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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Catherine Dencer ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Catherine Dencer
MAIDEN NAME: Huff AKA 1:  AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 17 Apr 1832 DIED: 9 Feb 1908 BURIED: 11 Feb 1908
DEATH PLACE: Liberty, Marion Co., Oregon
IOOF - Catherine Dencer, age 75, born in Germany, died in Liberty of dropsy; OSBH DC (Marion County 1908) #5990 - Catherine Dencer, female, widowed, b. 17 Apr 1837 in Germany, d. 9 Feb 1908 in Liberty, Oregon at age 75, name of father Jacob Huff (b. Germany), mother born in Germany but maiden name unknown, interment 11 Feb 1908 IOOF, undertaker - W. T. Rigdon, informant Mary Timm. Funeral ordered by Mrs. Timm; 1900 Census - Katherine Dencer, age 68, b. Apr 1832 in Germany, is enumerated with husband Walentine [sic?] Dencer, age 74, occupation farmer, b. Mar 1826 in Germany, year of immigration 1835, (they have been married 52 years and she is the mother of 15 children, 6 of whom are living at the time of the census), along with Lucy, age 26, b. Mar 1874 in Minnesota, and Edward, age 21, b. Jan 1879 in Oregon; BIOGRAPHICAL: From Liberty - Mrs. Katherina Dencer, of Liberty, who was so seriously injured a week ago by falling down from the hay loft, and was entirely scalped, is improving nicely. There is not another case just like this known to the medical profession. Her scalp was turned back and cleansed and sewed into position after which her scalp was shaved. She also had several ribs broken and a fracture in her skull. The physicians said she could live only a few hours, but she has recovered and is now sitting up in bed and will soon to about again. The scalp is growing fast and if nothing happens she will be as sound as ever soon. The patient has never yet been told, nor realized that her entire scalp had been removed from her eyebrows to the back of her head. It was so full of chaff and dirt that it had to be washed and it was several hours before it was again properly adjusted. Capital Journal 20 Nov 1898 4:3
At her residence in Liberty, Catherine Denser [sic], aged 76 years. Mrs. Denser [sic] was the widow of the late Valentine Denser, and is survived by the following children: Mrs. Tim, of this city; Edward Denser and Mrs. Lucy Sipprell, of Liberty, Mrs. Barbara Lorence, of Monmouth; Philip Denser, of Sprague, Washington. The funeral will be held from the family home at Liberty at 1:30 o’clock Tuesday afternoon. Capital Journal 10 February 1908 10:6
Catherine H. Dencer 1832 - 1908 [S. face of monument shared with Valentine, Jacob, and Florence] [photo available] 2nd Marker: Mother (too worn to read as of Apr 2003)
LR LD IOOF Register of Burials OSBH DC (Marion Co., 1908) #5990 S&H pg 67 Rigdon Records Bk 4 1900 OR Census (Marion Co., S. Salem, ED 144, sheet 6B) CJ 10 February 1908 10:6
LOT: 934 SPACE: 2 SW LONGITUDE: N 44° 55.117' LATITUDE: W 123° 03.018'

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