territory of Oregon, and acted with that party up to the inception of the civil war. At the commencement of the war he unhesitatingly cast his influence in favor of the Administration of President Lincoln, and circulated the first paper to obtain signatures for a Union meeting in the City of Salem. Since then Judge Peebles has been an unswerving member of the Republican party and was honored with the position of Chairman of the Republican State Conventions of 1878 and 1880. Mr. Peebles read law for two years prior to coming to Oregon, but never sought admission to the bar. His tastes inclined to agricultural pursuits, and he now resides three and a half miles south of Salem, in a pleasant home, on a farm on the line of the O.& C.R.R.
He was married in 1851 to Miss E. J. Mark, of Clackamas county, Oregon. Five children, two sons and three daughters, are living, the eldest son, George A., is a graduate of Willamette University, attorney-at-law, and now principal of the Salem public schools. He is a fine-looking gentleman of ordinary height, a well-shaped head, slightly bald, sharp and prominent features and gray hair and whiskers. Hodgkins, p. 97-8
Both Were Numbered Among Marion County’s Thriftiest Class of Farmers 
Yesterday afternoon at 3 o’clock at the family home, southeast of this city, Hon. John Cannon Peebles, a pioneer citizen of this county, breathed his last. For months past Mr. Peebles had been afflicted with a cough and was worn and emaciated from this cause, when an obstruction of the bowels set in, and in his weakened condition he could not rally against the latter trouble, his final illness dating from last Tuesday only. 
His family, his friends and his state, lose much in the demise of this estimable citizen, who for close upon half a century has been known in Oregon as all that a man could be in these several relations. Decedent was a native of Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, having been born there on January 23, 1826, thus making him 72 years and 18 days of age. As a lad of 12 years he moved with his parents to Elkhart county, Indiana and twelve years later (or in 1850) turned his face westward with Oregon as the goal of his ambition. He arrived at Oregon City on October 7th of that year, remaining there until March, 1851, when he removed to Marion county, settling upon his donation land claim, upon which the town of Fairfield was subsequently founded. Two years later Mr. Peebles entered public as assistant clerk of the Oregon house of representatives, and in 1853 was elected a member of that body, serving with such colleagues as Hon. L. F. Grover afterward governor of the state and Hon. E. F. Colby. 
Mr. Peebles was an active member of the constitutional convention of 1857, being chairman of the committee on education. In 1860 he was elected by the legislature as the ninth duration [?] of the state, serving the legislature that thus honored him, as chief clerk of the senate. In 1862 he was elected county judge of Marion county, being reelected in 1866 and again in 1874 thus serving his county for twelve years with credit and satisfaction. 
Judge Peebles was a prominent factor in the organization of the Oregon democracy and remained with that party until the inception of the civil war, when he unhesitatingly cast his influence in favor of the administration of Abraham Lincoln and circulated the first petition for signatures calling for a Union meeting in the city of Salem. From that day until all ties were severed in the sad circumstance of his death, he was a devoted and unwavering republican, being twice honored with the chairmanship of that party’s state conventions, in 1878 and 1880. 
In 1851 he was married to Miss E. J. Mark, of Clackamas county, and to this happy union, four children were born, namely: George A., the present superintendent of public schools in this city; John, now a resident of Burns; Mrs. Grace Agnew, of Idaho; and Mrs. William Clark, who dwells near the old family home in this county. These, with the stricken widow, are left to mourn the death of a father in whom their love and pride were firmly centered. 
Funeral services will occur tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock at the home, Rev. Geo. W. Grannis, of the First M. E. church, officiating, interment being had in Rural cemetery, south of the city. 
Daily Oregon Statesman 12 Feb 1898 

The funeral of late ex-County Judge J. C. Peebles, whose demise occurred on Friday, will be held at the farm home of the family, four miles southeast of this city at 1 o’clock this afternoon. The funeral cortege will leave the house in time to pass the Park school at 3 o’clock, going thence by the nearest way to the cemetery. This will enable any of the friends of the deceased who desire to attend the funeral, an opportunity to join the procession as it passes the Park school. Rev. G. W. Grannis, of the First M. E. church, this city, will conduct the funeral. In the list of the members of the family, the name of Mrs. O. G. Cole, the eldest daughter of Judge Peebles, was inadvertently omitted yesterday, as was the name of a daughter, Frances Adelaide, who died in 1864, at the age of 6 years. 
Weekly Oregon Statesman 18 Feb 1898 2:3
John Cannon Peebles 
Jan. 23, 1826 
Feb. 11, 1898
IOOF Register of Burials 
1860 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Salem, FA #3069)
DAR pg 40 
S&H pg 25 Hodgkin pg 97-98 
DOS 12 Feb 1898 
WOS 18 Feb 1898 2:3 
See also: Lang pg 722 
Republican pg 259

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